Thursday, December 30, 2010

See You When I See You & Happy New Year

Dearest Friends,
I am going to be quite busy the next few days .. what with the last minute unofficial packing for JB, wedding, sending Yana off to Melaka, making sure Arlina is well provided since she will be home here with her friends till middle of January before going for her practical in KL.  And the housework seems to pile more the closer I get to going.

I will be offline for the first few days in JB till I get my broadband. Not too long I promise. (You know too well I cant be without internet for long hehehe)

I am not saying goodbye. I am just gonna say see you when I see you cos I will be back from time to time and hopefully it will clash with some running events and a TT session with friends :) Saying goodbye is like so final and like I am not gonna see you guys again, so that is NOT going to happen.

Before it gets crazy and I miss my chance, here is wishing all of you, my dear friends and readers, FMVs and others, especially my RBUs gang, a wonderful 2011. It has been a wonderful up and down year for me and knowing each and everyone of you has been truly awesome. All of you will always have a special place in my heart. Always always kan Kash?
May you be blessed with long life, good health  and wealth. May Allah bless you and your family. May your lives be filled with happiness and laughter and surrounded by love. 
May you all keep running, cycling, swimming and whatever else that you love doing.

I love you guys, truly ! See you here and FB.

Dont forget me eh???

Friday, December 24, 2010

A giant leap

Azam is a dyslexic student. Google it, there are lots of information. The link I have given is good, for it lists down the symptoms of a dyslecix child. Many , often, not realising the problem always blames a child of being slow or stupid and not give them the due attention and help. Trust me, a dyslexic person is way smarter than us in many ways :) Einstein is one of them yo !

Azam scored 4As and 4Bs for his PMR. One big giant leap and a boost of confidence for him. He did not get here easily and I am so proud of him. Watching him in the room with the teachers and the surprise followed by awed look on his face that said, wow I did it ! was priceless.

This was the boy that took two years to finally hold his pencil the correct way. This was the boy who couldnt read and write properly till year 3 in school. This was the boy who had only copied only one line from the blackboard and the teacher was already erasing the rest away. This was a boy who when overwhelmed with confusion , cant even compute a simple 1 + 1 !! Till today he wont be able to tell you just like that what comes after K or before R without reciting the whole alphabet and telling time is still confusing. But try he will.

And he persevered. On his own, quietly and slowly he trudged on. My heart goes out to see him struggle at times but I never interfere and only help when he asked for it. Like my two girls I never push them for As, giving it their best was all we ever asked and so far they are doing fine. And they know I am there if they needed me.

He once asked me if he was stupid. My heart broke. And I explained to him that the only difference between him and others was that  he needed a different way to approach the subjects and he studied differently. Takes longer for him to understand some things but I also pointed out in some things he simply excelled at them.

Our short stint in Japan helped him tremendously, the school had really good support for students like him and he could progress in a normal class but doing things more to his level. And his school here provided me with teachers who understood his problems and helped him along the way.

Dyslexic students need more attention, and a lot of patience to deal with them. With support, guidance and again, patience, they will overcome it. Its different from child to child but there is hope.

Azam still has many of the symptoms in the list but he is also slowly improving in many and grew out of some.

And I know , he now knows without a doubt that he will make it. This was the break that he needed to affirm his confidence and he made the big giant leap.

From zero to hero, this is for you Azam.

Sigh, I am just one happy mom :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010


It was a last minute plan to balik kampung this weekend. A stopover in Ipoh to visit an uncle who is not feeling well and two nights in Taipng .. nothing but food and more food.

I was missing friends and woke up thinking of them this morning, running the Malakoff .. would have been there if we were not here .. dont have any more runs after this and in two weeks time I will be off to JB. The farewell still lingers in mind and imagine my utter shock, surprise and overwhelm-ness when I logged in my facebook and found this. Rendered me totally speechless, for once , anak mami totally speechless !

Karen Loh, had made these and got some friends running with it and dedicated the run to ME. They actually made me cry. How could people be running with my name on their back? 

I am so blessed to have known each and everyone of you and you are special to me in a very special way and never will I forget this especially and all other special memories.

You guys made my day, truly. I dont think a thank you is ever enough, and you know I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I heart all of you.

Friday, December 17, 2010

A night to remember :)

It was the FMV and friends gathering last night. We had a good turn out, close to 40 people made it , uniting friends from RBUs, CAR and pacesetters and friends of friends .. Of course without pictures any gathering is no fun .. Big thank you to Tey Eng Tiong for turning up and being the photographer :)

And Azza, Karen and Julie planned a farewell surprise do for me too :) I had an awesome time with friends. Wish you guys that didnt make it were there. Here are some pictures.

with the sexy julie

irwan, shanaz and kd - Ijam suka yang nie for sure

fmv committee, we are almost 8 months :)

collection of my SCKLM memories :) 

and  i got a huge card too .. 

ada FMV crown LOL

the gang that came, front row, from left  syah's wife and kids and Ziff's wife 

Yim the lucky thorn LOL

my farewell cake .. yummy !

The RBUs that made it ,

With this shoes, I shall leave u all behind .. 

Syah came with his two adorable kids (tapi yang ini nak orang yang kulit putih aje dokong dia) and his lovely wife tapi takde gambar them all sekali lah ... group photo ada :)

Ziff texted to apologize for not being able to make it, so I was really happy to see him .. thanks for coming .. he came with his lovely wife, group photo ada ... tapi kat sini dia ambil peluang dengan awek2 lain hihi

and there is also this and this ................

More pictures are available from Tey and Shanaz's album in FB.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Err how is this possible ?

I love this Q&A from Ian's blog, check it out for more funny insights :)

Q: Is swimming good for your figure?
A: If swimming good for your figure, explain whale to me..

I laughed so hard and shared it with many people.

And I am trying to find explanation for this

Derriere pose 6 months ago, had lots of running and gym time training except for the last 5 weeks prior to run on which i only went to the gym

Derriere pose, few days ago .. this is absolutely no running, only gym time
Seems I have lost quite a bit of fat from of my derriere LOL .. does this mean I should stop running?

*actually anak mami boring tak tahu apa nak buat*

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Err .. Flashback Saturday (not)

I have successfully missed my flashback saturday posting for 3 weeks (or is it 4??) in a row and thus today, I submit a flashback of today :)

A last minute sms from Hailmi CAR came in on Wednesday, asking for assistance to volunteer at the TIBI run this morning and since I had nothing planned, I agreed. Then DM Diket sms-ed for SOS too. He had volunteered but had something on , so Azza was roped in as well :) Got up early just like going for a race and was there by 5:20am. Kalah orang nak lari pun hehe.

Small event but a lot of fun. Lots of familiar faces and I was truly happy to see Amsyah & Nik there. *ehem pirating was involved* They looked like they had so much fun and definitely had a good run, those two. Yim and KA were there. Its really funny to see KA in his MARATHON MANIACS vest but at the start of the 3k fun run only ha ha .. buts its the spirit kan?

Here are some pictures from today :) Have a good weekend peeps !

I was in charged of top 10 Category C timing and then giving out the certs and medal .. everyone was so happy to see me cos then they knew for sure  they will get a medal he he

Azza also volunteered :)
With KA

Yim, came back in 41mins
Mandi ke berpeluh? One guess who this is? hehehe

FMV in the making :) Karen Loh's junior

Sooo tired after being "carried" for 3km by his mom LOL
I miss these two guys, since they missed the gathering and also SCSM outing ..Met KA before spore. It was such a pleasant surprise to see them this morning .. sure made my day !!

 More pictures here and here. Some pictures are from Skyscrapper, Eileen and Yim. Thanks guys :) I think all had good fun and exercise today.

And since we are on the flashback mode .. look what I found when I went browsing the CAR member's profile :)

Gebu sungguh lah anak Pak Omar ni kan? Orang pompuan pun kalah LOL

The tall, big and handsome era not so long ago :) Hehehe ..






Friday, December 10, 2010

- FMVs taking another step

What do you know? FMV group had 4 members initially. It started when 
Syed, Yim, Azza and I were scared stiff about doing our first full 
marathon. Cheekily I started the page and invited friends to join and 
roped in some friends to form a "committee" Little did I 
imagine that we will be "known".

Tribute goes to all friends and runners who are always supporting us 
in full force. All I did was to start the page and the rest is a great 
team effort.

Copy of email below will explain this post. I will have to pass on 
the responsibility to another person if I am not able to contribute 
effectively since I will be moving to JB end of this year, but for 
the moment I will get things started. 

This, for me, is huge, considering it all started from a joke.
RE : Marathon Virgins

Rainer Biemans

Dear June

Let me introduce myself quickly. My name is Rainer Biemans and I am involved in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon (I got your contact from Choi). I am following your ‘Marathon Virgins Programme’ now for a while and like your idea of ‘developing’ new Full Marathoners. When I check on the numbers in Malaysia we end up with like 2,000 Full Marathoners in this country.

I would like to meet you and share a few ideas and explore if we could have some sort of collaboration for 2011, I would love to see close to 2500 Full Marathoners in next years SCKLM.

Let me know if you have time for a cup of coffee.

Thank you for your feedback and best regards

Rainer Biemans
Golazo Sdn Bhd
Director of Operations

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


First things first .. THE important pictures :)

Congrats to Ray, I.AM.MARATHON.MAN. No longer a virgin .. sub 5:30 tuh

Congrats to ex-fmv Azza, getting a new pb, slashing almost 40mins from her first FM. Sub-6 already babe :)

Of course the winner is Abang Misai, Yim. Another PB and this time sub 4:30 .. he is getting PB after PB !

Ziff showing of his .............. hahahahaha u guys decide the ........
And me, menyibuk as usual :) with RBU, CAR, FMV and friends
More can be viewed from my FB. Pictures are from Cynthia, Ecah, Tey, Yim, Yum. Still waiting for some friends to upload.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Its a signed and sealed deal

Well, its confirmed.

We got Azam registered in a school yesterday. All school fees paid for and the deal is sealed. No turning back because it will mean we will lose our RM5,000 deposit.

So, come January 2011, anak mami will be a temporary johorian for at least 7 years!!

Sigh. Honestly, I would like to stay back here for the two years of Azam's schooling and join my husband once Azam is in University. Zaki's posting to JB has now been extended till he retires, unless something else crops up. Not that we have never done long distance marriage .. our first few years together, he was sailing and I see him every 4 months for one month. Now we get to see each other every other week.  But being "on land" for so many years has made my husband manja!

But we've always believed family should be together. This time we made an exception giving Azam the priority to choose and if he had chosen to school here, I would be commuting up and down jb every other weekend which is not a problem for me .. my PB is 3 hours house to house LOL. (drive not lari ok)

But chosen the new school in JB he did.  In his own words "I want to try something new". Arlina will be doing her practical from January - April 2011 then she's out in the working world and Yana will stay in hostel and both will come back to us during their breaks.

So, you guys wont see much of me next year, no more this anak mami kiasu-ing at runs or gatherings .. but we have facebook and blogs , sms and yahoo chats to keep in touch (zaki and ijam, kena buat fb nih) but insyaallah I will come back for some runs, even if I dont run .. the ones that is close to my heart and where most of you will be taking part !

And if all things goes well, FMV banner might be "official" during SCKLM 2011 :) will keep you guys posted on this once things get going.

I was looking at the calendar and realised I cant fit in any weekends for an RBU gathering this month, so my farewell do for you guys will have to be done next year , I will choose one weekend he he ..

I am so gonna miss everyone.