Friday, December 17, 2010

A night to remember :)

It was the FMV and friends gathering last night. We had a good turn out, close to 40 people made it , uniting friends from RBUs, CAR and pacesetters and friends of friends .. Of course without pictures any gathering is no fun .. Big thank you to Tey Eng Tiong for turning up and being the photographer :)

And Azza, Karen and Julie planned a farewell surprise do for me too :) I had an awesome time with friends. Wish you guys that didnt make it were there. Here are some pictures.

with the sexy julie

irwan, shanaz and kd - Ijam suka yang nie for sure

fmv committee, we are almost 8 months :)

collection of my SCKLM memories :) 

and  i got a huge card too .. 

ada FMV crown LOL

the gang that came, front row, from left  syah's wife and kids and Ziff's wife 

Yim the lucky thorn LOL

my farewell cake .. yummy !

The RBUs that made it ,

With this shoes, I shall leave u all behind .. 

Syah came with his two adorable kids (tapi yang ini nak orang yang kulit putih aje dokong dia) and his lovely wife tapi takde gambar them all sekali lah ... group photo ada :)

Ziff texted to apologize for not being able to make it, so I was really happy to see him .. thanks for coming .. he came with his lovely wife, group photo ada ... tapi kat sini dia ambil peluang dengan awek2 lain hihi

and there is also this and this ................

More pictures are available from Tey and Shanaz's album in FB.



IJAM said...

awww...sedihnya baca...
ye, memang i suka gambar tu...huhu...

ziff71 said...

We were really glad for being able to make it and join u and the peeps :D.

p/s - last nite dpt lesen sementara frm wifey hehehe

Ijam, mmg rugi kau x dtg...hahaha

June Malik said...

ijam, next one kena try join

ziff : amboi mentang2 dpt lesen haha ..nasib tak de yang pakai rub me tshirt, if not jenuh nak tenguk brand pulak kan???

ziff71 said...

Kak June, tgk brand kene jeling2 ajer hahahaha

Yimster said...

Luck yim? Sexy yim lah lol

RaYzeef said...

wah hensem kasut biru tu!! siapa punya ya??

this is not goodbye, just time apart, we'll see u soon enough anak mami :)

tsar said...

sorry kak june, but had to give the party a miss. Tgk macam seghonok giler

but like what Ray said, tho you're not around, your presence and impact will be still felt ;)

harap2 no more kes dgn makcik nasi lemak kat sana *lol*

tolldoll said...

wish i was there. godspeed and godbless kak june :)

June Malik said...

I will miss you guys tremendously but who knows I might come back more often than planned :)

Azza said...

great to hear that K.June. It's the only thing can do comparing what you've given..i'm feeling blessed to know you!

Azza said...

great to hear that K.June. It's the only thing can do comparing what you've given..i'm feeling blessed to know you!