Thursday, June 24, 2010

SCKLM Collection

Yup, thats me.  June Malik is my pen name whilst Junaidah Mohd Ishak is my real name (I really, really dont like Junaidah) Ha ha. My dad passed away when I was 11 and we were not close either (long story) and Malik, my late father in law filled in the shoes of a father that I never had.

Pack collection was 1 hour 15 minutes. I got a text from Diket "wah u already in your race shoes?!" haha ! I turned around and saw him. We were exchanging text messages while slowly moving to the counter. Diket sure know how to make jokes .. he was like "if these people handle Boston or NY marathon, race day pun orang beratur lagi" hahaha .. I also met Talib (Kadok), Sharafi and Suhaimi. Its nice to see familiar faces in a crowd like this. 

bad points :- 

1. slow , only 2 counters for FM and at 12:30 only one counter was giving out packs. HM had 4 counters and 10km 9 counters and 2 each for fun run and kids dash.

2. some runners' names were missing from the system ! if they're lucky they get a bib without their name, if not they were asked to go back again after two hours or worst, tomorrow.

3. they didnt even look at the photocopy of IC  that you were told to bring when collecting on behalf of your friend.

good points :-

1. the crowd was quite tolerant. not sure how it will be tomorrow and saturday if this no names and slow moving lane continues.

2. the staff at the counter was friendly and helpful.

3. they were strict this time, they only give out vests according to the size that you ordered, no exchange was allowed.

Imagine my surprise when it was my turn and the girl gleefully acknowledged me, our conversation went 

Her : Wah, I am registering an FMV
Me  : *in my mind, alamak i dont recognise her at all* eh mana tau? you in our group?
Her : heeh, its a small world KAK JUNE
Me : *adoi, she even knew my name* it sure is small hehe .. so sorry but I dont recognise you, may I ask who you are??
Her : haha, you will know soon enough 

She refused to disclose her identity and I still cant place her. One thing for sure she's either a member/reader here or fb buddy or fmv! gonna try and find her hehe .. she took my number lah!

The FMVs vest were delivered there, I decided to kill two birds at one time and Suhaimi was kind enough  to take it off the guy since I was lining up and cant get out! I like it and was posing for Suhaimi LOL, am sure people lining up were wondering who I was or what I was doing .. am waiting for him to post the pictures :) Few FMVs collected their vests and I hope they like it too.

I am much calmer today. No yikes, no fast hearbeat, no cakpong cakpong .. I am just going with the flow. Will enjoy tomorrow and will send off Yana to Melaka on Saturday, come back and rest and wait for Sunday. 

Good luck with your collection!!

Ohh one more thing .. saw this lady lining up , she could only speak chinese and another lady was "interviewing" her .. apparently she runs every year, FULL MARATHON. She walks mostly and she said that she enjoyed every minute of it .. I refrained asking her timing for obvious reasons :) If you see her, holler !!


Yimster said...

Wah that auntie very 'keng' = 'fantastic'. see kak june? if she can do it, anyone can! gambateh!

by the way ... first lol

Haza said...

That auntie can smoke me running backwards for sure!

Diket said...

Nice meeting you - finally. From all the blog chatting, we are like old friends :)

Wow! Must look for the aunty. I wonder what's her race attire.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

"Hi Junaidah.. nice to meet you!"

Naahh... "June" sounds much more pleasant. Hihi.

No yikes anymore? Good sign!

June Malik said...

ahahah Nik, i if ppl call me by my full name, memang orang yang i tak sukalah tu .. cos dia tak tau my real, full name is june hehe .. no yikes, somehow, esuk tak tau lah lol

H, this auntie will smoke me kaw kaw oso, thats why dont want to know her timelah ... and diket , i agree wonder what is her running attire ..

yim, make sure u not behind her aaa LOL

ziff71 said...

saw u yesterday but was caught in the long que to say hi. Good luck for sunday.

pakmat said... long could a story be when u were only 11 when he passed away? ..:)..Alfatihah to yr dad..may he rest in peace...cheers..