Friday, July 16, 2010

Let's Have Some Fun

Most of you would have read this post , but there might be some who might not ..

If you are running the Siemens run this coming Sunday and just want to have fun, no time target but just a stroll in the morning, lenggang kangkung or whatever you call it then the RBU's, with Zaki in the lead dare you to be different ..

Come in your sleeping attire (nothing that will get you in trouble with the authorities please, though the thought of sexy night dress/lingerie would be most welcome by the guys), or your most relaxed attire (read : torn jeans at the knees, or favourite tshirt thats so old and shouldnt be worn out), err boxers???  or anything you desire except for your normal running gear ! Not even your normal running shoes !

Even if you are not running, you can holler and cheer at the finishing line in your fun attire ! Zarin, are you up to cheering differently???

Visit Zaki's page and you have till tomorrow nite to decide. I dare you!

Am I doing it? I just challenged you, didnt I ?? And I only highlighted the page thrice. 


tsar said...

Tersedak i baca posting ni. Tup2 kuar nama. Err me so shy one. Hehehe.

Khairul said...

Normally i don't mind. Tapi this one entah lah. Haha, agak pelik idea ini!

deo said...

Isn't Zaki is the King of Racun, kan Kak June?

June Malik said...

hahaah, well i bring my kain batik, if menjad sarong aje .. KA, how come??

IJAM said...

come all RBUs for a big suprise tomorrow!!

p/s : i'm not a bad father (explain later)

Yimster said...

I will wear .... my invisible sleeping pyjamas! So invisible .... you wont even see me there!

Zaki said...

Ijam, you know better. We dont judge.
Nampak macam ramai yg takde tomorrow. But whatever, I'll be there in sarong! Huhu. Me crazy or what?