Thursday, June 03, 2010


They say it happens in three.

One - Yim got his knee busted
Two - Azza fell down while running and hurt her back (recovering)
Three - My knee is busted too !

So, of the 4 original FMVs, Syed is now the remaining hero! 

I went to Dr William Chan, the pain after my 30k persisted and I could feel the difference in the left knee and voila an xray and scan showed that I have swelling all around my knee. Basically I have three problems, the chondro something thing and Yim has explained it, and I have plica syndromme synovitis

plica syndrome; synovial plica syndrome A tightening of the synovial plica (bands or folds of tissue) that may form in the knee joint. Many people have plicae in three or four places in the knee, with no adverse symptoms. However, when the plicae tighten (for example, as a result of an athletically related knee trauma) they can become hard and damage the knee. A tightened mediopatellar plica (the plica most likely to tighten) behaves like a bowstring, eroding the medial facet of the patella and the medial femoral condyle, causing anteromedial knee pain and a clicking noise as the plica snaps over the end of the femur. The symptoms mimic other knee disorders, so that knee plica is notoriously difficult to diagnose. Rest and ice are the most useful forms of treatment, but sometimes localized steroid injections are used. In cases that do not respond to conservative treatment, the plicae may be removed arthroscopically.

And my knee xray shows a lot of spurs, the starting of degenerative knee osteo arthritis, sigh. I guess with my carelessness during my young days of jungle trekking and mountain climbing and the hundreds of times that I fell on my knees (I am a klutz) and not doing anything about, its payback time. Of course , ehem, my age factor too.

Long story short, no running for the next few weeks. Two options, rest these three weeks and go for the run, rest three weeks and one week before the race go for a jab that will help ease the pain and see me through the run.

I was assured that no permanent damage would occur if I chose to still do the yikes run. But warned me that I might be in pain from 30k onwards or earlier and will be limping a few days after (a post pain killer jab could help).

So I am resting the knee. But also training. Change strategy, instead of running I am now going to increase my strength classes for upper body and do lower body exercise  to a level that there is no pain in the knee. And Yoga. And the elliptical bike in my room will now be utilised! to maintain some stamina. Hope this will help. I cant sit and do nothing. Am sure Yim has an alternative plan too. Heheh we are now partners in crime LOL. Some brisk walks. I sure chose the wrong race to do a yikes run. And I have busy days coming up too, holiday in Redang and Yana going off. And my knee is busted.

Icing knee twice a day, medications (I have been on glucosamine for many years and it does help) and using knee guard for gym time. 

KA has told me that he will drag me to the finishing line and today ultramom Haza made my day when she informed me that she will be running with us FMVs. Celebrity alongside us, honoured! And all the support from the RBUs, FB friends, friends  and strangers, I shall give it my best to cross the finishing line.

I am determined to do this. Even if I have to walk all the way. I am willing to have the pain for the few days after. So, anak mami is not quitting. But if its to the point that will cause me bad injury I will stop, I promise. 

You know what Dr. William told me as I was about to leave? "I dont think you will be able to finish the marathon if the pain sets in". Defiantly I looked at him and said, of course I will and walked out. Ohh trust me, I have a high tolerance for pain. I was both distraught with the news and upset with the doctor, I left my xrays on the couch, LOL.

To my young friends, start taking your supplements and do what is necessary to maintain your health especially your knees if you want to run a long time to come. 

Here's to the 27th , err Yikes???


Justiffa said...

GF i trust you know what you're doing (tadah tangan while fervently mumbling doas for you lol).

Take care june bond.. the lutut still have a looooong way to go ;p

Yimster said...

*high 5* ... kekeke. me resting, no more runs, no more scklm, nada. just pure ecstasy rest and let mommy nature takes its lovely course ...

i am such an angel *flash angelic smile*

deo said...

Oh no! This is like the third person down with knee problems this week. Am so takut already, must get advice from the experienced like you guys lah

crushhio said...

kakjune, looks like i am joining the club lah.. i havent been running for 3 days ago for fearing tis nagging pain at the back of my right knee joint will hamper my FMV attempt.. it's not something major but the niggling pain is there even if i walk i.e at home, at office.. so i am giving my knees rest.. and spray salonpas kat situ and also sapu minyak.. hope it will be back as per normal next week,, *fingers crossed

so now i rest lah this week.. next week baru nak try lari.. huhu

KOOKY KASH said...

This doctor seems to be a bearer of bad news, I dont think I like him very much. and he has the cheek to tell you that you wont finish. How dare he! If I had gone to see him two years ago about my knee, ankle problem I bet he will tell me to lay off running for a few months and stick to 5Ks only.

Shin splints and knee pain are really common runners injury. The reason why we have it is we start too fast and too much, without knowing our body's limit. We cannot compensate decades of unhealthy lifestyle into two short years. You need to give it time.

Don't despair. You have a lot of friends who will rally around you. You don't have to run a marathon to prove anything to anyone. Run it when you are ready. And when you are ready, you will enjoy the marathon more.

sorry for the long comment.

Haza said...

Told you he wouldn't be very encouraging!

RaYzeef said...

K.June rest the knees for now and us RBUs will wait for u at the SCKLM finish line..

Jumper said...

oh no At June! ni baru sempat buka internet. ingatkan that day during LSD it was an isolated knee injury, didn't know so serious. :(

praying ur knee gets better pronto. keep ur spirits up! ^__^

p/s- masa AtJune mude byk mountain climbing n jungle trekking ke? err... (sheepish guilty face) doing those stuff injure the knee ke?


Yimster said...

well the doc is a bearer of bad news ... ONLY. that i can attest to. it did get to me initially but after scouring the net and doing plenty of thinking, i have dis-ed his words (no matter how harsh or illogical it was). i wont give up and i wont certainly give me. and so should you k.june! FMVs ... go! :)

stick and stones may break my bones, but certainly not words from the foul mouth lol.

June Malik said...

Yim *high 5 kuat2* lol , he sure know how to dampen one spirits but we are stronger than that eh ..

Syed : oh no, not you too!! next week start slow dulu, if still pain jumpa doctor but go doctor lain lah , nanti lagi sorang dia suruh jangan lari LOL

Tiff : thanks for your doas, insyaallah it will help me thru !!

Deo : macam menjangkit pulak kan haha, just take care and u will be ok

Kash : thanks. i will consider all before doing this, and u r right i want to have fun doing it

H : kalau orang tak kuat semangat keluar bilik dia terus berhenti lari LOL

Rayzeef : thanks but if it gets too long, balik jer lah hahaha .. the thought is what counts :)

Khairul said...

Just wanna say something, the mind is the master of oneself. Kak J always reminded me on our marathons not to fall prey to mind games. Just get proper shoes, sufficient rest in between, and know when to run or to walk, and not forgetting to analyse ur running gait. I'm no doctor but if everyone listens to him, habislah semua event xde orang.

I was injured with mortons neuroma and couldn't walk for a month back in 2007. Aged 30. Now i'm turning 33 and will be doing my 9th marathon soon. I could've just thrown the towel back then, but i did not. Ok maybe my timing sucked, but hey, I turned up and paid a lot of money on fees, fares and hotels. Suka hati aku la nak lari slow ke, laju ke kan?
U can do it kak. Takkan mati punya! At least u have an ideal body weight to carry for 42.195km. Kalau obese tu lain la.

Diket said...

You're a fighter la June. Tabik spring 8000 kali. And that doc is not helping at all. You own your legs and you knew them all along. For the next 22 days, just make sure you are 200% healthy to be at the starting line and finish what you've started. The journey, remember?

Haza said...

I got a very snobbish tormentor on my first marathon PBIM07.

He was running the HM. He overtook me at the mainland u-turn, looked over his shoulder and loudly said "KAK, BOLEH HABIS KE? HALF PUN DAH CUKUP JAUH!"

Wtf! I mean, there are so many things you can say to a fellow runner but those. That's snobbery in my book. Maybe you have doubts of the slower, struggling runners, but please keep them to yourself. If you have nothing encouraging to say then shut up and go chase your PB!

Maybe the good doc was only expressing his concern, but I don't agree that he should say "You won't finish" to you.

I'll be there with you if you're game for it. I won't actually be running anyway, just thought I'd join the FMVs on their maiden 42k journey. 7 hrs oso never mind.

seah said...

Take care.

Julin Julai said...

Argh, I've had that experience many times, kak Haza.
Just because we're women, some men assume we're slower and weaker. Pastu the moment we try to take over, they speed up gila2 tak bagi can.
What gives? It's so annoying.Easy on the ego la.
Anyway, Kak June 42 is doable. Our first marathon is all about finishing.
But still, easy on the legs for now. You don't want to run the whole distance in pain.

rara said...

kak june, have a good rest. just do light exercise ok.. i know u're very strong, for sure u'll finish the race.

June Malik said...

Thanks all. KA, Diket, Julin, Seah, Rara and H.
Means a lot to me. And H, might be more than 7 hours LOL. Insyaallah if tak ada aral melintang, I will be at the starting line and cross the finishing line! I did say I will even crawl kan? hehee

rusfarizal rusli said...

steady june..mental mesti mau kuat..!!!kalau u fit tapi mental tak kuat pon tak gun gak :P

ian yusof said...


am with Kash ....

June Malik said...

rizal, very true :) thanks.

Ian : will take care, promise.

serena said...

just got to know the seriousness of your knee only now!!! do take care and don't worry about the race kit. will collect it for you. just rest those knees for now and during the scklm day, just do your best and enjoy the run!

SAM0309 said...

i am pretty sure a gutsy woman like you will do what it takes to get where you want to be. so say your prayers and do your best at whatever you decide to do.all the best to you.

IJAM said...

just run...adrenalin will start pumping later on...
beat the odds

ziff71 said...

June, all the best. U are really brave lady lah :)

MQZ said...


I went to see the same Dr today due to a sharp pain in my left knee, it's pretty much what you and Yimster has though in case it is made worse by the fact that I had reconstructive knee surgery last year in May to repair my ACL and meniscus. Then last April my kneecap popped out(dislocated) that further damaged it. Still managed a 1.35 in NB15though...haha

But now i think the stress has taken it's toll and caught up with me. He recommended rest and if i still insist on doing the KL marathon, (I'm doing HM) is to take it really slow, or do running and walking. I was thinking ok la kot, slow pun slow la...

But in the mean time, don't despair, just moderate your training a bit and of course do the RICE.

Keep on writing and running.....

Yimster said...

Hey MQZ, couldnt help reading your comments. That doesnt sound good too. I am taking a rest now and a bit of rehabilitation. If you still want to do the SCKLM HM, then do it cautiously and slowly. You cant afford to have something horrible happening during the run (or a long term problem). Please work on stretches before and after your run to help strengthen the muscles surrounding the problem area.

I know how we runners are, just cant get away from the events. A day without a run is like a day without air :)

Happy waddling!

June Malik said...

thank you all for your encouragements!! you guys are great motivation for me !!

MQZ, thanks for dropping by but do take care and yes, walk if you have to (i might just do the same double the distance sheesh hehe) .. aim is to have fun and cross line with no injury lah .. i think if the doctor do a survey he will find that most of us know each other LOL ..

he did explain much better abt my condition compared to my first doctor, but telling me i wont finish is unacceptable lah hehe

MQZ said...

June, it's amazing that you said that, the bit where we might know each other. My friend used your bib for energizer and I was looking thru some fb photos and noticed that you were at my friend's wedding, Farouk and Farina. I was his best man then.


June Malik said...

Oh my Mus, haha .. you are Farisa's friend? she mentioned to me abt you and how you told her abt my blog LOL !! and Farouk is anak my husband's cousin (so he like our 2nd cousin??) heheh .. I am yet to meet Farisa in person! sheesh .. what a small world LOL