Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Drama Hari Ini - Anak Mami Kena Lagi !

awal malam tadi,

Anak mami teringin nasi lemak
sedang beli kena tempelak
dengan seorang kakak
dengan mata penuh celak

dia kata, eh u dont lah layor  my husband
u dont have husband dont kacau my husband
i was like, excuuussse me, who is your husband?
and who say i dont have a husband?????                   

u go lari lari 
my husband story hari hari
kata u nice body, tell me to see
i dengar i benci , said she ...

i go lari lari
i dont cari your laki
i dont even know which is he
by the way i have my own laki

                                         anak mami got angry so sambung lagi
tell her to look at her body
no wonder her husband story about me
maybe she shud start to lari !!!

Then anak mami cannot tahan
tell her if I want one
definitely not her one
marry her, he had to be blind

Left her standing there
a lot of people stare
her kaki gave me the  glare
Dont give a damn,  dont care

So hard be anak mami that run
In this kampong of mine
Just cos they dont see i with a man
so they think i looking for one???

so minggu ini
husband balik sini
nak jaja dia sana sini
so orang tau i ada laki

Sheesh. I always try to  avoid talking to the malay male runners from the kampong at the padang but  acknowledge them with a nod or smile or wave, since they always say hi to me. Susah betul lah. Sheesh. Ni belum lari pakai running skirt lagi,  kena halau dari kampong kot??? ok, now its funny. I feel so much better. I am going to run on the pavement only from now on.

And you know what? I now think, even with the unsmiling and unfriendly people, moving to  JB is definitely a blessing in disguise. No one to bother or be bothered by me.

Need to cari another nasi lemak malam or should I just go back in my running skirt? mwahahahhaahh



Yimster said...

lol ... better cari another nasi lemak malam lah or make your own. maybe, just maybe you'd want to get kak nasi lemak into running too, and get back in better shape? :D

Azza said...

K.June, just ignore what other people say. Nasi lemak punya hal tpt lain byk lg sedap, jom! and...moving to JB is not a blessing for us, sad to think abt it oredi :(

Haza said...

Bodoh piang!

haaa...kan dah kena, makcik nasi lemak!

Besides, what made them think their husbands were so soughtafter I pun tak tau. The husbands look like Hugh Jackman kaa? Kalau takat boroi dan botak, no thank you lah. We got good taste tau. I wrote something like this in my monolog note dulu. See my point?

June Malik said...

Yim, nak masak untuk sorang makan, malasnya lol

Azza, ok cari nasi lemak tempat lain hehe, but since u got first hand of the kampong atmosphere kat my place, u knowlah kan how this can happen LOL

Haza : i love bodoh piang! i dont even know which one in the group hehe, kalau ada yang macam hugh jackman or shah rukh khan then maybelah i'd be oogling! shallow betul, and where is their trust in their partners?? duh!

tsar said...

siannn kak june.
betul mcm cerekerama la ni

Khairul said...

I got angry reading this. Might as well don't get married la if cannot trust wach other. Anyway, look at their ages la. Dah kahwin berpuluh tahun tak sedar diri. I completely understood, coz i kena with some guys before. They thought i'm hitting on their wives/gf. Please la, muka macam longkang, perangai tak elok, dah beranak pinak, u think i would want her? Damnit! I'm not hensem and rich, yet u couldn't handle me. What if Dato' K is hitting ur other half then? Bunuh diri kot?

Tell that miserable woman to resort to nasi kangkang or something. Tak beriman punya orang. Shouldn't we have good thoughts (bersangka baik) to each other? Bila ur hubby balik, u must jaja, jangan tak jaja!

I agree with u. Orang bandar tak busy body. Jangan makan nasi lemak, nanti berlemak. LOL. Tapi yg Haza marah orang botak tu kenapa ye? Terasa la pulak KA yg botak nih. Hahaha....

Haza said...

Alala...KA, I didn't mean it that way! You're my kind of botak! Like Daughtry!

Yang I kutuk tu jenis boroi DAN botak. Ala, you knowlah, those types, umur baru 35 dah nampak macam 50. Tu pun the wives rasa insecure jugak. hahahaha. Macam la orang nak sangat!

*notakaki: Jahatnya I malam ni.

Khairul said...

I know that Haza. Gurau aje. Hehe. I just got my head shaved licin like a baby a few hours ago.

I pity Kak June. The thing is, people do not understand the difference of being flirtatious and being friendly.

*notakaki : Garangnya I malam ni.

jue said...

hahahahahaaaaaaa .. . . i ketawa sampai air mata pun keluar . .. heheeeeeeeeee

it seems everyone here pandai2 berpantun belaka

itulah al-kisahnya
kak june dianiaya
oleh makcik lemak kesukaannya
konon lakinya digoda
harap2 celiklah mata dia
yang lakinya tak hansem mana
pasal kak june kita
not easy tergoda
lebih2 lagi runner2nya
hansem2 belaka :)

June Malik said...

KA, u r my god sent bodyguard! I shd jaja u also biar orang confuse LOL .. and I agree with Haza 100%, u r our kind of botak !

Tsar : hehe part and parcel of being a running mom in a kampong LOL and also on my part as a makcik lari pakai shorts mwahahahah

Jue : ahahah now I am laughing so hard, and you are right, I've got my own hunks , nak husband dia buat apa??

Zaki said...

Itu semua jiwa kacau tu K June... let them be lah, nanti tiba masa dapat petunjuk they'll realise... jgn you tunjuk KA pulak depan diorang! Lol!!

Bodoh piang! Lol... lama tak dengar!

June Malik said...

zaki, i shd bring KA biar dia orang melopong LOL , thanks. I am ok. saja nak lepas geram and share heheeh

~Sasha Farina~ said...

ewww... tell her to get a life ah! macam orang ndak sgt laki dia? kehkehkeh.. good come back kak june.

mummy-who-cooks said...

La... macam ni pun ada ka.. My case pulak... minah2 yang dok tackle my 'tall, dark & handsome' man..! Kalau berani depa cuba lah BTW, jangan lari on the pavement ya.. bad for your knees.. Yes, go 'tayang' your hubby kat depa.. let them know that your hubby is one of the luckiest men in the whole wide world..!

IJAM said...

tuduhan melulu tu...
kelakar jugak..ha, ha...

mummy-who-cooks said...

Psst... can 'loan' you & kasi 'tayang' kat depa my 'black-african-american man'.. siap dengan 6-packs lagi..! phewiiit.. Sure kecoh satu kampong..!:P

June Malik said...

sasha, itulah kan. i got my nanalah but nita, dont mind pinjam yours to tayang LOL

Ijam, memang kelakar time tu membara but yeah its funny actually LOL, the thing is I hardly even say a word to the group, and I still dont know who is this guy. Nak gi lari lah esuk and survery LOL.

ziff71 said...

This is a classic case of "ada ubi ada batas, u dah start I kaw-kaw balas lah" :)

I echo all the comments above. It was obvious that kakak is having a cronic "PHD" syndrom. Dia bengkek kat hubby dia senang2 ajer tembak org plak. In case her hubby is "a botak (not KA's kind of bald ok) and boroi, she shud just tell her hubby, "alaaa bang, jgn mimpi ler nak menggatal. Tak hingin si June tu nak layan abg".

Cheers! :)

ziff71 said...

Haza, tapikan guy yg botak (again not KA's kind of botak) and boroi tu ler yg type suka menggatal hahahaha

June Malik said...

LOL ziff, I totally agree with what you said hehe .. kesian makcik ni kena free aje LOL

lch said...

june, can't imaging if u pakai skirt and run..think the whole kampung will go topsy and jadi cerita hangat satu kampung. you should be proud of yourself, its just too bad that other makcik feels insecure. cheers and happy running.

Che said...

Cian kak june. Org cam ni pun ada. Dont say hi or smile to any guys passing u next time. concentrate on what was playing on the mp3 :P

Justiffa said...
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Justiffa said...

One of the main reasons why i usually run with my eyes glued to the pavement lol. w/out golfman around most of the time, i think i look more like 'janda' kot so even if i ter'glimpse' je when i run pass ada je org sebelah yg menjeling balik, haih.

Susah.. bila muka friendly org kata gatal, bila muka cengir org kata sombong. and now with the 'cougar' phenomena, silap2 the young men plak ingat we're making a pass at them.

Mmg susah, but NOT an excuse to stop running ;D

[sori.. typo]

Tuan Senang Besar said...

Cheq nak buat pertandingan berbalas pantun.

Sudi ka?

Well done, June. I loike.

June Malik said...

LCH, haha itulah kan but thanks for the support!

Che, tak retilah pulak orang tegur buat tak tau, but then again maybe i have to do so in some cases kan?

Tiff : spot on gf .. zaki even around pun tak keluar jalan2 kat kampong, our immediate neighbours tau lah dia my husband, lain memang tak see him LOL .. and now langsung tak ada lagi laaa ... apsal lah orang kita ni cemburu tak tentu hala? ahahah and hey am not stoppping, they have to solve their problems at home hihi

TSB : thanks my friend and yes lets do a pantun contest !

Julin Julai said...

Apala makcik nasik lemak got bad case of inferiority complex.
You should be proud that you're able to intimidate people..haha

serena said...

makcik nasi lemak
memang otak dia berlemak
sampai terfikir lakinya digoda
kesian june sampai jadi mangsa
pedulikan aje makcik yang berlemak
jaja kan suami bila sampai masa
baru padan muka si makcik yang berlemak

rara said...

aiyooo... some people memang macam ni kan? husband dia suruh tengok kak june sebab u're an idol.. healthy life, still look good and can run miles eventhough dah 40+.. tapi diorang ni asyik fikir negative je..

just ignore them.. mulut orang biasa la.. tapi nanti bila2 your husband balik, bawak dia beli nasi lemak kat situ introduce kat makcik tak sedar diri tu..

June Malik said...

julin : she must have been so glad to see me, cos i think dia jual malam aje and i NEVER buy nasi lemak malam save for that fateful nite lol ..but yeah, she gotta solve the issue herself lah hehe

Serena!!! you surprise me my friend, boleh tahan ur pantun, not bad at all hehehe

Rara : bringing my husband and INTRODUCING to her heheheh .. thanks girl :)