Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The guessing game ......

Well, I am totally bored. Nothing to do and not in the mood to fold a huge heaps of clothes.

Let's play .. let's see who can get the most correct answers !!

                                                                        No 1 : pssst, sexy tak?

                                                                                No 2 : psst, i more sexy !
                                                                                  No 3 : business bag
                                                                         No 4: here's looking at u babe

                                                                           No 5 : wanna touch my skin??
                                                                         No 6 : finisher tee is mine, mine !!
                                                                               No 7 : double D or double E bra?

                                                                               No 8 : smokey eyes??
                                                                               No 9 : the blue rose
                                                                            No 10 : sexy hairy legs
                                                                             No 11 : run baby run ...
                                                                           No 12 : plus size model
                                                                            AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST,
                                                                 the lucky No 13 : u have it, u flaunt it .....


Submit your answers now heheeheh ..


Tuan Senang Besar said...

that's a violation of trust! haha!

Yimster said...

1. Az Hana

2. Julie!

3. Auntie karipap!

4. Botak KA!

5. Sexy mua!!!

6. Nik tri!!!

7. Tuan Besar Beruang or Besar? Something like tat lah

8. Syed Banana!

9. Kedai KashFour!

10. Diket skinny legs!!!

11. Shuk Lazim!!! (I think)

12. Sexi mami!!!

13. Euwww ... i dun wanna even guess! lol

Haza said...

OMG! Whose buttcrack is that?

Khairul said...

that's my head right there. with my new HALO headband.
gosh, xder gambar lain ker?

Azza said...

hahaahh..oit, sah mmg tgh boring abis nih. Kreatif nooo. No worries, azza tak marah pun :D err..sila2, sambung lipat kain tu ek...

Yimster said...

KA, thats not your buttcrack kan???

Zaki said...

No 13: You'll be famous!

June Malik said...

TSB, but we talked abt it openly heeh :)

Yim, u got it all right ..

and No13 is no one we know thank god LOL .. he was sitting right infront of me at a call centre and I simply cant help it .. LOL ..

KA, susahlah nak guess ur pic, how oso ppl know hahah ..

Zaki, 13 not u ?? kot masa tu i belum kenal u ehheeh?

Azza .. hehehe and Haza, what a sight kan LOL

gerbera said...

Hahaha..butt crack sape la tu.

Sis..congratulation on ur 1st Marathon. May it will be 2nd & 3rd & list will goes on

June Malik said...

gerbera : no 13 is a stranger just happens to sit in front of me and i simply cant help it lol .. and insyaallah, i hope to do more 42s .. hehe thanks !!