Tuesday, November 23, 2010

PBIM - Kedai Runcit Anak Mami

First of all, my heartfelt thank you to my partner-in-crime , a certain Ms M that  for personal reasons wishes to remain anonymous :) without her, I would have been all alone for solid 7 hours on the bridge at the 35km mark!

The idea of setting up kedai runcit was of course inspired by Kash/Rais and gang's wonderful gesture during SCKLM10, waiting for RBUs and FMVs. Since I cant run, I decided to give back at the most crucial time of running a marathon, I remembered how it was for me .. pushing myself on my swollen knees to see the familiar faces there and knowing that once I am there, the finishing is a definite YES. I managed to get in touch with the PBIM organisers and they were really supportive, so I got my transport pass to drive my car into the route :)

Went shopping with Azza on friday - gatorades, buns and chocolates, power gels, sprays, plasters, nuun tablets, deep heat .. what we can think of we got it .. some are personal supplies and some we bought. We still have some fund left from the sale of the FMV vest.

Arrived Penang saturday morning, went to the collection centre to get my pass and instructions and lunch this was the only time the RBUs had a decent gathering .. a quick lunch and lambung session:)  then it was back to the room, rested a bit and  carbo loading gathering .. many didnt make it but some did and it was fun. Everyone was in high spirits! Dispersed early and then decided to take a drive through to see where I would be stationed and alas, we got it wrong - the stupid map lah ..

Back to room, showered and tried to get some sleep .. I managed a good hour and I think Zack Yui must have thought he'd called the wrong roomm when I answered the phone croaky and groggy LOL ..I was out by 1215am .. Azza went with me to get some ice for the cooler box and then we met up with Ijam, Zack, Ray and Deo, all dah tak sabar you know ! My partner was there and we said our goodbye and made our way.

1st obstacle - police had closed the road and the officer at first refused to let us in despite me having the transport pass and I was still within cut off time to enter the route!  I finally managed to pujuk him .. "special case" he said and let us in ... whatever ..

Drove to where my station was supposed to be only to find NOTHING. No one was there, no road marker , NOTHING. Called the organiser and she told me that I was at the wrong place , that I had to find my way OUT OF THERE, and make a u-turn and go I dont know where. Look for the bird statue she said. Huh? Luckily the road was closed so we could roam the whole street being the only car there LOL. My partner was really helpful here, I was panicking thinking that I wouldnt find the place and that I had some of the runners stuff with me, alamak! But she was like, lets just drive and see .. so we drove down the road, still nothing, made a u-turn and went up the road and up and voila, I saw birds ... heaven!!! Saw the water station, the red cross and the 35km marker. We decided we'd set up at that point ..

We were ready by 1:30am and then it was just the waiting game. Then it threathened to rain so we quickly kept some of the placards and stuff in the car and then it poured. We were caught a few minutes in the heavy downpour and managed to make it into the car. I was fervently praying that none of our runners would come then, how to help them in rain like that? but I had secretly told myself, if anyone came in that rain , then I'd just go out and be in the rain with him/her. I would only get wet!! We watched the runners coming down the road in the car .. some still running strong, some slow jogged .. so many runners, so many different styles .. one guy was wearing the ladies sportsbra and his pants was really slipping down his bulging tummy and when he passed us from the back, half of his butt was showing LOL .. lucky me and M did not go blind !

And the rain subsided and we got out of the car even though it was still drizzling .. the boot door became our umbrella and we waited. Farid from CAR was the first familiar face that came through .. and then more and more passed us on the other side of the road. Many waved and said hello and we told them to stop on their way back.

I was at the 35th km mark .. they came in many disguises. Some still strong and didnt stop merely giving us the thumbs up when we clapped for them to go on .. some were really bad, tired, cramps , hungry. We catered to all that dropped by but kept enough supplies for our own members. Its so humbling to be there and helping them. Water ran out at the water station just before 7am  and suddenly we were the only place runners could turn to !

I had about 30 bottles of gatorade, so we started to pour out drinks in cups .. we gave out buns, chocolates, sprayed on so many legs - some gebu like zack yui's, some oh so the berbulu (Yim and Nik oso cannot challenge) that I had to give them the can to do the spraying themself ha ha .. tak sanggup ! Some hitched up their shorts so high that had me praying I wont get a glimpse of little willy in case they decided to run "free and wild" if you know what I mean LOL.

I had dejavu of me at that km during SCKLM. How seeing familiar faces and getting encouragements gave me the final push. One guy was so hungry and when  I offered him a bun, he was so grateful but before he took it he told me that he didnt have any money on him .. oooh its free I said, .. the look on his face made it all worthwhile being there. "you are my angel" one guy told me when I gave him half bottle of gatorade and sent him off on his way.

And we had a group of local guys who chatted us up LOL. Its so funny kena tackle in loghat penang u know. Funnier still they recognised me from FB and talked  about me right infront of me .. it went like this between the 4 of them :-

"macam besa tenguk aja .. and he looked at me"
another said .. aku tau ..aku besa tenguk dia .. banyak dlm fb LOL
another went "haa betoi betoi .. apa nama dia? and they looked at me? june I said
and he went " aku ingat, june malik .. baru aku cam dia .. amboi dia tinggi no ... lawa ..  tadi aku perasan kat dia pasai dia tinggi"

And they ate and drank and thanked us and shook hand with us and left. M and I had a good laugh .. one guy even had a thang for M you know ! Sheesh orang penang also kenal June Malik LOL.

Greeting our own people were superb .. and I sent Syed off with a big kiss. He looked  so dejected. But he made it to the end yay!!

Many runners dropped by, most were familiar but a lot of strangers dropped by too and we were happy we could help all of them. Those that went walking by I always tell them the same thing .. "only 7km more, even if you have to walk all the way, do not quit. You are almost there. Make sure you finish."  they even got nagged by me LOL.

We ran out of supplies by 8:15 and again I managed to pujuk one of the police on patrol to let us drive out slowly .. He relented after I pujuk him few times and by 8:30 we drove back slowly back to queensbay.

I was disappointed that I could not greet the runners at the finishing line but I cant be at two places the same time. Azza did a wonderful job there, thanks dear! But I met most of them at the 35km mark .. some I recognised, some came to introduce themself to me .. and many just called out my name and whizzed by. 

I am sure M was really tired that day, thank you again. We had fun despite all the hours there. I will always remember this special day. Being able to give back in a small way is definitely wonderful. I think whenever I can, I will set up a kedai runcit :) volunteers???

Some pictures here :)

Something to ponder :-

* i was waiting for doc julin to stop by after the u-turn but she never came by .. its impossible for me to miss runners passing by cos they dont come in a big crowd .. but she was no where to be seen and later she told me that i was no where in sight too

** at least 3 runners claimed my car was not there at all ! Yikes ... I was there from 1:10 am to 830am yo !!

*** err, I hope no one tumpang me back .. double yikes



IJAM said...

I think Ms M will still be your volunteer, say...std chtd spore 11 days more?..
Thanks kak June, bila i dengar takde plain water...alamak...mampus aku!...I should've bring one from the water station. But nevertheless, you made a terrific job there. Thanks kak June..

KOOKY KASH said...

kwang x3!
feels great to help others, kan?

Zack Yui said...

Juney, when i grow up... i wanna help you at your kedai. Boley ka? Hahaha... seriously, you did great job, you must have eased the pain of so many runners that day. Congrats and well done!

Justiffa said...

You RAWK juney ;D

(hmmmmmm the only car there and bright red summore, mcm twilight zone je *goosebumps*)

ziff71 said...

Congrats Kak June for being in the war zone helping the troops conquering the battle. Time dinihari twilight zone mmg possible :D

Khairul said...

Tahniah kak June. Ever the angel. Kena spray kaki berbulu tu tak leh tahan tu!

Maafkan saya kerana tidak dapat hadir. Stuck with something. And emotionally not right. Hahaha...emo la pulak.

Keep up the good work :) So proud of u.

Yimster said...

Eh nak tau sapa secret M tuh!!!!! Asyik secret je lately kekeke. Thanks kak June, lups the both of you. If not I would have died without my gels replenishment. If got pictures of hairy legs we can then have a competition hahahaha.

Eh the bra guy with perut buncit was super fast!!!

June Malik said...

Ijam, u were lucky Ada almost two bottles mineral water in the car! and yes jumps ms M lagi!!

Kash : definitely best!

Ziff/Tiffa : definite twilight zone area tu

KA : no prob, hope u r ok now :)

Yim : we lup u too :) the sportsbra guy, boleh nightmare lol

Dancing Ciken said...

so kak june, next pit stop mana plak? hahaha

good job!

RaYzeef said...

congrats kak june, ur an angel helping the runners. i oso kenot see ur car..hu hu

June Malik said...

zack : haha balas membalas .. tak yah tunggu besar lah now oso can ;)

jaja : scsm :) lari tak???

ray : if u see my car, confirm u alien LOL

deo said...

K.June, laris nampak jualan kedai runcit? Sekarang berniaga manusia lebih untung dari berniaga unta… hahahah...

Tapi sorry didn't manage to help Azza at the finishing line - macam-macam hal, berkecamuk!

tolldoll said...

hahahhaha so funny this post!!!

i bet the roti were better than the soggy ones at the bridge.

kecy82afr said...

thanks for ur smile. it really help me and the rest of the runner.


June Malik said...

deo, hahaha sekarang semua laku :) no worries abt tak dpt tolong ..

nadia : too bad u were not on this route ! see u soon ya ..

afiq : you are most welcome !! u guys made my day too for giving it your best :)

tsar said...

mcm2 cerita.. bulu la, willy la. sib baik tak berenti, sbb sure jadi bahan blog. haha.

you guys were such angels. sorry I didn't stop, 'coz I didn't know what could ease the pains (plural sbb satu badan sakit! :D)

azza was amazing as well, coz she greeted us at the medal counter.


deo said...

Bila fikir-fikir balik, especially part Doc Julin dan ferrari tak kelihatan, yang so berbulu tu betul ke runners?????

rusfarizal rusli said...

good job k.june..lepas ni maner plak..i dah gian nak lari full nih..heheheh

Azza said...

K.June, for the runners..you are a legend :)

Julin Julai said...

It really was totally weird because after the u turn, I was really anticipating to see you. On the first flyover back, when I didn't see you I thought, " okay, the other flyover kot". Tapi lepas 3rd flyover, I was dumbfounded. I even asked Ipoh Boy, " Eh, dah kat Tesco ke?" because I know it's really impossible to terlepas pandang you.
Pelik tahap X files kan?

seah said...

Hi June:- Thanks a lot. I request 5, and you give me 10. What a super power!
I just have a power gel and banana, think your kedai runcit should reserve for someone really need.


amsyah said...

diorang nak buat Ultra nih, ada bukak kedai runcit kat East Coast jugak kah?

Great KJ - you are an angel!

lch said...

Thank you for the words of encouragement and a cup of gotrade plus the spray to relieve knees ache.
Hope the doctor gives u an ok to start running again.
Cheers and ceria selalu.

June Malik said...

zarin, hahah takut kena komen eh? pandai larikan diri .. at least we got to kacau u hehe

deo : i am quite sure yang berbulu itu runners, kena suruh M confirm LOL

rizal : tak tau lagi, scsm nampak gaya kat finishing jer .. but if ada will let u know :) but tak yah lah tunggu, just run ur full !!

azza, word legend tak leh guna sembarangan, am not one for sure !

seah : so happy to see you cos i was looking out for you and didnt see you on the way to the u-turn .. glad i made u happy :)

syah : i really would like to go and support the 100km ppl but i will be here for scklm laa .. dates clashed .. ada janji yang perlu dikotakan !

julin, memang tahap x-files, twilight zone and bermuda triangle all in one .. but glad takde benda apa lain jadi !

leow , glad to see you , and hey u did well despite the pain ..

ladycooper said...

Salute to all that Marathon finisher. You guys are simply awesome.

Is time to enjoy now and take a look at some PBIM 2010 runners pictures


Diket said...

This kedai runcit will move around for one marathon to another ke? I strongly believed that you're blessed for the mega kindness. And the views from the side, very the kelakar la.

p/s. Yusran the IM told us, in Berlin Marathon, they have 40 rock bands along the route. That is 1 rock band at every km. And 700,000 supporters. You just don't want to stop running because they want you to. Cool kan?

June Malik said...

diket, hehe where we can set up, if all a go insyaallah ada kedai runcit ! memang kelakar, one runner mintak rendang, another mintak pasembur LOL , but one runner jokingly asked for coke and was so surprised when i took out one can and gave him hehehe ..

but berlin marathon , wow .. amazing .. kita ada kaki kat berlin ni boleh tumpang rumah , u guys shd go run there and experience this .. silap haribulan lewat sampai cos dok melangut dengar lagu ha ha

serena said...

the nike lime green tee can come in handy...you will not be missed, i guarantee hehehe... anyway, good job and keep up the good work.

June Malik said...

serena, hahah i agree with you , the nike tee ppl can see me from soooo far away LOL