Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Confession of an Anak Mami

Anak Mami has a confession, err well maybe more than 'a'.

First of all, my knee is totally busted this time none other than my own fault. I had some thinking to do and went out for a run in the  wee hours of the morning when even the hantus are still sleeping and I ran. Knee pain and all, I ran. By the time I stopped I realised I was that far out and doubling back would give me a full marathon distance + 2km more. This was one of the reasons my knee is so busted and I have to apologise to my GT partner for having this injury that I could have avoided at the 11th hour. What can I say, I needed to think and running was my way out. What was it that I needed to think? A mystery, LOL.

I am now under strict orders of rest for 6 weeks minimum.  Brisk walks, yoga and light aerobics is ok. (i can still go for salsa class yay). Strained ligament and a very very very, I mean very very  small tear at the side of the knee. But I need to go in for physio again. Dank.

So I guess since I wont be doing GT and the RBU's wont get a chance to lumpur me, I can now reveal my mystery partner. Its so funny that no one guessed, he announced it in my comments column LOL. Hats off to Rayzeef he he .. I hutang you one 100+/gatorade for getting it right bro! his serkap jarang was right.

Yeah , ladies and gentleman , my mystery partner was none other than my little bro, Yim Heng Fatt and I was his mystery 1)someone strong 2)some hot girl 3)a tri partner and all the others that you guys guessed  *stop lah throwing things  at me hihi*  LOL, and Kash caught on when I said I might opt out of GT and asked Yim direct in HIS comment column. Either you guys not bothered about it anymore or its a big slip up that no one realised. LOL.

Anyway, Yim has found a new partner .. jeng jeng jengggg BUT it has to remain a mystery person, again. The new person wants to remain anonymous for the moment and all will be revealed on the 31st. LOL. This I cant reveal (I actually ter-tell someone yesterday but have gotten his sworn promise that he would not reveal by bribing him an OG and another small bribe  .. some people give in so easily :) but thank you to my mystery friend here. *so many mysteries ........*

So here's to my ex-partner Yim and his new partner!!  All the best and do us proud. Go and smoke the RBU's team he he .. I hope to go and cheer you guys at Genting depending on what comes my way, if at all I cant, I already have a back up plan to shuffle my way in Klang, joining ultra mom Haza and celebrating our 1st anniversary of meeting each other, he he.

I will be confined to a spectator in the coming months, will be at events that I can make myself available ready to cheer and snap photos and bringing some snacks :) I might shuffle at some short events err like the upcoming Nike.

You guys take care and do it safe and well. And have fun.

By the way, I got to try my new camelback hydration pack and I got a new unofficial PB for my full marathon too .. Not sure if I can repeat the feat, I might have ran my last one, dank! But its still a personal best that I can be proud of.  And I cant use that reason as my motivation factor, too intense lah. Once cukup LOL. But at least I know , this makcik is not that slow after all. In my books lah.  He he.

Unofficial timing by Nike+ :  44.2km in 5:50:45.  Yeah baby.

Monday, September 27, 2010

2 in 1 Report

Report 1 : Pot Luck Party (PLP)

Thousand apologies. I have some family matters to attend to and thus wont be able to offer my  place for the above planned for this weekend. After this almost everyone will be busy every weekend. Maybe before the year ends. But if anyone can plan, you guys have a great time.Pot luck at bukit jalil? hint hint hehe .. or just a suggestion ? at PoJ, after the night run .. bentang tikar aje kat depan meeting  place tu and have fun .. really sorry ya.

Report 2 : Genting Trailblazer

I am pulling out. Another thousand apologies to my partner. But my knee hasnt recovered fully from SCKLM and I dont think it can handle the different gradients of the trail. I walked the escalator yesterday and every step I took was painful. Flat is the only thing I can deal  with  right now, even so, walking not jogging, let alone running!

But I might go and cheer. You guys have fun :) Apologies especially to Rayzeef and Ijam who has been looking forward to "lumpur anak mami"(like u gonna succeed !!!) maybe next year he he.

My partner shall remain a mystery unless that person wants to let out the secret. We just have to brave the "bullets" ha ha. And partner, sorry to let you down. Do us proud ya .. look on the bright side, you wont come in last, LOL.

Good luck to all of you for your coming challenges. Do it safe and take care and have fun.

Have a great day !!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pot Luck Party

For those running newton this weekend, CHAP AYAM gang is organising a pot luck party after the race, venue kena carilah the banner and flags .. but it will be somewhere near the finishing line , a big area to lepak??

RBUs, and friends are all invited. Contact Hailmi for further details at 0126371989.

I am supposed to go mcdonald-ing, but my team has dwindled down to only 2 of us, (from original 8) so i might just go kiasu at the PLP.

On another note, weekend of 2/3 October is one weekend that is free of any kind of race (betul ke?) except for POR, shall we plan our pot luck then? Saturday or Sunday?? Or nak join the newton ones aje since most of us , errr, most of YOU guys will be there?


Friday, September 10, 2010

Satu Hari di Hari Raya

Bergambar depan cermin he he
A funny moment !! (picture by little Nidhi and/or Sam)

goofing at sasha's family place 
With our lovely host and her little Nidhi

Finally a picture of us without food LOL
my favourite of us
Anak mami tak posing tak sah lah kan ... heheh ..
And  that my friends, is our Hari Raya. A very simple and quiet one, no pic with the boss who rushed out to work right after prayers and quick family breakfast .. maybe some belated raya family pictures ..

And I am proud to announce that I did not have much LSD (nik's version) and keeping it that way (I guess being on our own has its merits after all he he)

Hope you guys are having a good time with your family and friends ..

Note to Ijam : next one pakai kebaya as per request heeheh

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Di mulai dengan salah satu lagu raya yang paling saya minat !

Memandangkan ramai yang akan mula bertolak balik kampung seawal esuk, Selasa, anak mami dengan ini mengambil kesempatan untuk :-

Memohon ampun dan maaf dari semua teman, terutama rakan-rakan (actually adik-adik) RBU's, kaki lariks, kaki lambung, kaki beskal dll.

Tersilap kata, tersalah bahasa , terkasar jenaka
terlebih kata, terkurang "maaf ye", terlupa adanya
Diharap dapatlah di lupa dan di hati tidak ada terluka
Bersama-sama kita berhari raya, muga semuanya bergembira

Berhati-hati di jalan raya,
kalau mengantuk berhenti dulu
Rehat diri  rehat mata
kot2 ada amoi yang lalu (esp for ijam niee)

Insyaallah, kita buat pot luck post raya gathering, last kopek of LSD, TOF and fartleks, Nik's style :) Anak mami offer rumah if you guys dont mind coming all the way to port klang  heheeh .. malas drive boleh naik KTM, anak mami go fetch kat station, less than one minute drive away aje !

Yana, Arlina, Anak Mami, Nana Zaki & Azam Malik
Semuga semua amalan kita di terima dan diberkati. Amin.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Yim's 40th

Well, it was a surprise that was not a surprise. Yim "smelled" the cake from far LOL but he sportingly showed up at the restaurant where we waited for him.

Belated Birthday  boy (it was already 4th sept when we gathered!) was joined by Rayzeef, Zack Yui, McIjam, Ian, Syed, Amsyah, Khairul (KA), Shuk, Shanaz, Azza and me. Lots of lambungs, and chats, food and the super duper rich yummy cake. Yim obliged to cutting the cake to our singing his birthday song in the mamak shop he he

Stories in pictures :)

birthday cake, birthday boy and the chaos to light up the 4 candles LOL and birthday boy sharing his cake 
KA and Zaki being kanak-kanak nakal with their "posing bebas", and the gang enjoying the cake (no guilt, Ian had extra cream helping LOL)

Ian & KA, can be adik beradik sepusat sepusing! Ijam & Zaki adik beradik spring !
Finally, Shuk got his book, authographed and a picture with the author as well :)

My favourite part of the nite ..........

hehe, we know what you did semalam malam jumaat ;-)

Alamak, semalam malam Jumaat ke??
Alamak, I oso sudah lupa and sudah rugi ..
Hehehehhe, padan muka lu orang .. 
Eleh, never mind, kita orang hari2 malam jumaat!

Syah : Hmm Ian is right ... KA : aisay aku gak melepas

and back to the actual story, what's left of the cake :)

We had fun and we must do this birthday celebration thing more often too ..

Note : I got Ijam's permission before posting tau !

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A sad story

On Monday, I had to get some things for the house and thought this would be the right time to do so with the Raya sale going on. Klang was jammed, so I decided to try my luck at Juso Bukit Tinggi. I was lucky, not too many people and it was a breeze. Little did I know I would end up crying with a stranger in my arms on a bench!

I was walking around the mall and I saw them. People walking by all looked at them, some gawked, and some went shaking their heads. How could they not? There they were, a young malay couple in their early twenties, she was donning the tudung but wore a really low cut blouse that showed half her breasts, with skinny jeans. He was the punk type. Spiky hair, jeans with all those chains hanging around the waist. They were oblivious to the crowd. She had her legs across his thighs, and they were smooching and touching each other and whispering and giggling. His hands went to her breasts once. Stopped me in my tracks. None of my business. Not my kids. But, .. how could I walk and not do or say something? There were families with young kids walking around. He was hugging her and she was nibbling at his throat. No one would say or do anything for sure. Security wasnt around when you need them.

So I went to them. I know. I am such a busybody. But sungguh memalukan lah tenguk anak melayu macam ni. I cant just walk by. Stopped infront of them. She looked at me.  Softly I told them, "dik, jangan lah buat perangai macam ni kat sini. malulah semua orang tenguk. tak baik, ni pun bulan puasa" She slowly moved her legs from him and sat and looked up at me. A sly smile on her lips.

"Who are you? my mom?", she asked.

Well, I wasnt. I simply shook my head and turned to walk away. Saw her smiled and something inside me snapped. I turned to her, "I am not your mom. But if I were, I would be truly humiliated, embarassed and disappointed that my child is behaving like this. Because I would have brought her up better than this. I would have taught her better manners.  I would rather die than witness my child behaving like this. Thank god your mom is not here." I must have struck a chord. She paled. I simply walked away.

I felt a bit sorry for letting out to her, I was not her mother as she pointed out. Anyway, what's done is done. I got my stuff and then went to Papa John's to order Azam's request. Sat on a bench just outside the restaurant. And saw her, alone this time. She saw me and came and sat beside me. Before I could say anything, she started crying. She was really crying her heart out. I was taken aback and didnt know what to do for awhile, till I got my senses back and gently held her hands and asked her to talk to me. And it all came out, in between sobs and tears. I ended up taking her in my arms and we sat like that for awhile while she cried and I cried. I cant help it. People must be wondering what was happening.

Turns out, she's an only child. Her mom died few months ago of cancer. She was angry at her mom for dying and leaving her alone. Her dad's side dont care about her. They didnt agree to the marriage. Her mom's side has only one sister, and the two sisters were not close. She was basically left with her dad. She was sort of rebelling for her mother for leaving her. She was hurt. She just didnt care anymore. Her dad cant control her either. When I said what I said, she said I made her think of her mom and how she loved her and would be disappointed with her behaviour. She needed that wake up call. I stayed longer than intended. We exchanged numbers and I told her to call me anytime she needed someone to talk to, or needed anything. I am going to check on her from time to time. She's only 22. One year older than my eldest. My heart goes out to her. I could totally relate to her agony. Sigh.

I still get teary thinking about what happened. I guess in a weird sort of way, I was right to be a busybody. Not always though, that I know!