Saturday, August 28, 2010

Psst Psst - the 6th member of my family

Picking up where Zarin left .............

My family consists of my husband, me and my three kids. Five of us.  But I have an additional "invisible" member. Psst Psst. Read on :)

Do you know of, or heard of,  the term "mayang rumah" ? Some sort of a "penunggu rumah" but normally, a "penunggu" is  evil not a good one. A "penunggu" stays in abandoned houses, wreckaged houses, etc and can be dangerous if provoked.  A penunggu is a lost soul, a ghost, a stray spirit or belaan orang.

A mayang rumah is a being/thing that sorts of belongs to the house (like the soul of the house?) and most of the times they dont bother you, they are just there, but of course as all normal things goes, there would be some "naughty" ones, not bad or evil but naughty. I am sure sometimes when you are alone, you'd get the feeling that someone is watching you? or someone is behind you? Ha, ha .. dont worry, its just the mayang rumah having fun. Trust me,  harmless. How I know all this? I've had my fair share of experiences with all kinds of the other beings, ghosts, orang bunian, evil spirits. And a mayang rumah is the best of them all. You getting spooky yet? Ha ha, wait till you hear my story of my mayang rumah. Janganlah takut nak datang my house pulak  lepas nie ok ! I guarantee you, he does not disturb my guests. I have warned him that I will evict him if he does. Oh yes you can evict them if you want to.

My other tenant is a young boy. I caught a glimpse (shadow) of him one night when I went into my son's room and he crossed from the kitchen into the dining hall. Definitely a HE. Abt the same height Azam is now. And that explains to me about the things that happened around the house. Its young and being young they can be mischievious. What entity? Not a ghost for sure or an evil spirit. I was not afraid. I was "terperanjat dog" for a few seconds but I was not afraid.

This one is naughty. He likes to hide stuff. Our things would go missing and later we'd find it in the most unlikely places, my ipod shuffle that I left on the table went missing only later to be found in one of my handbags, a bag that I never use (it was a gift and it wasnt really my kind of handbag hehe);

Car keys thats has its own place that was found in my rempah cupboard; or I'd taken out a knife to use for cooking, went away to get something, and voila the knife was back in its place. Or the time when I was filling out the medicine box and left the vitamin bottle on the kitchen top , walked away to get something and a scoop  of the vitamins were neatly piled up  on the table, waiting for me.  Arlina lost her bangles, earrings, and stuffs that would later be found in my room, or in the kitchen or somewhere. And many more.

Yana has my sensitivity. She can sense things and thank god so far cant see them. I see them once in a while and trust me, you dont want that eye.  Yana is not a morning person. I have to physically shake her to wake her up in the morning when she was schooling , or threaten her that the next time I came up to wake her, it would  be a pail of water splashed on her. Many times he helped me. Her blanket was pulled. Her toe was tugged.  She's quite used to him teasing her that way. Once she stubbornly stayed in bed, he pulled her eyelids! He hid her stuff too.

Arlina was studying late night one time and she could feel him standing behind her. And  a whiff of touch at her elbows that jutted out from the table. She went straight up to bed. Azam had his fair share of losing things and few times he sort of breathes air at his face. Whatever went missing would eventually turn up again. We would normally ask him politely to return back our stuff and true enough, few days after that we'd find our stuff again. Very few occasion it'd just go missing. I guess he liked it too much to give it back.

My husband went to bed early once because he was tired. He was still awake when I went to bed. Apparently for a few times, just when he was about to drift into deep sleep, he  whispered "psst, psst" into my husband's ears. My husband never really believed in his existence, even though he cant explain some of the things that happened. But the psst psst changed his mind. And that's how he got his name too.

I wore this special  socks to bed. Its supposed to help with  blood circulation and also supposed to help me with my heel spur problem at that time. One morning I woke up to find that the socks were not on my feet. At first I thought that I'd probably took it out during my sleep and didnt realise it. But after doing up my bed, the pair of socks was no where to be found. It cost me almost a hundred bucks for that socks. So I sort of you know, talked to him. Took out another pair of socks and asked him to return back mine and he could have the other pair. Two nights after the "talk", we were about to go to sleep. I always put my handphone under my pillows, its my alarm clock. So I put my hand under my pillows and felt something. And there it was, my pair of missing socks.  Uugh.  I left the other pair out since I promised a trade. After two days, I told him that if the socks were still around that night, I'd assume that he didnt want the trade and would take them back. It was there and I quickly kept them back. Somehow, I didnt use my special socks again  he he. Would you?

The thing is, none of us  feel afraid of him, but my husband  wont spend the night alone in our house. LOL. And he is "one of us". Sometimes when I could feel his presence, I would recite the ayat Kursi and some quran verses, and I could feel him still there. He did not go away.  An evil one would have scattered. There was one time that I felt his presence rather strongly. I was alone. So I decided to set my terms with him. No harming any members of the family and absolutely no playing games with my guests. No entry into our rooms and bathrooms when we are in our rooms (I dont think he'd ever peep while I am in the shower, buta kot haahah). There I was talking to no one. (All the time wishing that he would  choose not to answer). Keep his mischievious-ness to the minimum. Or I will be forced to evict him out.

He is still here with us. I could feel him from time to time. He hasnt been as naughty as before. Once in awhile I guess he cant help it. I was about to leave the house one day and remembered I needed something from upstairs. Left my car keys on the table. Came down and it was missing. I was late and a bit miffed. "I want my keys back now". Went up to get my spare keys, just in case. Cant afford to spend time looking, was really late. The keys were back on the table. Did I not see them earlier? Its a whole bunch of keys, not one key and the table was totally empty !

Sometimes I wonder if he could actually help us if intruders were to enter our house. Like warn us, wake us up? Or spook them away? Help me with laundry, folding and ironing? hahah yeah I am pushing it, I know.

I have the habit of  saying "assalamualaikum", when I come back and unlock the doors. Sometimes I wonder what my reaction would be if he decided to balas my salam one day?

A Yikes and an eviction rites? hahaah I dont know. And I hope I wont have to know. And psst psst, if you are reading this behind my back, you dont want to get evicted, do you?

So, do you have a psst psst in your house?

More to come soon ... blame zarin LOL

Monday, August 23, 2010


Memandangkan  tak cukup quorum, less than 10 people can make it at final count , the buka puasa planned for 28/8 is now officially cancelled. Tak meriahlah sikit sangat orang kan??

Thank you all for your understanding and for trying :) Hopefully a post-raya gathering will be successful. If tak jadi jugak I retire from organising LOL. Sorry for the inconveninece caused!

Have a good week all, and Selamat Berbuka. Makan apa hari ini? 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I blocked our table for 30 pax and made arrangements with the cafe to confirm exact number attending by 23rd of this month. As it turned out on 28/8, they have two groups booking of over 100 people, but still enough space for us. Unfortunately, one of the groups increased their booking by another 30 pax, and unfortunately for us, he forgot to inform his staff of our block. Hence we lost the table. Sorry peeps, I should have called to check on the status, but I was given the assurance that I only needed to confirm exact number of people a week before and pay a deposit THEN. I didnt feel like arguing with him either, considering that if he refused the extra 30 people, he might lose a confirmed 100 people. Its just not meant to be the place for us to meet.

So, I have another alternative place. For RM36.00 nett, you get an all you can eat steam boat buffet, (abt 80 types of seafood) dim sum, pau, nasi goreng, ayam goreng, bubur lambuk, bubur manis, 5 types of kuih, 4 types of fruits, 6 types of ice cream and free flow of cordial drinks. Kids aged 6 to 10  pay RM21nett.  This place is run by a friend of mine, another anak mami lah!

Date, and time remained unchanged, ie 28/8 @ 630pm , and the new location is :-

Restaurant Jom  P'riok
Ground Floor
Giant Mall, Kelana Jaya

If at all you need to cancel your earlier confirmation, please inform me. If not, I would take it that the earlier confirmation stays.

I am so sorry for my fluke and the inconvenience caused. And I do need your cooperation for a reply by 21st of this month. Message me here, in my fb inbox or my email,

Thank you. Jom berbuka together  :)


Monday, August 16, 2010

River Jungle Marathon - Hulu Langat

Group Photo before the run
My story will be from the "mobile water station" view.

I told James that I might go and kiasu and he texted asking if I could help out?  Since my original weekend plans were all out of the window and I am totally free, I said yes. And I am glad I did.

The sunday started early just like on a normal run day. Earlier still for me because I had to be at James's place at 2:45 am. All volunteers need to be there at that time. Whoa, after a restless sleep (macamlah nak lari) of less than 3 hours, I was up and sleepily went down to goreng some frozen currypuffs and took a quick shower and off I went. Thank god for GPS, if not I might still be looking for James's house LOL.

People were already busy at James's when I arrived, stocking up the cars. We were divided into few groups, the 5 hour, 6 hour and 7 hour cars plus the extra cars. James and John would be driving up and down the route, checking that everything was on schedule and that things were going on well. We drove out from James's place to the running place at about 315am.

After a short volunteers last minute briefing, the runners got their briefing. And a surprise 100th marathon cake for Mohan. Yummy chocolate moist cake. Was too early to have a piece and by the time its not too early, sudah start puasa ....... Group photo and off they went at 5am.  Its a small affair. The normal suspects were Yim, KA, Pui San, Dannie & Carrie, few FMVs, Klang runners, Mohan Marathon and others and also 3 actual virgins!! 48 runners. James and Julie both signed up but were not well enough to run. Infact Julie took some panadol and was knocked out in our car for few hours. One point of time Irwan told me to check up on her to see if she was still err breathing. LOL. She was that knocked out. But she came back to us at km 37 !!

 Irwan was my teammate cum driver. We were Beta 1, hydration car for the 6 hour runners and backed up by Beta2. The runners ran in between these two cars. We would drive ahead of them till a km or two to water station, then speed off and set up, and once the last runner of the group got his/her supply, we will speed off to the next station. First few were quite hilarious, the runners arrived in a flock and we didnt get to fill up the glasses fast enough (now we understand why some stations were not prepared to receive runners LOL), in our excitement we stopped one km earlier than the plan so our runners actually got an extra water station he he .. Oops. Few stations we had to speed of to the next mark because the first runner of the group was really fast. Ha ha. By the time we overtook the runner, its like another km to the water station. I suppose "this is not a race tagline" doesnt really apply to some runners!

I enjoyed transmitting via the walkie talkie .. Beta 1 reporting, all is good, over. Ha ha. Beta 1 moving out to the next water station. Over. LOL. Beta 1, can you repeat, I tak dengarlah. LOL. It was fun. After 14th km the runners started to break into smaller groups. A few will come at a time, and they will get an earful shouts from us, encouraging them to go on. Its not easy. I am sure some wish they could clobber me. Only 32k to go. ha ha.  At 20km something, the route started going uphill, all the way for 3km before it goes downhill again. But the runners gave it their best, from the 1st to the last. And they all had fun, some even taking pictures all along the route. The hill climb was torturous but the view at the end of the hill was amazing. I think that would have made them forget their pain. Pain is temporary right? LOL. This is one run that runners were able to get personal attention hehe. They get to choose what flavour gel they like, or if they preferred cold water, warm water, isotonic? anything else? LOL.

We had to move some of our water stations to cater for faster runners and James and John from the maraton shops and another car would wait for the later ones. The system worked wonderfully. Our last and best stop had to be at the 37km mark. It was our last stop, we would wait for all runners to pass and then will drive to finishing line. (there were stops at 40 and 42 too)  Irwan found an abandoned table. So, we set up shop. Water, isotonic drinks, bananas, bread, apples,  currypuffs (since it was not that much, currypuffs were only offerred to some privilieged runners LOL), what we could find to give and help them we did. The look on their faces when they see us was priceless. I was so happy to be able to help them at this juncture. Its been a long run for them and this would be the toughest challenge.  Reminded us of what Kash, Rais and gand did for us during SCKLM. And we send them off with "5km more guys, see you at the finishing" aah brings back memories!

Two runners ran on injured leg. One was limping  almost all the way but ran proud to the finishing line. The newbies did wonderfully. Its their first ever and the route was really challenging. Ask Yim and KA.  And they all finished it. Mohan came in with the  two "not virgins anymore" to our cheers and applaud.

It was then all the eating and drinking and drinking. I almost drank the gatorade I was holding. Lupalah. Wish I took a sip before I remembered lol. Group photo and then all went back their own way.

It was a fun day, and I think all went back happy and contented. The finisher tee was really nice too. Kudos to James and his team for organising this event. Its not easy doing all the legwork but in the end all turned out quite well.

I was so sleepy driving back home, wishing I had Tiff's paperclips for my eyes but I made it home, hit the showers and slept straight for almost 3 hours. Even after SCKLM I didnt sleep ha ha. Must be the fasting thing lah.

You all should try this route next year. Hopefully there will be a RJM 2011. I might just come back from JB to run or to be in one of the cars again :) And it will be more fun if McIjam and sarong clad Zaki and Sexy legs KA don on their garbs !!

More pictures  here, and go to FB of Yim, Dannie, Pui San, Mohan Marathon, Tey, and Pueh T Lim to name some for more pictures , I stole some from them too he he ..

Thursday, August 12, 2010


The same time I was racking my brains for a suitable place for this meet up, Rayzeef (king apa eh?) got in touch with me asking if I was going to plan something. After a few messages to and fro between us, and with his recommendation of the place, lets all unite  for a lovely evening together. This will also give a chance for us to get to know the family members of the group. Please pass the word around, fb or blog about it. Invitations are extended to all members of FMVs/RBUs , muslim and non muslim,  and bring your family along!

Date : 28th August 2010 (saturday)
Time : 6:30pm onwards
Place: Cafe Balai Seni Lukis Negara, Jln Tun Razak - malay traditional buffet
            (I was told there's ample parking space and a surau is available too)

Price : RM28 nett for adult
            RM15 nett for kids 6-12

Please confirm your attendance to me either here or at (I really need a new email handle LOL), stating number of persons attending (adult/kids). Please reply latest by 21st August to enable me to make table bookings and other arrangements necessary.

Let's have a fun berbuka together. Err, will McIjam make special appearance if there are kids ???


Note : if you are a chap ayam member, you would have received an email about their buka puasa gathering, on 3/9 same time at Cafe d'jala Mas, Istana Budaya (side by side wt our place), Hailmi told  me that we are most welcome to join them. Its RM32nett per person and confirmation needed by 23/8. So just in case you cant make it to ours, you can still join the CAR group, contact Hailmi at or 012 637 1989. Or like me, you can attend both :)


Monday, August 09, 2010


Still very very sleepy LOL

I will let Yim do the  boring proper race report, while I do the fun one keh keh *cabut*

I finished 3rd. *gasp*gulp*really?*oh my*waaa*wow*cayalah*go anak mami*

From  belakang lah!  hahah, gotcha!

This is what happened when the participants are only about 400+, mostly good runners , so when you run  a decent more  than 3 hours you are the last ones to come back keh keh. It doesnt help that half of the runners are from your own country and they belong to the fast group as well.

It was a fun 2 1/2 days in Hatyai.  Yim, KA, Azza and me (and I??) were the inseparable 4. Went everywhere together except for the times that KA decided he wanted to stay back in the room and sleep cos he was tired (but we think he had other agenda that he didnt want to share with us lah ;) (read : ms 3rd floor?? LOL)

The problem going to a cheap place is that you spend more than you planned or necessary, LOL. But how to resist all those things calling to you, "please buy me" kesian , things also have feelings you know! I ended up kesian-ing few tshirts and few kgs of cashew nuts, sotongs and some other yummy food .. Yim couldnt stay away from the cashew nut gunny sack, kept on munching (he took the word taste  to a new level)  I swear he could have finished it all on his own ha ha.

Anyway, its a lot of first for me, running overseas (chewahh heeh), getting both a PB and PW, first proper run (well walk actually) after SCKLM, run with the cw-s tights, and hanging out with catwoman, Madam Jenap are amongst the firsts !

And hey, 8/8 also happens to be the 42nd day from my first full. No need to use the finisher tee alreadylah Nik & Diket ha ha.. basuh, gantung, frame and simpan ! So I celebrated the end of so called resting period by running a 21k!

Its a good run, didnt like the first part of the run on the main road but when we turned into the more kampong road it was nice. Rubber trees all along the route and the sound of crickets in the wee hours of the morning. But my knees didnt allow me to run much .. it started to swell up again *sigh* just after 6k and then came the killer hill that killed me and my aim to at least beat my own PB. It was still slow run and jog till abt 10k then it was mostly brisk walking and slow jog. Second time up the hill , I thought my veins would pop LOL. Azza stayed with me and she was having a bit of ankle and calf pain as well. So we trudged on together to the end.

What tickled me most was that the locals thought I was a local. Almost everyone spoke to me in Thai. kongkrap, sangdi kloi lai mai .. or something close to that. While running when bumping into the thai runners, they would encourage me with some parting words in thai. Azza had a good laugh when we passed a marshall, she was a few metres infront of me, he politely wished her "good morning" and when I passed him he went "sawadeekap" ha ha. Tiff told me in her text that its really cool cos I am now an anak mami siam ha ha ha.

One water station had fanta strawberry along with the normal cold water. I kid you not. And just as you climbed the killer hill, you get a whole JUG of water instead of the normal cups, I double kid you not! As I was limping towards the water station with 4km to go, the boy actually walked towards us with the jug instead of us taking it from the table, so sweet and I triple kid you not !!!

Despite it being a small event, it was well organised. You even get free drinks when you go to collect your vest and bib (and a very colourful one too).

How did I PB-ed and PW-ed? Well, I improved my 21k timing compared to SCKLM but of course I did not come close to my PB. Hehe my PB is no where close to you guys lah, so ssshhh. But my knee hurt a lot more, honestly if this was a full marathon, I would have DNF-ed. There was no way I could have done the full distance last sunday. I couldnt even run the last 200 metres to the finishing line (I think I need my hunk escorts laaa) but I still managed to finish before 3:30 hrs and I am truly happy :)

But I was limping around after the run, worrying my three companions but I was oblivious to the pain and grinning happily , I finished what!

The swell was a lot more than my 42k. So now I am going to rest my knees totally, no running whatsoever for the next two months. (thank god for fasting month)  I have a trail adventure and a partner counting on me to finish it together. And I need my knees to be in good condition for many many more years so I am going to rest it proper this time. Promise. Both Yim and KA made me promise them that I would not run, I did and I would.

We had fun catching up with groups of friends, breakfast with catwoman, teh tarik with CAR gang, dinner with Dannie, Carrie, Pui San and gang. Tut-tut rides and KA oogling at the lovely thai girls and Yim pretending not to oogle. LOL. Not many for us women to feast our eyes on though. 5/6 of our girls did us proud getting a podium finishing, Pui San, Carrie and Ruby  were among them! Our guys were fast but the kenyans and thai guys were much faster.

If you want a short holiday and a relaxed atmosphere run, this is one event that you must try. And dont forget to go for a full body massage. Syiokk.

All in all, it was great fun. But gegar Hatyai we did not. I think we can only gegar an event when RBUs and FMVs are present with McIjam, Zaki and his sarung and KA with his skirt. And I forgot,  Shuk told me that he will wear the kain pelekat he brought in his plastic bag during Shape Run at the next event!

Anak dara ayam and the not so dara :)

With Azza and Pui San

Sakit, sakit, posing mestiii

The CAR group

Ice, jangan tak ice .. thanks Yim !
The colourful medal, heavy you know !!

More pictures here courtesy of Yim, Dannie, Kim Kok, Pui San, Eng Hui  and Madam J, thank you.


Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Ok, I cant take it anymore. 

Ijam has been spamming almost everyone I know that he know I will be reading their blog about me joining, asking them to get me to join and "racun-ing" me to do the Genting Trailblazer. Let me tell you, when he puts his mind to it, he is very, very, VERY persistent. King of Persistence. LOL. 

So yeah guys, especially to Ijam & RaYzeef (who has been unrelenting in racun-ing me for this) I am gonna do it. Managed to con someone  to be my partner. No time frame, just to have the experience, have fun (I hope this is fun, if its not you guys will pay dearly) and finish the race. With my knee and *cough* extra weight that piled on cos of no running *louder cough* we aim to finish, last pun takpe, (kan partner??) but insyaallah, finish it we will. By now you all know I dont quit easily. 42k on swollen knees, this is what? 14k? Easy peasy (hahahaah perasan habis, jangan pengsan sudah)

So, you guys are gonna have to help me whenever and whatever you can. Help me if I got stuck, push me when I cant walk anymore, whatever me, to help me and my partner get to the finishing line. Ada orang offer orang lain dukung ke finishing line pun ha ha .. and a ride on Yim's pooky. Who offered to tangkap me if I fell? Bet now you are regretting it ha ha.

My partner? Can I keep this a secret ? (Yim can, I also can lah) to be revealed on that day, unless someone can make a wild guess? Ray said its a King, dont know which King, LOL. He could be right, or wrong. If you can guess correctly, I will confirm it :)

This might take place :-

you guys -  kak june you ok? boleh lagi?
me           -  ok, ok boleh lagi, maybe .........  *later need help?*
you guys -  *even before my last sentence* ok kak I go first, see u at finishing!! tinggal bekas kaki and your butts vanishing ..

It is after all a competition, I wont hold it against you guys for not waiting (but helping a wee bit if necessary will be greatly appreciated) BUT I will hold it dear to my heart if you didnt stop to say Hi at least. Kenalah bagi salam kat queen kan? mwah ha ha ha ..Tu lah, siapa suruh panggil queen, now that I dah perasan I am one .. rakyat jelata diperintahkan mesti menegur beta di perjalanan!

See what you all made me do? *well not really you all lah, I also gatal nak try* Makcik buat trailblazer LOL. Now that I have registered, I need to start training, like seriously, after Raya, boleh? I better tell my partner to go and do some strength training, because if HE has to push or hoist me over or pull me, he needs loads of strength, unless I can shed minimum 5kg before the event. Due to my size, weight and height, a female partner is a bit tough unless we are of the same size.  So far all female in the circle are much smaller than me. Me giant, them dwarf. LOL.

I seriously dont know what I am getting into. But since reading about it last year, I was totally smitten. And someone has said yes. And I am game to try anything once. Well, almost anything. And with you guys/gals  backing me up (err you do right??), I will go out there and embarass the hell out of myself and have a hell lot of fun. 

So, let's do this, let's get down and get real dirty. I am actually excited writing this. My heart went dubbadabbing. I need tips, and what to do and not to do. I guess donning the running skirt is not advisable? hahaahah dont pengsanlah, joke only. Sheesh.

Now, let's racun KA pulak. Ijam, victim number 2. You sure know how to racun, gotta give it to you bro! 

Err, now? or later? I think yeah, better get it over and done with.


Err, Tiffa, gf .. you pengsan ke? 


Sunday, August 01, 2010


Again, I didnt run but went to kiasu and it was one hell of fun and havoc. FMVs, RBUs, CAR, and friends.

Pictures will do the talking :)

                               Big sis and bro - i love this shot .. jangan jeles ..hehe

                            Ijam, sudah bayar hutang bergambar pegang tangan ok :)

                   McIjam and a sexy (really sexy) fan, bet you take pic kena pegang
                                                     tangan pun dia tak ingat dah !!!!

                                                                 Sweet nya heheeh

                           Finally met Rizal in person after a year being friends on fb !
                                      litte bro Syed with his big sis and big bro

                                  the latest RBUs to team up for the Trail Blazer, Ray & Ijam
                     Zigman Che, came in 2nd in the zigman challenge
                                  keep on voting for him guys!

                                    One of the many group photos
                 Shuk, I know what you did last nite ! I think next time I want to use
                 my status as the kakak in  the group and go through all bags
                 brought to a race, guess what was in Shuk's????

But of course, the nite's best award went to KA, dont you all agree ???

More pictures are available here. Err, guys you might want to jump to page 4, third row and third pic first!

Hope you guys had a good weekend, we sure did !! Tiff, wish you were there lah !!!