Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Anak Mami's Medical Report and Run (not) Status Update

Medical update 1 : I have back problems from my early 20's, I have half extra spine bone than you guys (surgery to remove is not recommended) and my spine is slightly tilted to the right. That , long time ago, sometimes would render me helpless in bed, I'd wake up in excruciating pain and the bones from waist down would somehow jammed and I need to just lie there for at least two hours to unjammed it. I remember when hubs had to leave me and go to work and would call  to ask, "hidup lagi??" ha ha ..thank god I had a really good friend to come and help me with the girls when I had my jammed days .. they were young and cant fend for themselves! (Azam not around yet)

I remember in our early years of marriage my husband was sailing, one time he came back and I was having one of my backaches problems, went to the office to get letter for specialist visit, and everyone was making fun of me .. "husband takde 4 bulan, balik cuti sampai sakit pinggang LOL " (boss remember this?) .. if only they knew the truth and nothing but the truth .. if THAT was the reason I wont complain lerr ...

Medical update 2 : i had a bad fall which had me doing a full flip and landed squarely on my back hitting the waist first .. so go figure!

Somehow, when we came back from our overseas stint and I could go for aerobics classes from time to time, the pain went away. Not completely but much lesser. And I havent had any painful backache attack for the last 13 years or so, I'd have niggling pain from time to  time but a pain so mild that I sometimes dont realise it. There will be some bad days but it was bearable for me to go on like normal.

Trust me, even my doctor had to admit, my tolerance of pain is really really, I mean really high.  So when I actually admit I am in pain, then its reeeaalllly painful.

I woke up yesterday morning to that excruciating pain that I had forgotten. Went thru the day slowly (as to why my fb status said, didnt do squat today lol) and took some meds hoping its just a one time thingie. Unfortunately  I woke up today to the same. I am sitting on a chair 90 degree upright writing this ngeh ngeh ..

As you guys are aware, my knee is pretty busted from my 44.2km run (Yim, sorry yeee) and when I went to my doc last week, got an ear of babbling from him (lucky he is cute) and he put me on medication with strict instructions if there were to be no improvement, I am to visit him again.

Well, improved it did not. Normal walking in the mall strains the ligament so much so after half an hour,   I'd be limping a bit here and there so this morning I went to see him again. Got another lecturing (did I tell you he's cute?) and so I had no choice but to go for the jabs. Not steroids but close to it, stronger than normal painkillers jab .. 3 weeks in a row and physio. He made all arrangements there and then, I guess he knew anak mami too well, which irked me to the max (but he is cute ok laa).  And then the backache problem I had to tell him cos I cant stand it anymore.

After lots and lots of questions (and he got cuter and cuter) he concluded that my backache is back because I had abruptly stopped using my spine - I use to run daily, be it 3km but daily. And I havent had any consistent running for a long while now. Its like I am cursed, I run hard and long my knees take the woes and I stop my back start screaming. And I cant afford to gain weight too, right now I am at the "ngam-ngam" scale .. this is okay infact I dont mind losing a bit more.

We went through all my current exercise regime and finally I am allowed to do the following :- (i pity the people  waiting outside to see the doctor cos I was in the room looong time)

1) continue my cardio strength classes - lesser weight dumbells than I am carrying now till the backache subsides and on lowest board level or just do it on the floor  (err u guys faham kan? )

2) yogalates once i can do squats and lunges with dumbells exercise thrown in, but to start with normal yoga first but not in two weeks time since lots of stretching and squats are involved in yoga classes.

3) enjoy my salsa class, less hip gyrating LOL

(I have to sit and discuss with my gym instructor on what I can and cannot do in her class but she is superb and had always helped me out)

4) absolutely no long runs minimum till end of the year.  I am supposed to brisk walk only,  max distance 10 to 12km once a week only, the rest would have to be short ones, three times a week only - and I can only start my brisk walk end of next week and report to him.

Seems that my strained ligament and inflammation is quite bad. And of course that tweeny tiny tear.

So, thinking long term and being practical and smart (chewahhh) I am hanging up my running shoes for long runs.  So I am saying goodbye to PBIM and SCSM challenge this year. (I am holding my half marathon PBIM bib for someone  but will give away my SCSM bib, anyone interested contact me!!) I was sooo looking forward to get the  SCSM finisher tee laaa :(  but I've had zero training and thinking of  another  sure 7 hours (or more) of hobbling (with this knee condition) , no thank you. Thinking crazy I'd do this without blinking but thinking of the effects and responsibility to family and friends and the need of my legs for a long time to come ....

But I will be going full force to support the FMVs for both events (nana gives his  green light already) and also to kiasu with you guys. Insyaallah, where it permits I will do the short runs. Where it doesn't permit me to run, if I am around and free, you will see me at the starting line sending you guys off and at the finishing line welcoming you guys back !!

Reading the TNF warriors experiences and all, I want to do it one day. So anak mami is resting and come back stronger I will. Insyaallah. I am no quitter.

I have a promise to keep to a certain someone for another 42km tour during  SCKLM 2011. And I know you guys will always be here for me. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Someone sent me this text when I whined : "even if you can no longer run more after this, to me u r always a great runner in ur own style" .. you know who you are,  thank you, meant a lot to me (teary eyed pun ada hehe).

You guys will always have my support 100% .. so this is dedicated to all of you, my dear friends and brothers and sisters in crime :)

(excuse me, while i hobbled to cari tissue jap, *sheesh buat malu aje)

Heartsick, knees busted and excruciating/screaming  backache/spine .. they say it comes in three. I hope this is mine.

Fingers crossed that my backache would somewhat lessen by Saturday, if not I'd be bent triple when I get out of the car when we reach Taiping.  Its an important trip.  Excruciating  backache not strong enough a reason to miss this trip.

This weekend I will miss two wonderful events, the pool party at Ian's (jeles tahap gaban but then again I have weight problems ..) and Kash's HUKM party with the kids. You guys have fun and hopefully there will be more !

See you when I see you. Hugs and kisses. Take care. Be safe!!


RaYzeef said...

k.june i know how frustrating it is not able to join the runs due to injury, but u doin the rite thing, rest and recover, i'll be among us RBUs in no time:)

any taker on the SCSM bib yet? sound tempting..he he

RaYzeef said...

No# 1....yehooooo

June Malik said...

haha ray, u kewl lah no 1!! and thanks and yes i will be back! .. SCSM no takers yet, u nak lari as anak mami? boleyyy .. (do i get finisher tee as present??? mwahahahah

RaYzeef said...

alamak baru ingat, kategori women :)

kena pakai skirt tu kalu tidak hu

(you'll get finisher tee, medal, 100 plus and iced cold milo hi hi)

mummy-who-cooks said...

June, I feel you man.. (pinjam quote from my hub..)I once had that 90deg fall, and trust me, I know what you are going thru', and thats one of the reasons I stopped all these sports activities.
Knee probs, tak usah cakaplah, Am quite famous kat otopedik centre @ Gleneagle....!
Anyway, you take care OK.

tolldoll said...

kak june, i would be interested to take the scsm bib... if you havent had any takers :)

let me know yeah?

sorry to hear the news. but im sure you'll bounce back better

deo said...

Wow! Ray dah beran nak lari FM laaaa.... perghhh dasat tu... sure top 10 punya kategori women. Tak payah pakai skirt lah Ray, pakai bandana merah kau pun cukup.

Oppsss ni entry K.June laa... hehehe

K.June, it's so sad to hear this but if this means you'll be running for a long long time and many many race to come, I terima with open heart. Love to see you making a comeback! Silap-silap K.June buat comeback kat TNF100 Philippines kot?

RaYzeef said...

hampeh deo sempat lagi lambong tu..hi hi. nasib aku x de sumpit!

k.june better pass the bib to women runner lah:)

serena said...

even if you are unable to run with us, your presence and support are much appreciated and motivating. do take care.

amsyah said...

1) you saja je buat alasan nak ngorat doktor cute tu ye hahahaha...

2) ala, ramai dah q for the SCSM, tapi I nak Q jugak lah, pompuan pun pompuan lah, tak kira... the finisher tee you can have it, yeahoo!

3) better check with the specialist KJ. I have a bad back too, specifically my 4 & 5th bone pressing against my spine, and I have had my share of numbness and sakit-sampai-takleh-bangun-kalau ter'lock-tulang-elakang thing hehehe. I had a minor op this year etc and still monitoring. We need our back, yeah.

Yimster said...

WHAT? Ni yang kuarkan rotan. Kak juneeeeee grrrr. Dah, no more running till year end. You need your legs to recover for next years tnf ok! One of the better physio is to run in the pool. Try doing that if pissible but i will always loveeeee you for the undying support for all of us. Rest and work on the physio ya muakssssssss :)

And no, mentioning a million more times the doc is cute wont get you scott free missy!

Zack Yui said...

Ray pakai skirt? Sesuai tu, rambut pon dah panjang mengurai hahaha!
Deo, apa barang ray nak buat FM, dia dah otoromen!

Juney, rest well sis, sampai berjanggut pon takpe asal saja semuanya ok! Ok?

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

"even if you can no longer run more after this, to me u r always a great runner in ur own style"

P/s: sorry, i copy paste je ucapan sms tu ye, i tak pandai buat ucapan sgt (kalau merapu pandai la).

ziff71 said...

Take a good rest Kak June, u are really a fighter lah, sakit2 lutut pun boleh bantai FM distance :D. Give your body the due rest that it needed and u wil come back strong.

Ray & Deo ni dah mmg power tapi punya ler kuat ngelat nak buat Full! Kak June, bg lecture sikit kat dia org nie suruh buat Full tahun ni gak :D

deo said...

Sedap jugak nama 'Team Ngelat'.

Ziff, tak daya lagi laa nak buat Full. Recovery run utk Nike pun dah 3 hari baru buat.....

Che said...

rest well kak. and whats with the cute doc? :P

your passion for this sport is something. if i ever wanna give up running, something like this could help be back on my feet again..

dont forget the routine. or you will lost the 'angin' to start back later. just go with your own pace and hope to cross path again someday (while running). Ape pun you are a huge supporter to all of RBUs and we really thank u for that.

Never give up, never surrender!

ija said...

if you're feeling gatal gatal nak brisk walk (ahem ahem), mari malakoff 6k. i'll be bored tolak pram sorang sorang.

June Malik said...

thanks peeps .. i came in for quick glance this morning, tak sempat reply ..

ray : yeah kena pakai skirt hehe takpe since u malu, next time??

nita : thanks, bet u know how it is kan hehe .

nadia : i messaged u earlier tadi kat fb

deo : i will come back for sure, tnf phillipines tu bila erk? hahah .. u join dulu laa

serena : thanks my friend, will be there for u too !

syah : hehe doctor tu memang cute, macam joey from friends, my kids call him dr joey dia lagi sweet, kalau senyum haish .. anak mami pun cair ha ha .. and i have been to specialist dari dulu but since dah lama tak sakit teruk taklah ada follow up, ni kena buat new appt ! u nak lari as anak mami? berdesup my pb on record LOL

Yim, oh no, no rotan pls. I rest and will get well 100% and will go support u guys whenever I can, muaakkss back :) (kang ada scandal nih heheeh)

June Malik said...

zack, tak maulah sampai berjanggut, lama tuh .. insyaallah back next year hopefully can do a run on my birthday month !

nik : copy paste ke, still meant a lot :) thanks bro!

ziff, anak mami ni kekadang stubborn tak tentu arah, now bayar the akibatnya but yes i will heal betul2 kali ni before a comeback (like bagus aje heeh) and u r right, si deo and ray tu dah berdesup tapi full nya tak pernah lagi .. aisyay .. anak mami nak cabar la nie keh keh ..

siapa team ngelat ni? ha ha, deo i did scklm recovery 2 hari jer, u sure can laa .. takkan kalah dengan kak june kot? mwah hahah

che, i have a thing for cute guys haha, takat thing ajelah suka tenguk .. sebab tu suka kat RBUs, support selalu, semua cute mute LOL, tambah ada betis gebu hihi .. insyaallah i will heal well and come back, give up and surrender tu apa dia?? hehehe

Ija, bila tu??? wah cepat dah nak bagi exposure to your baby :)

n i j e said...

kak june, i barely know u but u inspire me a lot lah. reading your story really makes me feels more motivated.

btw, i'm saying goodbye to PBIM (half marathon) and Genting Trailblazer as well lah... so, anyone interested may contact jugak lah ek.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

pls pls pls pls listen to the cute doctor!!

June Malik said...

alamak nije, kak june speechless, i have done nothing laa but kepochi lebih :) but if in a small way i do that to you, hope u will want to do better than me :) why you not doing pbim and trail? not injury kan??

sasha : hahaha i will i will .. more chance to see him

n i j e said...

Kak June, be it kepochi sekalipun it still inspire me.. ;)

btw, I'm not joining both race bukan pasal injury tp I'm going to germany on 20th nov n tomorrow onwards I've to go for a prep. course... if ada yg wanna lari kat genting just let me know ye..

pakmat said...

..hmm..maybe you should come to Bachok..put up camp by Irama Beach..slow morning walks at dawn..relaxing evenings with air kelapa muda, and old coot strumming a guitar, maybe singing 'Fraulein'..grilled fish and chickens at night..loosen your hair to the breeze...and just watch the waves lapping the shore with a silhoutte of Perhentian in the horizon..does wonders to my back and spirits..

tsar said...

I don't think I'm the best person to give an advice... tapi, I know you'd come back with a vengeance. Anak Mami Boleh! hehehe.

Lain kali, bawak kamera gi klinik mcm Nik tu. Baru le the female readers makan hati ngan cute doctor of yours tu. hahaha

June Malik said...

nije : then i am truly touched :) wah you have an adventure of some sort coming your way, good luck ! i will advertise kat fmv abt ur genting trail :)

pakmat , wah so cyrstal clear felt like i was there, one day!

zarin : heeh yeah anak mami will come back insyaallah .. camera tu ada tapi malu laa dah makcik2 ni pun nak ada cuteness crush lagi LOL

ARZ said...

Too bad your cute doctor didnt prescribe cycling. I wonder why

rara said...

"Thinking crazy I'd do this without blinking but thinking of the effects and responsibility to family and friends and the need of my legs for a long time to come..."
yess... please jangan nakal2 pergi lari tgh2 malam lagi. pleaseeeeeeeeeee have a good rest to recover!

on a happier note: u're still going to penang and sg to kiasu? yeayy!!!

IJAM said...

aku last yahooo!!!...
rehat le, buat aktiviti lain, memancing udang ke, congkak ke (hantu), batu seremban ke, konda kondi ke, rounders ke,

ian yusof said...

mintak maap ijam ... I'm the last one....sheesh!

rounders sounds fun :) Kak june, this weekend we are all going jalan-jalan and most importantly, pool-dip at Nuang. It's going to be fun to have you around.

Azza said...

K.June, rest well please. I know back pain really hurts, reminds of my sleepless nite after scklm. Btw, no more stunts ok, im keeping your word..;)

June Malik said...

sorry lewatlah pulak .. lama tak online :)

rara : yeah see you in penang and scsm babe

ijam : nampak gaya itulah activity semasa kak june pada masa terdekat ini hehe

ian : sorry haha you not last oso ! nuang might be a yes for me and we play rounders ??

azza : yes adik !

Dancing Ciken said...

wow kak june, best nye kalau dapat tulis panjang2 camni. take care ye. i pun masuk PBIM half, so whoever yang lari on behalf of u, please say 'hi' to me 'halooo i'm the anak mami'. pleaseee :D

June Malik said...

jaja : no problem heeh, but come to starting line area cari the fmv buntings so that i can give u a hug :)

crushhio said...

it's okay kakjune.. love yourself first okay!

or u can enter fun run or anything that is not lengthy in distance..

take care and take meds kak june!

June Malik said...

syed : i will and thanks a lot ..