Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Fun

In my defense, I brought the kain batik and fully intended to use it at the finishing line but as I showed proof to the guys, water spilled in my bag and the sarong got soaked ..

It was a fun day. We gathered at the fountain and I was thanking my luck that when my bib fell in the pond during SCKLM pre-race chaos the water was only ankle deep, for if it was today I would  have had  to swim in the pond LOL.

And also its a gathering of two clans, the FMVs and the RBUs :) we sure clicked together! Zaki came barefooted and in his wife's sarong as promised (and according to him in his wife's panties LOL) and I offered my sarong to the other guys, Shuk, Amsyah, Rayzeef and all turned it down gracefully .. and then Ijam arrived in his clown outfit .. he was hilarious and that set the mood. And then came running was KA in a kain pelikat .. wahhhh .. it got merrier.

Things went smoothly and Shuk, King Poco-poco was the first to come back and then the rest came in. Then it was photo, talk and more photo session. Zaki patiently taught me and Ziff how to do the single knot shoelace tie .. took me more than 3 tries to get it right , slow lah makcik ni pulak heheh ..

Many FMVs members were around too and making new friends from both sides. I met some of the Chap Ayam Runners and some runners that ran Centro last week.  I had a good time being kiasu and posing for pictures. Wish I had ran but my knee is swollen again after my 4k run and for now I gotta rest it well for I have a run early next month in Hatyai. If its going to swell on me again, I might as well do it there :)

Photo stories :)

the guy with Shuk was a total stranger, he crossed the line looking sooo happy and lost alone, and I smiled and asked him, got your medal? and there he was jumping up and down "its my first ever run, my first 10k, I am sooo happy" and when  I took shuk's photo, he simply grabbed Shuk too .. I totally dig it, I was like that last year when I crossed the line doing my first ever run too .. (but I didnt no grab anyone hehe) I hope he will be able to find me on FB! There's Mr Rayzeef with his medal!

Told ya it was a fun and hilarious day .. err Zaki buat apa eh???

                            Anyone recognise the guy in kain pelekat? And Ijam in his element !!!   
              I think there are some repeats of pics, sorry ! and the merging of FMVs and RBUs and friends

                                              The RBUs hunks !!

                                      Che, our zigman contender, dont forget to vote for him at

Zarin aka Tsar aka TokZ came with his mangosteen as promised and it was delicious but he left before the camwhoring session. Thanks Zarin !!

All in all, it was a good Sunday, I might go kepochi again at Shape's run .. anymore sarong/costume do??

Congrats to all and I am sure you all had a great time , what a perfect way to spend a sunday morning kan?

More pictures here .. Have a great evening all !!


Yimster said...

Numero uno!!! Jeles tul taw! If you didnt say, I wouldnt have known that was Ijam in the badut getup lol. Good job and hope to share such great events in the future. Hatyai we go dushhhhh!

deo said...

Wahahaah kelakar laa you guys. Ijam should wear the clown outfit in every race now. Looks so sesuaaaaaaiiiii.... so does Zaki. Ooohhhh how I missed you guys.....

RaYzeef said...

Great Sunday, K.June thanks for the photos..

Now we have Kak Jenap apprentice - Ronald McIjam and SRU (Sarong Runners United)..he he

Rite..Zaki what R u doin? salah parking kot... he he

tsar said...

cam tak cukup je manggis tu? oops. :)

it was great to meet up with everyone, well almost everyone. sorry didn't get to lepak lama sikit; my adik-beradik tgh tunggu. lagipun, i'm still shy-shy. hehehe. insya-Allah next time.

Zaki said...

It was good fun kan? Wish we can do that again.

Ray, nothing like what you have in mind ok?! Dah nak terlondeh dah kain tuh!! Huhu

Khairul said...

Thanx for such good fun, Kak June and friends. Nice photos too. At least when the newbies looked at us, they'll know that running is fun, not so serious all the time.
Shape x pakai kain kot, tapi we'll still be in our element. Vest mesti pakai!
Bro Zaki, xpe...aku paham. Bukan senang lari berkain :)

shuklazim said...

memang the funnest sunday run.

June Malik said...

I had a great time too but I wished I was running with Arlina, but knee not behaving! but all in all, it was a fantastic day and I now have another new runner in the house !!

Yim your tied and hanged was good too but I think we upped it a bit here LOL - eh race report quick!

Deo, next time ur turn to be in an outfit heheeh

Zaki, KA and Ijam - u guys rock lah .. siap ada orang take pictures lagi hehe ! Shuk & Ray kena join next time .. sesekali buang macho heheeh

Zarin : love the manggis, thanks again :)

Diket said...

Bestnya happy-happy event. You wrote it like you were running also. I can feel the atmosphere. Must make out some plans to be at Shape run although I missed the registration.

Che said...

a great sunday morning it is. tasty manggis, thanks to TokZ!

Thanks for the pic and promo :P Yup, keep the vote coming!

See ya @ Shape Nite Run!

ziff71 said...

Great Sunday! The gathering spot just after the finishing line and the FMVs vest and kecoh2 made other ppl wondered who the heck these ppl are? LoL

ziff71 said...

Diket, I also not running in Shape but planned to be there. Jom!

Azza said...

K.June, n/mind u couldnt make it tis time, ur knees need a gud rest after SCKLM. I'm pleased to help u complete d mission-a gift for both of u on daughter's day:) Arlina must be so thrilled d way like we felt 3 weeks back & err..n feeling the pain too..keciannya. I'm ready to be ur backup next time, no worries.

tsar said...

you know what kak June, i brought songkok + kain pelikat dlm beg. hahaha. tapi tak se-daring KA, Ijam and Zaki. lagipun, i wasn't running. hehe, alasan.

June Malik said...

hmm next time i will check your bag zarin ahahah .. u shd have worn then i would have donned my basah kain batik pun!!

diket memang kecoh kat tempat kita orang hehe and betul ziff, orang mesti curios abt us!

Azza, thanks a mil again !

IJAM said...

thanks for the photos kak june,
really having fun did we?...ha, ha..

June Malik said...

Ijam, we sure did :) i enjoyed taking the pics also heehe