Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Err, Hmm, Aahhh, ..

Yesterday, I arrived early at the Senai airport. One and half hours before flight. (hubs not sure of how traffic is like still in JB so we take the right precaution, arrive early lol) Decided to have nasi lemak (sigh, I know I am NOT running but still eating) and coffee.

So, enjoying my breakfast and reading the newspaper, suddenly I heard someone clearing his throat. I looked up to this really tall mat salleh guy looking down at me and smiling. He looked vaguely familiar, now where did I see him???? I smiled back hesitantly (dont want to be like JB people ok, dont know even how to smile) and was about to ask if I  could help him with something and it went like this :-

Him - Err, I am so sorry to bother you, but you are, Ms June Malik?"  (he pronounced Malik as Malique - nicelah)

Me - *caught unaware I am sure my jaw dropped* and I went,  Err, Hmm , Ahh .. *what's my name again???* Err, Yeess, but so  sorry do I know you??

He tapped me on my shoulder and  on impulse,  I moved my shoulders back and my arms came up and said "hey" alarmed, he backed off and simply said "see you at the finishing???" *put up his hands like in surrender* LOL. It was so funny. You should have seen us. One ready to strike and one just standing there with his hands up in surrender. Now that, ladies and gentleman, was awesome, LOL.

And it all came back to me ! When we merged with the 21k runners, he came from behind (I was already limping), tapped my back and slowed down and told me, hey, make sure you finish ok? waved and went away. I remembered yelling back, I will. Ahh no wonder he looked familiar, and much much better looking when not sweaty too :)

After making sure that I wont karate-chop him, he asked if he could join me. He was curious about the FMV because he saw quite a number of us apparently! Checked through his girlfriend's FB (I dont fb or anything he said, only emails), found us and found me and spent his afternoon reading through ALL, yes, I repeat ALL my blog entries. Yikes. He asked if I could translate the few that I did in the northern slang. Ha ha. Especially my race report. He has been staying in KL for the past two years and loved it here. He was in JB for work and was waiting for a colleague to meet him at the airport and they were waiting for another colleague to arrive from KL. What were  the odds of us meeting in JB?

He was truly impressed that I crossed the finish line with my swollen knee and toes and 7 hours.   I almost died doing my 21k said he!! .. awesome Ms Malique, awesome! *coming in last is not so bad after all eh? grand finishing and all this awesome thingie lol*

His friend arrived and after a brief intro, he blurted to his friend, "she ran the full marathon last weekend dude." "Err .. I actually walked", I said. And he went" yeahh dude, 7 hours. Awesome". LOL , now, I am beginning to seriously consider running 7 hours again for my next full marathon with this kind of reception. Yeah, yeah , I know you guys wont wait for me this time around hehehe.

We talked about running, and other stuff and it was an enjoyable one hour. He was impressed to learn that the number of running moms are slowly increasing.  I was flabbegasted that someone actually took the trouble to read ALL of my entries. Sheesh. I have a fan. I told him to click on you guys too he he .. he said he will (wait till he read Haza's and Kash's ) but he said he will be a silent follower. Hmm, why?? He simply shrugged. Who knows he might get sucked into the get the #1 spot game heehhe ..

And ooh!! He is planning to break his "virginity" in Penang, still pondering about it .. but if he decides to do it, guess what will his running vest be? Yeah baby, the FMVs!! (i told him he has to start fb too ...heheeh)

I was smiling like goofy through out the one hour flight, and the 40 minutes taxi ride home and probably a few hours after that. Sheesh. Talk about being vain. I think, I know  I am the vain-nest. LOL. How could I not be? He guessed my age, and if that's the case I was only 14 when I had Arlina. LOL. Told him to check my FB. But yeah, goofy all the way home!

So, Allan if you are reading this, it was great meeting you and David,  and yes we will see each other at some other running events. And thank you for reading my entries. I dont think anyone has read ALL of mine. So, yeah, thanks. And so sorry for wanting to strike you. Dont go tapping on unsuspecting ladies when you are not running .. LOL


Yimster said...

Made you feel 20 years younger kan kan kan? lol. You should have your mace ready to spray!!!! :D

Eh no pics ke?? Tak aci lah. Anyway lights, camera and action Cik June Malique!

Diket said...

Wow! This is totally awesome. You're now a celebrity la. Worth carrying all those vests here and there :D

ziff71 said...

clap clap. U need to translate that race report of anak mami version hahahaha

Julin Julai said...

See, you're a celebrity!

Jamie Pang said...

Never know who we will bump into following a chance meeting! One heck of an experience.


June Malik said...

ini bukan apa, TERfemes cos of fmv hehe .. apa pun i like the sound of malique .. q dia sedap betoi !!

rara said...

how old is arlina again? but u sure look young la kak june.. hehe.. n very famous too now! FMV clans are really increasing!

Khairul said...

Nice la Kak June. You are in the spotlight again, for all the right reasons. Don't simply karate orang tau. Haha. Next, kita buat kecoh kat Hatyai pulak. Jual baju FMV kat sana. Mami kayo!

Lina Malik said...

i've read all ibu!
just lambat je = -=

June Malik said...

Yim, Diket, Ziff, Julie hehe its all for one, one for all, i celeb u all ada kawan celeb LOL

Jamie, thanks for dropping by :)

Rara : arlina 21 this year

hha KA, nanti jadi anak mami jual vest pulak LOL ..

kakak : heehh i know u got connection problems but yeah dah habis pun kan!