Saturday, December 11, 2010

Err .. Flashback Saturday (not)

I have successfully missed my flashback saturday posting for 3 weeks (or is it 4??) in a row and thus today, I submit a flashback of today :)

A last minute sms from Hailmi CAR came in on Wednesday, asking for assistance to volunteer at the TIBI run this morning and since I had nothing planned, I agreed. Then DM Diket sms-ed for SOS too. He had volunteered but had something on , so Azza was roped in as well :) Got up early just like going for a race and was there by 5:20am. Kalah orang nak lari pun hehe.

Small event but a lot of fun. Lots of familiar faces and I was truly happy to see Amsyah & Nik there. *ehem pirating was involved* They looked like they had so much fun and definitely had a good run, those two. Yim and KA were there. Its really funny to see KA in his MARATHON MANIACS vest but at the start of the 3k fun run only ha ha .. buts its the spirit kan?

Here are some pictures from today :) Have a good weekend peeps !

I was in charged of top 10 Category C timing and then giving out the certs and medal .. everyone was so happy to see me cos then they knew for sure  they will get a medal he he

Azza also volunteered :)
With KA

Yim, came back in 41mins
Mandi ke berpeluh? One guess who this is? hehehe

FMV in the making :) Karen Loh's junior

Sooo tired after being "carried" for 3km by his mom LOL
I miss these two guys, since they missed the gathering and also SCSM outing ..Met KA before spore. It was such a pleasant surprise to see them this morning .. sure made my day !!

 More pictures here and here. Some pictures are from Skyscrapper, Eileen and Yim. Thanks guys :) I think all had good fun and exercise today.

And since we are on the flashback mode .. look what I found when I went browsing the CAR member's profile :)

Gebu sungguh lah anak Pak Omar ni kan? Orang pompuan pun kalah LOL

The tall, big and handsome era not so long ago :) Hehehe ..







Azza said...

i'd fun too K.June :) Tak lari pun boleh berpeluh tu... padahal jaga air jer..haha!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

It was a surprise to see you at the event. We we only escorting Yim to the finish line aje.. mana tau some of u were also there.
Nice to bump into you, and the others too!
P/s: Nice hair cut! woot woot.

Yimster said...

owh thats how the back of my hair looks like lol.

thanks nik and syah for the boost, tercabut my heart!!!

amsyah said...

jaga medal pun pakai spibelt - mengagumkan :D

what a lovely surprise ah that morning :D ada medal lebih? heheheh

mummy-who-cooks said...

Hey, short hair dah pulak? Look very-very young... :)

Zack Yui said...

Uish! Mana you jumpa photo lama tu? Hehe.. that was April last year at Bidor HM, masa tu baru jer join race2 nih. Gebu ekk? Hahahaha

ziff71 said...

caya lah Kak June :D

IJAM said...

fuh, buat kerja mulia lagi. Teruskan kak june. Gathering tu buat malam2 sikit takleh ke? huhu...

ian yusof said...

great effort shown there, kak june .... I am so left behind in terms of the races ... really didn't even know that this kind of run exists! :)

June Malik said...

azza : jaga air lagi penat asyik tuang ajer hehe

nik : memang u and syah caught me by surprise heeh, hampir nak bagi medal lagi tuh lol .. syah .. gaya kena ada LOL .. actually tolong jaga yim punya :)

Yim : heheh a back shot, not bad eh?
Nita : rambut sambut tahun baru lol

Zaki : jumpa kat Chap Ayam, memang sungguh gebu LOL

Ziff : it was fun :)

Ijam : dah sampai JB all my kiasu-ness kena simpan hehe.. we will be there till quite late, if can come join .. calling2 me ok? or next week we do RBU aje?

Ian : haha kak june kan suka kiasu so mesti tau heheh :)

tsar said...

teruskan usaha2 murnimu itu kak June. hehe

haha, flashback bukan hanya utk immediate family aje ek? :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

nak join gathering... :(

June Malik said...

zarin : berhati2lah anda flashback for all :)

sasha, come laaa