Friday, December 10, 2010

- FMVs taking another step

What do you know? FMV group had 4 members initially. It started when 
Syed, Yim, Azza and I were scared stiff about doing our first full 
marathon. Cheekily I started the page and invited friends to join and 
roped in some friends to form a "committee" Little did I 
imagine that we will be "known".

Tribute goes to all friends and runners who are always supporting us 
in full force. All I did was to start the page and the rest is a great 
team effort.

Copy of email below will explain this post. I will have to pass on 
the responsibility to another person if I am not able to contribute 
effectively since I will be moving to JB end of this year, but for 
the moment I will get things started. 

This, for me, is huge, considering it all started from a joke.
RE : Marathon Virgins

Rainer Biemans

Dear June

Let me introduce myself quickly. My name is Rainer Biemans and I am involved in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon (I got your contact from Choi). I am following your ‘Marathon Virgins Programme’ now for a while and like your idea of ‘developing’ new Full Marathoners. When I check on the numbers in Malaysia we end up with like 2,000 Full Marathoners in this country.

I would like to meet you and share a few ideas and explore if we could have some sort of collaboration for 2011, I would love to see close to 2500 Full Marathoners in next years SCKLM.

Let me know if you have time for a cup of coffee.

Thank you for your feedback and best regards

Rainer Biemans
Golazo Sdn Bhd
Director of Operations


IJAM said...

in the process of limelight kak june. Dont let go of this opportunity.
Eh, i pun tak tahu la pasal FMV tu, maybe dlm facebook je la kot..huhu...
at least give the update in your blog la June...
Congratulations kak june, tambah Deo punya participation, jadi 2,501full marathon runners 2011..ha, ha..

June Malik said...

ijam, thanks and the more reason why u now must have fb hehee .. support kita orang :) and yes deo will be leader for fm 2011 hihi

IJAM said...

yela, yela, nanti i bukak...
just to get tey eng tiong pictures...ngeh, ngeh, ngeh..

June Malik said...

ngeh, ngeh .. ijam .. sambil menyelam sambil minum air .. sure simpan gambar amoi and cari gambar ps and sb heehhe

ziff71 said...

wow Kak June, this is big lah! Congrats! In the running community here in Malaysia (and Singapore) you are already a celeb sis :D

RaYzeef said...

*clap clap* i know a celebrity..he he..

i think u don't realised how huge FMV have become, not only in malaysia..but neighbouring countries as well..thank u for starting the FMV and thus started sort of a revolution here...

che already committed on FM in his blog, deo mcm cari jalan mengelat tu! mari lambong dia ramai-ramai :)

Yimster said...

Yay lets conquer the world! :)

samuel_emmanuel said...

wa caya lu lah Kak J...

KOOKY KASH said...

go for it, june. see how far it goes. you have already got a platform to start something.

Khairul said...

i sense a business opportunity. bring FMVs to do debut marathons in the beautiful land of Thailand. KA dah*trademarked* dah idea ni hokay! LOL

deo said...

I'm in! For the cup of coffee.... not the FM.... hahahahaha Che dah ada tu, cukup laa 2501.

Julin Julai said...

yay kak june!

June Malik said...

ziff/ray : u kenal celeb mana nie? ahhaah kelakar lah that comment ..

Yim : amboi the world lagi hehehe
sam : tolong promote kat sana tau :)

kash : if at all anything happens, u kena join the team ya ?

KA : kang kat thai tu businesss lain jadinya LOL

Deo : mana boleh che aje? u nak jadi last standing virgin among the gang? hehehe .. we will make sure u both tak "virgin" next year .. u ca bet on that !

Julin : yay back hehe

thanks all .. without u all, this would not have been possible :)

deo said...

I will only run my first FM in an FMV vest size S, no less. hehehehe letak demand tu....

June Malik said...

deo, u r in luck i happen to have one S left .. amacam?

deo said...

Gulp! No turning point. Hold on! S tu men's or women's or is it a unisex vest.

*garu kepala alasan apa nak bagi lagi ni?*

June Malik said...

Deo, unisex vest .. now u got no excuse so better choose one event and click heehhe

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Ahahahaa... Deo kantoi!!!

Well done Juney.. both with Galozo.. and with kantoi-ing Deo to do marathon.
Ada kelas!!!