Friday, October 29, 2010


Good luck to all the weekend warriors doing the Genting Crossroad and Genting Trailblazer.

Yim  and Deo, good luck for your crossroad challenge. Deo dont go to Klang on saturday ok? haha he was quite confused detailing out his runs for the weekend, too many at once !!

I see war is declared with team clown Ijam/Ray getting on everyone's nerves LOL .. jagalah, silap haribulan all will gang up to lumpur u both ha ha .. and dont dream lah nak lumpur me hihi ...

Zack & Ziff
Ian & Syah
Yim & err ......
Dett & Shuk
Che & another err 
Ray & Ijam
Nik & Diket
Syed & Shanaz   (Ijam, sabarrr)
Luvis & sabri (cap ayam)

and the queens Jaja and triple err
ruby (cap ayam) and her hunk :)

and  everyone else doing these two fun outings !!

Have fun guys, but be safe and take care !


amsyah said...

we are going to miss you, lah.

btw, I am running with Ian, and Syed will run with Shanaz :)

June Malik said...

hahahaha syah, my bad, its you tertulis syed LOL

~Sasha Farina~ said...

syoknya eh.. best of luck guys!

June Malik said...

itulah sasha, sigh .. i was supposed to be one of them :( takpe, next year hehe

Yimster said...

lalalala lets cross country! yeehaaaa! :)

next year kan ada lagi k.june :D

June Malik said...

yim, next year kita tak leh secret partner lagi lol semua gerenti tau hahahahha .. ish tak tidur lagi dia !!

Yimster said...

Apa itu tido? :D