Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I blocked our table for 30 pax and made arrangements with the cafe to confirm exact number attending by 23rd of this month. As it turned out on 28/8, they have two groups booking of over 100 people, but still enough space for us. Unfortunately, one of the groups increased their booking by another 30 pax, and unfortunately for us, he forgot to inform his staff of our block. Hence we lost the table. Sorry peeps, I should have called to check on the status, but I was given the assurance that I only needed to confirm exact number of people a week before and pay a deposit THEN. I didnt feel like arguing with him either, considering that if he refused the extra 30 people, he might lose a confirmed 100 people. Its just not meant to be the place for us to meet.

So, I have another alternative place. For RM36.00 nett, you get an all you can eat steam boat buffet, (abt 80 types of seafood) dim sum, pau, nasi goreng, ayam goreng, bubur lambuk, bubur manis, 5 types of kuih, 4 types of fruits, 6 types of ice cream and free flow of cordial drinks. Kids aged 6 to 10  pay RM21nett.  This place is run by a friend of mine, another anak mami lah!

Date, and time remained unchanged, ie 28/8 @ 630pm , and the new location is :-

Restaurant Jom  P'riok
Ground Floor
Giant Mall, Kelana Jaya

If at all you need to cancel your earlier confirmation, please inform me. If not, I would take it that the earlier confirmation stays.

I am so sorry for my fluke and the inconvenience caused. And I do need your cooperation for a reply by 21st of this month. Message me here, in my fb inbox or my email, junebaby_ishak@yahoo.com.

Thank you. Jom berbuka together  :)



armouris said...

info tentang puasa Ramadhan di SIHAT SELALU - Puasa Baik Untuk Kesihatan

IJAM said...

I still can't commit yet..huhu

Azza said...

K.June, xpe steamboat..kita tukar selera pulak :)ini ada lari session dulu kaa?

Khairul said...

That's always the case with restaurants during Ramadhan, nak buat untung maksima :( Dah biasa kena.
U don't have to say sorry kak. Actually we should thank u for getting an alternative location. Agak leceh and out of the way for me tapi saya masih pileyyyy....hahaha, 2 orang ye.
Ijam, commit je la. Haih!

pakmat said...

..beta 65 from Bachok: sorry, too far..will stick to Bazaar Beris..

~Sasha Farina~ said...

ok.. i actually know that place. my sister lives in Kelana Jaya. um... ....

amsyah said...

steamboat mmg best! Will join next time, insyaAllah.

Have fun guys!

June Malik said...

ijam, apa yang nak kena check ni? hehe

azza : yeah tukar menu sikit :)

KA, thanks for still coming even though susah for you !

beta 1 to beta 65, hopefully sometime you can make it !!

sasha, apa lagi? turun jalan2 sini ler heeh, tarik ur sis sekali :)

syah, next time ada lagi !

ian yusof said...

kak june, I'm back in. I totally got all the dates mixed up. But I think I'm coming alone. lil and kids will be at in-laws house in kelana jaya.

p/s -al maklumler, appointnment caledar got lost together with the hp ... heheheh

June Malik said...

alamak, ian sorry dah cancel lah, tak cukup quorum, tak meriah ..