Monday, August 09, 2010


Still very very sleepy LOL

I will let Yim do the  boring proper race report, while I do the fun one keh keh *cabut*

I finished 3rd. *gasp*gulp*really?*oh my*waaa*wow*cayalah*go anak mami*

From  belakang lah!  hahah, gotcha!

This is what happened when the participants are only about 400+, mostly good runners , so when you run  a decent more  than 3 hours you are the last ones to come back keh keh. It doesnt help that half of the runners are from your own country and they belong to the fast group as well.

It was a fun 2 1/2 days in Hatyai.  Yim, KA, Azza and me (and I??) were the inseparable 4. Went everywhere together except for the times that KA decided he wanted to stay back in the room and sleep cos he was tired (but we think he had other agenda that he didnt want to share with us lah ;) (read : ms 3rd floor?? LOL)

The problem going to a cheap place is that you spend more than you planned or necessary, LOL. But how to resist all those things calling to you, "please buy me" kesian , things also have feelings you know! I ended up kesian-ing few tshirts and few kgs of cashew nuts, sotongs and some other yummy food .. Yim couldnt stay away from the cashew nut gunny sack, kept on munching (he took the word taste  to a new level)  I swear he could have finished it all on his own ha ha.

Anyway, its a lot of first for me, running overseas (chewahh heeh), getting both a PB and PW, first proper run (well walk actually) after SCKLM, run with the cw-s tights, and hanging out with catwoman, Madam Jenap are amongst the firsts !

And hey, 8/8 also happens to be the 42nd day from my first full. No need to use the finisher tee alreadylah Nik & Diket ha ha.. basuh, gantung, frame and simpan ! So I celebrated the end of so called resting period by running a 21k!

Its a good run, didnt like the first part of the run on the main road but when we turned into the more kampong road it was nice. Rubber trees all along the route and the sound of crickets in the wee hours of the morning. But my knees didnt allow me to run much .. it started to swell up again *sigh* just after 6k and then came the killer hill that killed me and my aim to at least beat my own PB. It was still slow run and jog till abt 10k then it was mostly brisk walking and slow jog. Second time up the hill , I thought my veins would pop LOL. Azza stayed with me and she was having a bit of ankle and calf pain as well. So we trudged on together to the end.

What tickled me most was that the locals thought I was a local. Almost everyone spoke to me in Thai. kongkrap, sangdi kloi lai mai .. or something close to that. While running when bumping into the thai runners, they would encourage me with some parting words in thai. Azza had a good laugh when we passed a marshall, she was a few metres infront of me, he politely wished her "good morning" and when I passed him he went "sawadeekap" ha ha. Tiff told me in her text that its really cool cos I am now an anak mami siam ha ha ha.

One water station had fanta strawberry along with the normal cold water. I kid you not. And just as you climbed the killer hill, you get a whole JUG of water instead of the normal cups, I double kid you not! As I was limping towards the water station with 4km to go, the boy actually walked towards us with the jug instead of us taking it from the table, so sweet and I triple kid you not !!!

Despite it being a small event, it was well organised. You even get free drinks when you go to collect your vest and bib (and a very colourful one too).

How did I PB-ed and PW-ed? Well, I improved my 21k timing compared to SCKLM but of course I did not come close to my PB. Hehe my PB is no where close to you guys lah, so ssshhh. But my knee hurt a lot more, honestly if this was a full marathon, I would have DNF-ed. There was no way I could have done the full distance last sunday. I couldnt even run the last 200 metres to the finishing line (I think I need my hunk escorts laaa) but I still managed to finish before 3:30 hrs and I am truly happy :)

But I was limping around after the run, worrying my three companions but I was oblivious to the pain and grinning happily , I finished what!

The swell was a lot more than my 42k. So now I am going to rest my knees totally, no running whatsoever for the next two months. (thank god for fasting month)  I have a trail adventure and a partner counting on me to finish it together. And I need my knees to be in good condition for many many more years so I am going to rest it proper this time. Promise. Both Yim and KA made me promise them that I would not run, I did and I would.

We had fun catching up with groups of friends, breakfast with catwoman, teh tarik with CAR gang, dinner with Dannie, Carrie, Pui San and gang. Tut-tut rides and KA oogling at the lovely thai girls and Yim pretending not to oogle. LOL. Not many for us women to feast our eyes on though. 5/6 of our girls did us proud getting a podium finishing, Pui San, Carrie and Ruby  were among them! Our guys were fast but the kenyans and thai guys were much faster.

If you want a short holiday and a relaxed atmosphere run, this is one event that you must try. And dont forget to go for a full body massage. Syiokk.

All in all, it was great fun. But gegar Hatyai we did not. I think we can only gegar an event when RBUs and FMVs are present with McIjam, Zaki and his sarung and KA with his skirt. And I forgot,  Shuk told me that he will wear the kain pelekat he brought in his plastic bag during Shape Run at the next event!

Anak dara ayam and the not so dara :)

With Azza and Pui San

Sakit, sakit, posing mestiii

The CAR group

Ice, jangan tak ice .. thanks Yim !
The colourful medal, heavy you know !!

More pictures here courtesy of Yim, Dannie, Kim Kok, Pui San, Eng Hui  and Madam J, thank you.



Yimster said...

Haw haw haw ... aku malas sesangat wat report ... sigh.

Anyway ... it was fun but I still need another holiday to make up for that holiday. No more running. just resting ya.

KA, we all know what you did last Hat Yai ...

ziff71 said...

hahahaha, this is funny! Well done kak June, though with swollen knee u still got the preseverence to finish. Rest your leg and lets do the nite ride with king mambo during this fasting month :)

IJAM said...

hah, my streamyx is back!!
i got 2 modems instead of about it later.

Kak june, miss the hatyai. though tempted by KA to the last minute. also, couldnt make it.
sengkek and kena jaga anak, ha, ha..

I knew you guys have jealous am i..huhu...bergambar dgn i punya crush lagi si Pui san tu..

IJAM said...

eh, ziff ada jugak kau? bz la ye...bila nak update blog cengkerang kau...? please visit my blog yg dah berkarat tu..kot2 ada news pasal kutuk2 kau...hehe..

June Malik said...

Yim, at least now we know we can travel together, tak gaduh LOL

Ziff : thanks but yeah sakit jalan hencot2 lepas tu lol and yes we cycle pulak !

Ijam, pui san and the likes of her ramai there, u missed it bro!!

tsar said...

wohoho. KA main koochy koochy ka? oops, did i say that out loud?

thanks for sharing. a fun report it is. and oh, congrats on your "firsts". :)

June Malik said...

LOL Zarin, tergelak sampai tersedak this time ! thanks :)

Khairul said...

It was great fun! Ijam, rugi hang x pi, banyak awek wor, locals and malaysians. tapi s'poreans agak kurang. Jom Phuket next year. Hang GC pun dah pi. Kak June, cashewnut tu sedap giler. Apakah yg berlaku di tingkat 3? Haha....tergelak sampai sudah.
Have a good rest kak. Yim gonna go for a holiday lagi. I'll be back in thailand in a month's time. This time kena bawak camera for River Kwai.
I really thought u naik ambulans. Sorry, but i was so concerned. Great job both of u and Haza. Tunggu Yim's report pulak.

Khairul said...

Ha! Shuk tu kena pakai kain kat Mizuno. Zaki dan McIjam pun kena hadir, kalau tak KA tak pakai skirt lagi. Hahaha!

RaYzeef said...

K.June congrats on completing your 1st overseas run, look like u guys had a blast, i'm so gonna do this run next year with McIjam and Zaki Ultrarunner (racun sikit he he)

yelah ziff bila nak update blog cengkerang tu, asyik bercinta dgn pooky baru jer..he he. Apa nama beskal kau ziff??

hey guys, jangan ganggu KA, dia jiwa kacau..he he.

Zaki said...

Woohoo! Korang really enjoyed hatyai lah, esp KA! Hahaha. Well done! Meriah!
Btw, June you need to see the doc laa re your knees. Sounded serious case tu.
Ray, apa nie, jangan itu macam laa bro. Kau yang termimpi-mimpi buat ultra, taruh nama aku lak?! Huhu

crushhio said...

u guys sure had a blast in haatyai, and the medal is a beauty! siap ada warna lagi..

congrats kak june! u persevered though ur knees buat hal! now rest well, ice them knees and take meds okay!

rara said...

medal tu cantik!

anyway, kak june, rest ur knees betul2 for genting ok.

IJAM said...

KA : pegi phuket? mcm best je..simpan budget utk tahun depan...flight mahal ooo...
Mizuno belum register lagi, rasa mcm tak lari...dah busan lari 10km ni, supporter dgn photographer ok tengok lah nanti..
Pui san di gilai ramai? aduh...sakit jantung aku..!!
Zaki : nak pakai kain batik jugak ke? kali ni kita buat skirt batik pulak amacam? ha, ha.. shuk nak pakai kain tu..

IJAM said...

mana kak june ni?...

seah said...

I notice you have a t-shirt with 84. Wah! Prepare to go.

June Malik said...

Haha Ijam, I am here :) saja jer dok tenguk kerenah you all !

KA, thank you for being concerned and I know you worried cos when we selisih dah sakit hehe, but glad it was not me ! we had a blast kan? next time can travel 2gether again! Yim nak gi holiday lagi? uish .. and err its Azza lah not Haza he he ..

Thanks Ray, Zaki and Syed ! I will see doctor and rest my knees , if not how to give you guys a good challenge kat trail nanti kan? haw haw haw like good aje! and yes you all should go next year konon training for ultra lah, dah mimpi2 kan? hehe syed partner secret jugak ka?? dia masuk trail tau guys!

Ijam kalau pergi hatyai/phuket or anywhere ada pui san alikes dia tak lari kot .. pakai costume McIjam and pegang camera hoping ramai orang nak bergambar dengan dia LOL, come to think of it sure ramai nak tuh !

Ziff, yalah nak new blog and name of bike please !

Rara, go next year and have fun running, shopping and massaging LOL

Mana Shuk? hehe

June Malik said...

Seah, pakai dulu heheh when going? gotta make deal with my knees :)

Diket said...

You guys really rocked Thailand. Nice buddies around to make the road trip a blast.
Rest well OK and jangan pulak masa rest takde blog update :)

June Malik said...

diket, insyaallah tak menghilang :)

SELAMAT BERSAHUR DAN BERPUASA TO ALL, jangan lupa pasang niat ! jangan niat benda lain pulak LOL

Azza said...

K.June, thanks a zillion for the blast time travelling wit u, sampai kaki ni sakit pun bule sengih lagi. Takleh lupa azza punyelah takut nampak anjing mengganas nak kluar gate tuh..huhu. Klu tak sure kita berdua lari lintang pukang & set our PB..hahaha

IJAM said...

i punya cita2 lepas ni, nak ambik gambar i tengah baring kat tengah2 jalan tu...harap jadi kenyataan...
selamat berpuasa kak june...dan selamat malam..nak sahur ni..huhu...

June Malik said...

Azza, if the dog keluar kak june tunggu nak tendang aje, cannot run already time tu no matter what LOL

Ijam, make sure I am there when you try out this act LOL

Justiffa said...

Adoi gfs u didnt mention got anjing berang summore!!! weh one of my running nightmares tu :(

Glad nothing came out of it.

How 1st day posa, ok? cooking or eating out? me campur2 both osso got ;p

ruby said...

k.june, lps ni join trip chap ayam plak k... seronok lepak jap dgn k.june malam yg ruby xdapat makan mee goreng tu... merajuk punyer pasal, si sabri siap cakap ruby dapat top ten bcoz of mee goreng, hahaha... ;p

Azza said...

waahhh K.June..sanggup nak terajang tuh,truly partner in crime nih haahh :D. U do the action,I do the shouting 'Tulun!!!'

K.Tiff: Klu u tgk anjin-san tu, sure takut tahap gaban juga sbb kepala dah bolos kluar, tu yg x spt amik gambo! Dia punya menyalak mcm nampak hantu lol!

June Malik said...

tiff, u and azza can geng lah segan kat anjing , i not too badlah tapi kalu dpt yang macam that day kaki kuat memang lari LOL

ruby : set, next time ikut u guys punya itinerary :), kita can lepak lama2 !

amsyah said...

wah the medal looks cool, and I know for a fact dia punye vest mmg sexy habis...

dengar cerita thailand ada coast-to-coast marathon relay. ada bran?

RaYzeef said...

syah cuba jolok si Zaki tu..dia sangat bran! LSD malam siapa boleh lawan dia :)

June Malik said...

syah, vest dia sexy? did i go the wrong event? lol .. actually if my knee is much better i take on any challenge (cheewah like good aje lol) tapi u guys sure boleh kan???

ray, jolok zaki jolok jugak, u amacam? heheh tarik ijam and si yim tu .. tak habis2 berlari, dia nak do his 2nd full tau this sunday! melampau :)