Sunday, June 20, 2010

Runners Connected

While the rest were busy doing their last LSDs, a bunch of us were busy eating :)

Julie suggested we meet to talk about her waiting at the 30km mark for the FMVs (which we never really discussed LOL , finally it was "ok julie, we nak gatorade" haahah) and thus this TT session. (err there were nasi kandar, roti canai and tosai involved too ..) Messages were sent out and final turn out : the ususal suspects Yim, Julie, Azza (missing the 4th musketeer fmv, Syed), myself and this time we had KA, Karen Loh and new friends Farisa and Mustakim.

Runners seem to be connected one way or another. Mustakim met Farisa during training and Farisa ran with my bib during Energizer, Mustakim apparently follows my blog (thank you!!) and happens to be my 2nd cousin's good friend, (whic he recently found out) Farisa & Karen are buddies, confusing eh? .. but yeah there is a connection somehow, somewhere.

I saw Mustakim parking his car and he waved at me. And when he was out walking towards us, I was desperately trying to place him. He seemed to know me, alamak! Yim wasnt sure either lol and he came to us with his opening remarks "ni group sakit lutut?" LOL, definitely one of us lah! he has to be either a fb friend or blogger friend and he turned out to be the latter.

Its always nice to meet new friends. And the best part is that there was no akwardness, no boundaries. Each and everyone of us sat and talked and laughed and teased each other like we've known each other a long time. I'm always marvelling at this while I sit back and see the group interacting and having fun.

It was KA's birthday too. And we had fun teasing him about running without his shirt and his ****** rings and hook and nook heheh, you gotta be there to get it LOL.

Mustakim is a "sakit lutut" member too and has decided to sit out the coming SCKLM, he is a FMV. Well, hopefully he will lose his "virginity" soon.

Farisa and Karen will do their first full during PBIM. Add another two hot moms to the list! Looks like running moms circle are getting bigger. Karen looked really hot in her orange running skirt. I was actually contemplating getting one, but one look at the skirt, definitely not for my "age" group lah LOL. But then again boleh use at home while mopping and vacuuming .. hmmmm ....

We broke out after creating a stir trying to get a group photo and as we were heading out I realised that not only I was the loudest in the group, I was also the oldest and  the most "tanned" in the group LOL. This time even KA had to agree that I am much darker that the first time he met me .. 

Hope you guys will know its me when I reach the end on the 27th. I might just be unrecognisable with a few more shades added. LOL. Sigh, the sacrifices we make for our passion.

Last nite I dreamt that I was alone in a long stretch of road, and didnt know where to turn at the junction. So I decided to sit and wait for other runners to pass by. And I ended up sleeping under the tree!

Wonder what's tonite scene? 

Sweet dreams peeps !

Note : waiting for the group photo, will upload soon.


Yimster said...

Haha i had a good time laughing too. KA, we will all tug on your rings this Sunday ya ... ouch!

Dont worry lah, its the nerves getting to you. I am so looking forward to this Sunday! No matter what, be there ya!

IJAM said...

yeah..see you all this sunday...

ziff71 said...

I wanna to tag along with u guys this sunday. Hope can join the group :)

June Malik said...

yeah sunday we rule heheeh.. ziff, you are most welcome to join us, come cari us ok!

Che said...

sorry i didnt reply your text msg.. glad u guys have fun. next meeting harap2 boleh join :) see u this sunday?

KOOKY KASH said...

yay, more running moms. but I think running moms have short 'career' spans. Only some survived. Hope to meet all the new runners on the road.

Khairul said...

i had a blast yesterday. more fun than watching footie. it was like we've known each other for eternity. hahaha...geng sakit lutut! kelakar betul. i'm still smiling as i'm typing this.

we shall have fun together this weekend. for me, PB or not, I'll wait for everyone to cross the finish line. kak june, pegi snooking dan makan kalipop. ROTFL

Haza said...

Nope, in order to run for many more years, some running moms have to lay low for a while, vowing to come back with a greater vengeance.

Yes, the thing about running and runners is, it's like we've known everyone all our lives.