Monday, October 04, 2010

Help, I am a Go-In-BookStore-Must-buy-holic

Before walking in the door, *prays fervently* Please, please let me go in, get ONLY WHAT  I CAME for and get out empty handed of books.

Once last week and twice today, I failed miserably.

In my defense (lame excuse 1) , last week I needed some upper body exercise, so getting some books are equivalent to carrying dumbells .. havent exercised in a while so ........ yeah.

This morning I was in Jusco Bukit Raja and I am not sure why but I walked in Popular bookstore without realising it was Popular. Betul !!! Now what was it that I was looking for there? Err, told ya, I went it without realising ......... and my eyes saw the latest Jodi Picoult book already out in paperback .. it was calling to me oh .. mendayu-dayu memujuk ...*anak mami .. ambiklah cheq bawak balik ... kita boleh jadi best fren ...* how do you say no to that?????

In my defense (lame excuse 2) , the book was calling out to me begging me to take it out from that awful place and I had been waiting for this paperback version ..

This evening I had to go to Jusco Bukit Tinggi to get 1) movie tickets for tomorrow's show Eat, Pray, Love (yeayyyy .. ), cant wait to see my favourite Hollywood heart throb  Julia Roberts in action again ..  and 2) a quick stop at eerr Popular , needed a ream of A4 papers lah ..

No 1 went smoothly ...........

No 2 .. errk .. a doink and a boink combination .. as I was walking towards the cashier my eyes made a quick swipe (should have just walked and not swipe the eyes!!) of the books on display and OH MY GOD .. its out, its out, its out  ... Noooo .. the 3rd book of the trilogy of Matthew Reilly's  .. I already read and own the previous two, how can I NOT get this??? Should I? *practical thinking personality *with mischievious smile* june - yess, this is the third book, u've een waiting can u not have this?? its a collection, not complete, not complete, not complete if you dont get itttt*

The real june gave in to the split practical thinking personality :)

In my defence (lame excuse 3), it is the last book for my set, its a MUST, kan kan???

My cupboard is in a mess, I was supposed to get all the books out, catalogue them (cewaahh) and then keep what I want and sell or give away the rest ... I took them out, became lazy and chucked them back in again ... here's a sneak peek ..

1st shelf

3rd shelf

4th shelf

this box has neatly arranged books inside, truly filled up

2nd shelf

not in shelf, no space LOL
Please take note that there is a second layer at the back of the books that you see on each shelf!!

Sorry for the haphazard pic arrangements, (too lazy to rearrange them) follows the traits of the blogger LOL .. and my friend Serena has about 30 of my books in her possession still .. she gleefully came and raided my cupboard, went home with the huge ikea blue recycle bag !!

And I have another box, half filled. And I easily have close to 50 new unread books in there, bought at a whim and fancy,  its pages still waiting to be caress lovingly. I need to re read the Harry Potter 7th book, the movie is coming out .. and I have been wanting to re read the Lord of the Rings series .....

Help .. I must find a cure for this I am a Go-In-BookStore-Must-buy-holic syndrome ... and simply stay home and read, read, read till I drop finish all the new books before buying another one. Gosh, that's a truly hard task for me. Truly.

Note : you are most welcome to come and help raid my cupboard .. you might get to keep some too .......


Cieri said...

send some to my ibu`s house la.teeheeeeheee

Yimster said...

Reading is good. Cant get enough of it. In that light, you are found not guilty. Defense rests. Court dismissed. Oh and keep up this good habit and hobby :)

amsyah said...

I never dismiss reading and books, and never limit Iris of any books of her request :D. Do not falter Anak Mami, it's all good, and tax exempted too hahahh

Get Zaki to your house, he'll catalogue everything kahkahkah

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

I just wanted to say the same thing... about getting Zaki to help out. :)

P/s: orang lain pegi buat upper body workout kat gym, u buat kat kedai buku je.. gerek sey!

June Malik said...

amalina : nak? dtg sendiri hihi

Yim : pheww thanks but i really shd finish reading yang dah beli tu dulu kan? or boleh jer terus membeli? hahah

Syah/Nik : yalah kena cari zaki yui tu ler ..and anak mami exercise kenalah lain dari yang lain LOL

KOOKY KASH said...

If you got no place to dump the books, pass them to me. Really.

zErOiCe said...

a true bookworm.. :)

rara said...

kak june, if we live in the same area, memang sekarang jugak i datang.. hehehe..

but sometimes, i have the habit of buying books, tapi tak baca pon.. too occupied with other things (alasan)..

Julin Julai said...

Please don't feel guilty when buying books. We're not. Beli je.
We have stocks of books and we love each and every one.
Agaknya boleh celen anak mami's collection jugak ni

serena said...

...and if you need a hand to catalogue your books, I'm gleefully yours to help. let me know. errr...the last picture of books 'not in shelf, no space', I haven't read change ya! hihihi...

sckhoo said...

get a Kindle. I am getting one soon.

n i j e said...

selalu berangan nak baca buku, tp buku siri 7 penyiasat masa zaman kanak2 pun tk pernah khatam. hihi..

Zack Yui said...

June, shah and nik were right. I'll bring a big box, collect them and catalog at home. Dont cry if you dont see them again kahkahkah

June Malik said...

kash - boleh aje .. mana tau yang i tak minat you like !

zeroice : yalah, from school (wish i had same intense for school books heh) .. teacher teaching infront i will be reading story book under the desk , selalu kena see discipline teacher LOL - but he was really cool - my punishement was stay back one hour extra after school IN THE LIBRARY hihi

rara : comelah one day .. chit chat, coffee, pilih buku ... amacam?

sckhoo : i like to touch my books, turn the pages and smell the paper and get paper cuts on my fingers :)

julin : i dont feel guilty , its just that i have soo many yang belum baca LOL .. so I need space for new ones jadi kena really sit down and sort the books laa

serena : sure aa .. i will hold you to this :)

nije - ooh i read ALL of the penyiasat 7 both in malay and english hehe, the famous 5lah .. heaven ..

Zack : alamak, like that one ka? kena fikir banyak kali nak minta favour ni hehehe ..

Justiffa said...

I still love buying books, but these days i find myself getting distracted a lil too easily..selalu tak habis baca sbb i keep losing track ekekekeh.

Maybe i'm getting adhd kot ;p

IJAM said...

boleh bukak library...
ever heard kindle?

June Malik said...

haah GF, u ni ada2 aje ..

Ijam - tau kindle but i like the smell of books and the feel of pages on my fingers :)

mummy-who-cooks said...

June... am not surprised. My daughter also ada this "Go-In-Bookstore-Must-Buy-holic-Syndrome"..
At times, I takut nak masuk book store with her, coz she will 'clean-up' my purse..!

ziff71 said...

hey books can be a nice deco as well :D. Now I seldom buy books, not that I am not interested, its just not much time to be engrossed with them. Can pinjam meh your books? :D