Sunday, October 31, 2010

A fun filled Sunday

I didnt run in Klang nor did I participate in the Genting Trailblazer but I had fun just the same :) Highlights of the day in points (ini ray's idea suruh tulis blog in point form hahahh)

- morning I volunteered at the KPAC run, first was receiving and tagging baggage, then waited for the first 15 winners in Category C (Men Veteran) to cross the line and then helped out with handing out the medals to other runners after that

- girls power today .. justiffa ran her first 12k event in 1:33 and Azza, my niece Fara, and friends Serena and Jay all did well with timing of 1:43 plus minus few minutes ..

- love to see the happy faces getting their well deserved medal (its really nice too .. err much nicer that the kayu in genting LOL)

- met up with a lot of friends and made new ones .. I've missed quite a number of runs and thus its so good to see friends again !

- curi tulang, left 10 minutes earlier, (with permission hehe) rushed home and drove my car pretending like its an F1 vehicle... (with Deo as my GPS/navigator and partners in crime, Tiff and Azza) up to Genting, to see our friends mudding it out at the Trailblazer event but more importantly for the "surprise" makan Syah & Ziff helped coordinate for October birthday boys, Nik and Diket. I think Tiff and Azza was hanging for dear life at the back and Deo was simply keeping his cool LOL, an hour from Port Klang to Genting you ..

- realised that the game was still on so we parked and walked to the finishing area, but not before tackling two slopes chewahhhh hahahaha ..

- most RBU's finished, and its so great to see all of them again after so long .. I miss you guys and Tiff aka Justiffa was introduced to the RBUs .. a face to a name finally (cun kan kak tiff??)

- we also helped ourselves to the MILO and food for the participants (heheh tumpang sekaki) and sat around talking and lambong sessions .. and at the same time I was jealously looking at the participants coming back to the finishing line, tired, muddy, in somesort of pain but ahh the fun was apparent ! i hope i can heal through and through and soo am gonna do this next year !

- waited for jaja, dancing ciken to come back with her partner and she so did it in style .. lenggang lenggok yang sexy and kerlingan mata .. walau dlm berlumpur LOL .. its so nice to finally meet you hot mom!

- we cheered the other participants and I hooked up with some fmvs, cap ayam friends for a quick chat .. the one participant that caught all our attention was the handicapped runner, no hands but he was really awesome .. i especially loved his rolling under the net to finally emerge at the end of the obstacles and finish the race in style ..

- this is a fun adventure, many uncles and aunties joined the challenge and did really well too .. I am in awed of their determination to finish, malu laaa they can do it !!! some could hardly move by the time they arrived at the last obstacle,  but they all made it to the finishing line .. kudos to them ..

- Ijam so happy to see Shanaz and especially Pui San LOL

- Ijam buat malu kat the girls with the RUB ME tshirt .. while zaki and deo couldnt resist them, err even Syah for a while kan? hahaa ziff jual mahal, tenguk "brand baju" dari jauh LOL

- we made our way to genting view resort club house where Ian stayed and almost had to ditch our makan2 plans but the pak guard relented and allowed us to have our buffet spread ..

- menu was nasi lemak, karipap ikea, fruits, tarts, roti canai, kari ikan, super yummy bday cheese cake, mango pudings, 100+, gatorade, and more .. carbo load baik punya !! Nik and Diket malu2 potong cake with emergency knife made from paper plate .. cayalah ..

- lots of lambongs but i guess i topped it off with my comment of "sudah expire" - you gotta be there to know what ha ha

- finally parted ways but am sure everyone went back with good memories :) cant wait for the blogs to come out hehee .. pictures are everywhere in FB :)

-  apalah Nik nak mengena orang with his picture captions, he was gleefully snapping away heheh

- Ian, miss the baby smell oredi .. pinjam baby eh???


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Flashback Saturday

Azam Malik, 15 this year, already a 6-footer ..

About 3 years old :)

This was when he was about 12 .. and yeah I had long hair once :)

One of his recent pics of my favourites,  he doesnt think having misai is cool, uncle yim can help ka?? hehe

Friday, October 29, 2010


Good luck to all the weekend warriors doing the Genting Crossroad and Genting Trailblazer.

Yim  and Deo, good luck for your crossroad challenge. Deo dont go to Klang on saturday ok? haha he was quite confused detailing out his runs for the weekend, too many at once !!

I see war is declared with team clown Ijam/Ray getting on everyone's nerves LOL .. jagalah, silap haribulan all will gang up to lumpur u both ha ha .. and dont dream lah nak lumpur me hihi ...

Zack & Ziff
Ian & Syah
Yim & err ......
Dett & Shuk
Che & another err 
Ray & Ijam
Nik & Diket
Syed & Shanaz   (Ijam, sabarrr)
Luvis & sabri (cap ayam)

and the queens Jaja and triple err
ruby (cap ayam) and her hunk :)

and  everyone else doing these two fun outings !!

Have fun guys, but be safe and take care !

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Anak Mami Jnr is 18 today

Yeah Suryana Ahmad Zaki,  aka Yana is 18 today. Sigh, my kids are all growing up so fast one by one .. I am happy and sad at the same time ..

Here's to Yana, my dear. May your dreams will come true and reach for the skies. Nothing is impossible. Love you. Guess your birthday cake and present will have to wait till your semester break !!!

Yana, being Yana :)

Happy Birthday Girl !

And on top of that, she shares this special day with King Diket ..
and my lovely cousin, Fiza Abd Rahman
and my little Nidhi in Spore (Sam & Sasha's girl)
and my atuk angkat nun jauh di states, Gramps Charles

Happy Birthday to all  .. May we all be be blessed :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Flashback Saturday

Suryana (she prefers to be called Yana) just abt 5 years old

Suryana 16 going on 17 .. this was the one time that she dressed up :) her form 5 party

Anak Mami in the making hihi 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

So, what you think??

So, yesterday ...

I went to gym early before class started to  discuss with my instructor on how she can help me with my workouts to cater for my current situation. predicament.

She was with someone when I arrived so I sat waiting at the back of the gym, must be a new member inquiring about her classes I thought.

Then she called me in. Err?? Ok so I went.

I had to control myself from laughing, there she was, totally aghast to see me. MAKCIK NASI LEMAK nak join gym hahahahaahah .. well its good that she took my advise hihiihi but what are the odds that she chose the gym that I go to? hahahahahaahah .. I wished I could read minds for that particular moment to know just what she was thinking LOL.

My instructor, Sal, was of course oblivious to our "encounter" went ahead to introduce me to her, "this is June, one of my BEST students " ... hahahahaha hahaaah and now I know her name is _____________________. You should have seen her face and mine. One was totally aghast and disgusted and god knows what and one was truly truly trying not to laugh and had to just stand there and be nice and control macho.

To her great relief she found out that she will not be in my classes  since she is new so she will have to join the beginners class and make her way up to ehem, my level .. the advanced class. But she will have to see me whenever she comes because my classes are before hers he he he.. or on days that I am lazy and decide for a slower paced class when I will join HER class (of course she didnt know this laaa)

The thing is she hasnt paid, she came to enquire. She was supposed to start next month. So what do you think? will she join us? hahahaah .. I am not too sure, judging from the way she looked at me, I dont think so .. you know the look that can kill? hahahaha (my gym clothes are much more revealing  different than my running clothes heheeh since its an all ladies gym)

But truly, I hope she will. Sal is a good instructor and will be able to help her achieve her target providing she works hard. I have no issues with her. I will still smile (gleefully) at her if she were to join the gym whenever we cross each other he he ..

i guess we will know next month eh?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Anak Mami's Medical Report and Run (not) Status Update

Medical update 1 : I have back problems from my early 20's, I have half extra spine bone than you guys (surgery to remove is not recommended) and my spine is slightly tilted to the right. That , long time ago, sometimes would render me helpless in bed, I'd wake up in excruciating pain and the bones from waist down would somehow jammed and I need to just lie there for at least two hours to unjammed it. I remember when hubs had to leave me and go to work and would call  to ask, "hidup lagi??" ha ha ..thank god I had a really good friend to come and help me with the girls when I had my jammed days .. they were young and cant fend for themselves! (Azam not around yet)

I remember in our early years of marriage my husband was sailing, one time he came back and I was having one of my backaches problems, went to the office to get letter for specialist visit, and everyone was making fun of me .. "husband takde 4 bulan, balik cuti sampai sakit pinggang LOL " (boss remember this?) .. if only they knew the truth and nothing but the truth .. if THAT was the reason I wont complain lerr ...

Medical update 2 : i had a bad fall which had me doing a full flip and landed squarely on my back hitting the waist first .. so go figure!

Somehow, when we came back from our overseas stint and I could go for aerobics classes from time to time, the pain went away. Not completely but much lesser. And I havent had any painful backache attack for the last 13 years or so, I'd have niggling pain from time to  time but a pain so mild that I sometimes dont realise it. There will be some bad days but it was bearable for me to go on like normal.

Trust me, even my doctor had to admit, my tolerance of pain is really really, I mean really high.  So when I actually admit I am in pain, then its reeeaalllly painful.

I woke up yesterday morning to that excruciating pain that I had forgotten. Went thru the day slowly (as to why my fb status said, didnt do squat today lol) and took some meds hoping its just a one time thingie. Unfortunately  I woke up today to the same. I am sitting on a chair 90 degree upright writing this ngeh ngeh ..

As you guys are aware, my knee is pretty busted from my 44.2km run (Yim, sorry yeee) and when I went to my doc last week, got an ear of babbling from him (lucky he is cute) and he put me on medication with strict instructions if there were to be no improvement, I am to visit him again.

Well, improved it did not. Normal walking in the mall strains the ligament so much so after half an hour,   I'd be limping a bit here and there so this morning I went to see him again. Got another lecturing (did I tell you he's cute?) and so I had no choice but to go for the jabs. Not steroids but close to it, stronger than normal painkillers jab .. 3 weeks in a row and physio. He made all arrangements there and then, I guess he knew anak mami too well, which irked me to the max (but he is cute ok laa).  And then the backache problem I had to tell him cos I cant stand it anymore.

After lots and lots of questions (and he got cuter and cuter) he concluded that my backache is back because I had abruptly stopped using my spine - I use to run daily, be it 3km but daily. And I havent had any consistent running for a long while now. Its like I am cursed, I run hard and long my knees take the woes and I stop my back start screaming. And I cant afford to gain weight too, right now I am at the "ngam-ngam" scale .. this is okay infact I dont mind losing a bit more.

We went through all my current exercise regime and finally I am allowed to do the following :- (i pity the people  waiting outside to see the doctor cos I was in the room looong time)

1) continue my cardio strength classes - lesser weight dumbells than I am carrying now till the backache subsides and on lowest board level or just do it on the floor  (err u guys faham kan? )

2) yogalates once i can do squats and lunges with dumbells exercise thrown in, but to start with normal yoga first but not in two weeks time since lots of stretching and squats are involved in yoga classes.

3) enjoy my salsa class, less hip gyrating LOL

(I have to sit and discuss with my gym instructor on what I can and cannot do in her class but she is superb and had always helped me out)

4) absolutely no long runs minimum till end of the year.  I am supposed to brisk walk only,  max distance 10 to 12km once a week only, the rest would have to be short ones, three times a week only - and I can only start my brisk walk end of next week and report to him.

Seems that my strained ligament and inflammation is quite bad. And of course that tweeny tiny tear.

So, thinking long term and being practical and smart (chewahhh) I am hanging up my running shoes for long runs.  So I am saying goodbye to PBIM and SCSM challenge this year. (I am holding my half marathon PBIM bib for someone  but will give away my SCSM bib, anyone interested contact me!!) I was sooo looking forward to get the  SCSM finisher tee laaa :(  but I've had zero training and thinking of  another  sure 7 hours (or more) of hobbling (with this knee condition) , no thank you. Thinking crazy I'd do this without blinking but thinking of the effects and responsibility to family and friends and the need of my legs for a long time to come ....

But I will be going full force to support the FMVs for both events (nana gives his  green light already) and also to kiasu with you guys. Insyaallah, where it permits I will do the short runs. Where it doesn't permit me to run, if I am around and free, you will see me at the starting line sending you guys off and at the finishing line welcoming you guys back !!

Reading the TNF warriors experiences and all, I want to do it one day. So anak mami is resting and come back stronger I will. Insyaallah. I am no quitter.

I have a promise to keep to a certain someone for another 42km tour during  SCKLM 2011. And I know you guys will always be here for me. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Someone sent me this text when I whined : "even if you can no longer run more after this, to me u r always a great runner in ur own style" .. you know who you are,  thank you, meant a lot to me (teary eyed pun ada hehe).

You guys will always have my support 100% .. so this is dedicated to all of you, my dear friends and brothers and sisters in crime :)

(excuse me, while i hobbled to cari tissue jap, *sheesh buat malu aje)

Heartsick, knees busted and excruciating/screaming  backache/spine .. they say it comes in three. I hope this is mine.

Fingers crossed that my backache would somewhat lessen by Saturday, if not I'd be bent triple when I get out of the car when we reach Taiping.  Its an important trip.  Excruciating  backache not strong enough a reason to miss this trip.

This weekend I will miss two wonderful events, the pool party at Ian's (jeles tahap gaban but then again I have weight problems ..) and Kash's HUKM party with the kids. You guys have fun and hopefully there will be more !

See you when I see you. Hugs and kisses. Take care. Be safe!!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Flashback Saturday

Arlina, 6 months old and no matter what we did, even oiling it, her hair stayed that way, thank god after few months it got tamed LOL
One of my fav pics of her :)

Arlina, on her 21st birthday this February

Friday, October 08, 2010

I Did Not ...........

I did not buy a book today because I did not walk into a bookstore

instead ......... I went to see my friend, to wish her happy birthday and have coffee with her, it so happens that she is running a book-for-rent store, how could I not contribute to her business being friends ???

Sooo .. I RENTED a few ............ even though I have more than 50 unread books in the cupboard (but this will force me to start reading again, yes???)


Just thought I'd share this with you on a cool Friday evening ......

Have a good weekend peeps ........


Good luck to all of you doing the TNF tomorrow.  Yim & Haza, Ian & Syah, Kash & Ehem, Shanaz & Irwan and all the rest that's brave enough to do what we dont have the courage to even think about it LOL.

I know that you guys will give it your best and that you will have loads of fun too.

Come back and do your report ASAP, you hear ???

We, the ones that's left here cant wait to hear all the scary wonderful stories and experience and who knows might inspire us to do it next year .. (zack yui dah start beli barang hihi)

Most importantly, be safe. You dont want to be out of commission like me.


Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Day That I Actually Ran .........

I cringe when people ask me if I am a runner when they see me in one of my events vest. I will give them my laugh and say, No-lah .. I TRY to run.

I have never actually really ran in all the events that I joined. I'd be jogging slowly at the start and pick up my momentum and once I hit my comfortable pace, try to keep it there as far as possible, power walking (or hobbling in the case of SCKLM) in between when necessary. But always, always, when I came home,  I woud berate myself for not pushing, because I knew I actually could have done way better.

Reason - I dont have good knees and most of the races that count, (actually PNM and SCKLM ajelah yang really count hehe) I went in with  injury !! and I am not a spring 27 year old,  but a young at heart, older in some other places 47 year old!! Facts are facts and I was never a runner to begin with. Its just something I picked up and got hooked along the way :)

Anyway, I was away at ~bleep~,  and had ~bleep~ to deal with.  I dont know why but when I packed,  I threw in my race kit* (like terror jer ada race kit haha) in as well. I wasn't planning on a long run, let alone a full marathon distance, but a run nonetheless. 

I took a stroll the evening before, and was looking at the endless road that I could run. Bought some snacks and grabbed some gatorades as well. A run would do me good. 

I do crazy things on an impulse sometimes. (Like signing up for the SCKLM full marathon)  Restless night, could hardly sleep and finally at the wee  hours of the morning I gave up. And just like that I decided that I would go out and run. 

It was a stupid thing to do. I was alone, it was really in the wee hours and there were practically no one around. But sometimes, the only way to do it is just to throw caution to the winds and redha.

I took light snacks, get geared and clumsily prepared my hydration pack (first time pakai ler) and went out. 

And I started to jog slowly, the first km I thought I was gonna die and almost wanted to just stop ..(havent ran since Hatyai) but I trudged on and slowly with all the pent up emotions in me, I started to run. Honestly I dont know how I managed. Something in me snapped,  and the minute everything rushed out, I was on the go and unstoppable.

I cant totally recall if I stopped to power walk or when did I take my power gels (I gulped down 4 at least). Only thing I remembered was how hard it was to drink from the hydration pack, only after a few tries did I manage to get it working to my comfort.  But one thing I knew, I ran. Like I have never ran before. Chasing the demons away.

At some point of time, I looked at my wristband and realised that I had gone out much much further than I wanted or expected. Doubled back and I simply went. All kinds of pain set in but instead of stopping or slowing down I used it to fuel my run and continued. 

I reached back to my destination, totally worn. I had nothing left in me, not a single ounce of energy nor feeling. Just numbness. I dont know how I got back into my room. I remember sitting in the bath tub and  let the shower ran over me for a long time and somehow got into bed and slept for almost 7 hours straight.

I woke  up to body aches, totally swollen and throbbing knee but I also realised with clarity,  whatever demon I was chasing and fighting, its gone. And I won. It will take time, patience and hard work to make things right again but I know that I am again, Me. And that I will be able to face the challenge God has thrown my way. He challenges and tests you in ways that you cant understand sometimes. But God knows best.

And as I was cursing the pain, I also marvelled at the distance I ran and the time. 44.2km in 5:50:45. I have to gloat here. Yeah baby :)  I cant tell you how I did it. But I can most definitely tell you I dont think I can repeat this feat again. I sure had reasons and motivation for the run but its not a kind of motivation that I'd want to use to fuel all my runs. I'd be back to doing it anak mami style :)

And I am slowly making my way up from the deepest end of unchartered territories waters. Life is too short. Live it to the fullest. And, take it one day at a time.

Note : 

Morale of the story : dont bring your race kit on days like this, you might end up like Forrest Gump ;o)

* consists of power gels, body glide, knee guard, plasters, power bar, injinji socks, armband, road ID, ankle reflector, deep heat nuun tablets (kalah the pro lah hahaah)

Monday, October 04, 2010

Help, I am a Go-In-BookStore-Must-buy-holic

Before walking in the door, *prays fervently* Please, please let me go in, get ONLY WHAT  I CAME for and get out empty handed of books.

Once last week and twice today, I failed miserably.

In my defense (lame excuse 1) , last week I needed some upper body exercise, so getting some books are equivalent to carrying dumbells .. havent exercised in a while so ........ yeah.

This morning I was in Jusco Bukit Raja and I am not sure why but I walked in Popular bookstore without realising it was Popular. Betul !!! Now what was it that I was looking for there? Err, told ya, I went it without realising ......... and my eyes saw the latest Jodi Picoult book already out in paperback .. it was calling to me oh .. mendayu-dayu memujuk ...*anak mami .. ambiklah cheq bawak balik ... kita boleh jadi best fren ...* how do you say no to that?????

In my defense (lame excuse 2) , the book was calling out to me begging me to take it out from that awful place and I had been waiting for this paperback version ..

This evening I had to go to Jusco Bukit Tinggi to get 1) movie tickets for tomorrow's show Eat, Pray, Love (yeayyyy .. ), cant wait to see my favourite Hollywood heart throb  Julia Roberts in action again ..  and 2) a quick stop at eerr Popular , needed a ream of A4 papers lah ..

No 1 went smoothly ...........

No 2 .. errk .. a doink and a boink combination .. as I was walking towards the cashier my eyes made a quick swipe (should have just walked and not swipe the eyes!!) of the books on display and OH MY GOD .. its out, its out, its out  ... Noooo .. the 3rd book of the trilogy of Matthew Reilly's  .. I already read and own the previous two, how can I NOT get this??? Should I? *practical thinking personality *with mischievious smile* june - yess, this is the third book, u've een waiting can u not have this?? its a collection, not complete, not complete, not complete if you dont get itttt*

The real june gave in to the split practical thinking personality :)

In my defence (lame excuse 3), it is the last book for my set, its a MUST, kan kan???

My cupboard is in a mess, I was supposed to get all the books out, catalogue them (cewaahh) and then keep what I want and sell or give away the rest ... I took them out, became lazy and chucked them back in again ... here's a sneak peek ..

1st shelf

3rd shelf

4th shelf

this box has neatly arranged books inside, truly filled up

2nd shelf

not in shelf, no space LOL
Please take note that there is a second layer at the back of the books that you see on each shelf!!

Sorry for the haphazard pic arrangements, (too lazy to rearrange them) follows the traits of the blogger LOL .. and my friend Serena has about 30 of my books in her possession still .. she gleefully came and raided my cupboard, went home with the huge ikea blue recycle bag !!

And I have another box, half filled. And I easily have close to 50 new unread books in there, bought at a whim and fancy,  its pages still waiting to be caress lovingly. I need to re read the Harry Potter 7th book, the movie is coming out .. and I have been wanting to re read the Lord of the Rings series .....

Help .. I must find a cure for this I am a Go-In-BookStore-Must-buy-holic syndrome ... and simply stay home and read, read, read till I drop finish all the new books before buying another one. Gosh, that's a truly hard task for me. Truly.

Note : you are most welcome to come and help raid my cupboard .. you might get to keep some too .......

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Flashback Saturday

My friend Sue Harrison has a flashback Friday blog update .. she will put up pictures of the kids, family, etc from way back and a short story. I've always thought its a really good idea. So, I am going to do the same. Thanks Sue, hope you dont mind me "borrowing" your idea !

Since I wont be running much for awhile, so there wont be much stories to write about. *unless I meet makcik nasi lemak somewhere*  so  every Saturday,  (hopefully I can keep it going) I will post a picture from the past and the story :)

Flashback Saturday 1

Our first posting overseas. France, 1993. Yana was just 1 year old and Arlina almost 4. This was taken at the hotel in Disneyland, Paris ..  they were too young to enjoy it but ooh I had a good time even though me and hubs  cant take rides together since one has to stay with the kids !

This is one of my all time favourite pictures of the girls .. Yana was such a hit then .. cute and mischievious and still very very mischievious today .. cute? hmm not too sure about that mwah ha ha ha ..