Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Confession of an Anak Mami

Anak Mami has a confession, err well maybe more than 'a'.

First of all, my knee is totally busted this time none other than my own fault. I had some thinking to do and went out for a run in the  wee hours of the morning when even the hantus are still sleeping and I ran. Knee pain and all, I ran. By the time I stopped I realised I was that far out and doubling back would give me a full marathon distance + 2km more. This was one of the reasons my knee is so busted and I have to apologise to my GT partner for having this injury that I could have avoided at the 11th hour. What can I say, I needed to think and running was my way out. What was it that I needed to think? A mystery, LOL.

I am now under strict orders of rest for 6 weeks minimum.  Brisk walks, yoga and light aerobics is ok. (i can still go for salsa class yay). Strained ligament and a very very very, I mean very very  small tear at the side of the knee. But I need to go in for physio again. Dank.

So I guess since I wont be doing GT and the RBU's wont get a chance to lumpur me, I can now reveal my mystery partner. Its so funny that no one guessed, he announced it in my comments column LOL. Hats off to Rayzeef he he .. I hutang you one 100+/gatorade for getting it right bro! his serkap jarang was right.

Yeah , ladies and gentleman , my mystery partner was none other than my little bro, Yim Heng Fatt and I was his mystery 1)someone strong 2)some hot girl 3)a tri partner and all the others that you guys guessed  *stop lah throwing things  at me hihi*  LOL, and Kash caught on when I said I might opt out of GT and asked Yim direct in HIS comment column. Either you guys not bothered about it anymore or its a big slip up that no one realised. LOL.

Anyway, Yim has found a new partner .. jeng jeng jengggg BUT it has to remain a mystery person, again. The new person wants to remain anonymous for the moment and all will be revealed on the 31st. LOL. This I cant reveal (I actually ter-tell someone yesterday but have gotten his sworn promise that he would not reveal by bribing him an OG and another small bribe  .. some people give in so easily :) but thank you to my mystery friend here. *so many mysteries ........*

So here's to my ex-partner Yim and his new partner!!  All the best and do us proud. Go and smoke the RBU's team he he .. I hope to go and cheer you guys at Genting depending on what comes my way, if at all I cant, I already have a back up plan to shuffle my way in Klang, joining ultra mom Haza and celebrating our 1st anniversary of meeting each other, he he.

I will be confined to a spectator in the coming months, will be at events that I can make myself available ready to cheer and snap photos and bringing some snacks :) I might shuffle at some short events err like the upcoming Nike.

You guys take care and do it safe and well. And have fun.

By the way, I got to try my new camelback hydration pack and I got a new unofficial PB for my full marathon too .. Not sure if I can repeat the feat, I might have ran my last one, dank! But its still a personal best that I can be proud of.  And I cant use that reason as my motivation factor, too intense lah. Once cukup LOL. But at least I know , this makcik is not that slow after all. In my books lah.  He he.

Unofficial timing by Nike+ :  44.2km in 5:50:45.  Yeah baby.


..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Tak nak baca dulu.. demi mendapat #1 spot!! Weeee...

P/s: Thanks for the 'notification' sms Juney. ngeh ngeh ngeh.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

44km? wow.. ultra marathon level sudah...
Lately there's so much mysteries flying around.
Rest well (and blog more) ya!

amsyah said...

whoaa.... cayalah... took me months to get sub-6 and you did it like kacang je :D 44k lagi..

take care now... takleh lari je kan... masak boleh lagi kan hahahahahh

rara said...

wowww!! *clap clap* awesome la kak june! please have a good rest ok. next FM i wanna pace with u for sub 6 time. :D

Zack Yui said...

Ultramum juney! Clap!Clap!Clap!
Woohoo... 44k in 5:50, ALONE? Tabik spring beribu kali..

Yimster said...

*plays a sad song* sob sob for losing my GT partner but its for her best. Rest well k.june and will see you back and strong. I wont congratulate you on your FM PB cause that was maddening grrr! Save it lah when we all run together in an event. Baru leh celebrate kannnn.

Ahem ... i have high hopes for my new partner. Before with kak june, it was supposed to be walk in the rose garden but new partner, you'd better turn on those wild horses in you ya. Time to rev it up! *sniggers*

K.june, if can, come and cheer and have fun with us ua. And of course a mandatory mud bath walau tak lari pon kekeke

mummy-who-cooks said...

I feel you girl. I had my share in 2008, where I had to go for physio for a year. Sebab tu now less active dah. Take it easy.

Haza said...

Wait, wait, allow me my own eye-rolling ceremony over all this SECRET PARTNER thing! Why would you want to keep your partners secret lah? It would be very interesting if the secret partner is revealed on THE day, by the way, so everyone will get a nice surprise or something.

Anyway, June, hope you get a good rest. It's oklah, everyone got injuries, if you don't want to get injured, play congkak or miniature golf, kan? I've had my share too. And rest is actually a four-letter word when we are so hyped about running.

So I'll see you at Run4It lah ye. Take care!

Khairul said...

That was fast. sub-6. Huhu.
Now u oughta rest la kak June. Guess what, I'm injured too. Shinsplints. Haih...
Btw, I'm not Yim's partner for Trailblazer everyone. Takut lumpur ye.
I have registered for Run4It yesterday. Boleh lari dengan Haza. And some kari post-run would be superb *ehemmm*
Eh, whoever said u were slow? My PW was even slower than u tau...

n i j e said...

alamak makcik ni mmg taktau give up ek? shame on me lah! terus terasa mcm nak lari lagi petang ni... *hujan plis! hujan plis!* hihi

RaYzeef said...

i knew it all along...bila nak bayar hutang k.june?..hi hi

ijam and i agreed, yim mystery partner would get the lumpur as promised..he he

yim u cannot hide, i know who is your new partner!

but congrats, 44km is considered an Ultra..only in my dreams i could do hu

so take it easy now, 6 weeks of rest, you'll be good as new:)

KOOKY KASH said...

dank, so i cannot apply to be the new, secret partner for Yim lah?!

I think june meant she ran 21+2 = 23 km not 44km. But then again I sucks at maths, so I could be totally wrong.

June, pls rest, rest rest until you get well. Hugs.

Tuan Senang Besar said...


i got some serious catching up to do :p

Che said...

have a good rest kak. dengar ckp doc. Its sure nice to have you cheering for us that day.

im sure whoever yim's partner will do his/her best. with all the trial sessions he had, his partner sure 'makan asap' la .. haha.. eh, have to wait for your partner tau :P will
u/your partner allow team McIjam/Ray to 'lumpur' u guys? hehe.. macam nak perang dah nih..

Diket said...

Aiyo! Banyaknya secrets! Tu belum kira secret training lagi. Rest well there. 2011 is just around the corner and waiting for your strong comeback :)

IJAM said...

i know who is yim's secret partner, its kash...hah..
i just get this tingling feeling at my left eye...*wink*...

tak kira!! sapa2 pun yg ganti anak mami, kena mandi lumpur...yahooo...

IJAM said...

haza : main congkak ada hantu la nanti...main miniature golf nanti jadi mcm Mr bean pulak...
batu seremban dgn konda kondi la, nak?

Azza said...

kura2 dlm perahu, pura2 tak tahu
he he. Anyway, kesian la skit kat lutut K.June tu

June Malik said...

Hehehe ..

1) Nik : #1 :) the game is on again guys !.. ish 44 ultra ke? since there is no race yang use above 42 as ultra, we shd give credit to the ppl yang do 84.. only then u've done an ultra !

2) syah, i had terribly good motivation factor ha ha, now kaki terpleot out BUT yeah masak masih boleyyyyy

3) rara : i dont know if i can ever repeat this feat but will surely love to try again hehe

4) zaki ,, belum ultramom, marathon mom still hehe, yeah lah i still cant believe i did it alone too .. nasib tak jadik apa2 if not u all end up baca abt me in the news LOL

5)Yim : sorry partner and please lah, u tak congratulate me tak complete .. kita kan still partner walaupun dah ex for this moment ehhehe

6) Nita : tulah, but lucky its more of the swell and strain cepat sikit baik kot !

7) H, saja jer bagi orang geram and for fun all this mystery and secrets .. insyaallah ada luck will see u, dont know where the wind sends me, genting or klang !

June Malik said...

sambung lagi ..

8) KA, if me go for run4it lepas lari balik lunch my hse lah, .. orang GT nak join??? heheh

9) Nije : hujan tak??? btw give up to apa kebendanya eh? LOL

10) Ray my bro : next event kita ada sama2, I will bayar the hutang :) and u will do well in your FMlah, for sure !!

11) Kooky : hehe it was 42+2 lah kash, and i know, i know .. i saja cari pasal. I will rest now. but still, yeah baby LOL

12)TSB : dont lah give me heart attack, 5:50, not 5:30, dont think I can achieve 5:30 lah. this is good enough for me and hope i can get it officially recorded one day LOL

13)Che, hahah RBUs ni kan macam2 ada and macam2 hal and macam bagus .. surelah kena ada drama .. i pity yim's new partner LOL ..

14) Ijam : ur tingling feeling and winking eye tak betul .. not kash i tell you and not KA pun hihihi .. tunggu dan lihat ajelah nanti!
Eh satu hari jom main konda kondi and batu seremban, i was once really wicked at these two games ..

15)Diket : haha lots of mysteries and secrets but all will be revealed in time and yes, here's to a better 2011.

16) azza, yeah i know, now dah memang kesian sangat LOL

Thanks all, but sorrylah i tak habis nak gloat lagi, yeah baby ...heheheh

To yim's new partner, whatever u do dont forget your set of change, u will be drenched with lumpoq, wa cakap sama lu

June Malik said...

oh sorry one more (i dok spam my own comments lol) and to the mystery guy who not supposed to know but know, will bayar ur hutang next we meet, but at an event after GTlah, if give before then u will be revealed and might be kidnapped and tortured for information LOL.

Che said...

me too.. cian yim's partner nanti. if kalu amoi cun takkan korang nak rendam lumpur juga? :P <haa..

did u just offer free lunch, kak? :P tp kena turun ke klang lah ek?

wahh.. so serious meh, tak sabar nak tahu sape yim's secret partner :P

June Malik said...

kalau amoi cun, lagilah si ijam teruja nak rendam dlm lumpur heeh ..

well, i dont mind actually - takut semua dah letih tak larat .. me in port klang lagi !

yim's partner will be revealed on d-day mwah ha ha

ARZ said...

Sure wont bust your knee. On the other hand, cycling strengthens it. Take it from someone who has experienced it!

Justiffa said...

Hey gf...CONGRATS for the pb!!!!! sometimes there are things that we just need to do n even busted knees can be a good trade off for a clear head. u tk care <3

June Malik said...

boss, somehow i cycle kepala lutut sakitlah!! how??

GF, hheeh u r so right, as always and yeah for the PB, tapi dont think i can repeat the feat laa, my scklm partner next year gotta do it for me insyallah hihi