Sunday, January 30, 2011

Can it work ?

One of my close friends , who is still single, has decided to join the matchmaker website. Who knows, she said? Well, I have two friends who went on sites like this, found their other half and still happily married today. Love has no boundaries.

She had given me her password to check out this one guy that's been writing to her. To see what I think and my opinion. Since I had a "passport", I decided to browse through the site and found this :-



It was a woman's post. I wonder what made her do this. Trapped in an unhappy/loveless marriage? Cant she leave ? Kids?

But my question is, if someone actually answered her ad and they do go on this no fuss affair, can it really work? if it goes on for a long period will they be able to keep the NO out of it?

What do you think??

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flashback Saturday 3/11

Then and now ..

This was  2006, my nephew's wedding day, look at Azam and Yana , LOL .. (Azam/Yana hates this chubby "phase") Azam is the now the tallest in  the family !

And now ........

Monday, January 24, 2011

Yay, a new friend ...... Yikes!!! .. I dont want this friend !!!

It sure was an interesting morning.

My ankle was a bit swollen , I guess from my running and the sprain's not fully healed. The thing was, I didnt feel any pain, but I guess the swelling now confirms it.

So after sending Azam I headed towards the pool. Changed and showered and dipped in. A lady was resting at the end of pool, I swam slowly towards her end. She smiled and I smiled back and I turned for my next lap. After a few laps I decided to stop try to make a new friend :) She looks to be in her early 30's, hair cropped army style and very muscular. (I should have known!!)

I could see she was watching me swimming the few laps. The minute I stopped she came over and held out her hand.

Brit said she. (she's american) June said me. You are new? Yes, just moved in early this year. You are very beautiful. Huh? Err, Aa .. oh ,. thanks? I love your skin, so smooth and your tan is beautiful. Bells ringing in my head. Smiled but feeling uncomfortable. My TAN is beautiful? wait .. is she like hitting on me? Could it be? Naa .. but I inched away a bit. Ha ha. And then she saw the bruise on my thigh. I have this 20cent coin bruise just below my swim shorts, very angry purple and noticeable (kena gigit hantu orang tua kata .. woke up two days ago with that .. eeerriiieee) .. and without warning she ran her fingers over my thigh and said .. what happened to you darl? Darl? Darl? and the touch was brief but it was sure as hell was improper, you know brief, but you can feel the linger in it .. oops ! .. I didnt know how to react and babble about knocking into the table end and abruptly told her that I should continue to swim again. Away from Brit, now!!

And she gave me this really leery smile .. ok, I am out of the pool. As I swam away another lady came, clearly Brit's friend, gave me a dagger look and went to Brit. Honey, lets go home. She's all feminine and Brit got out of the pool. They hugged and KISSED lightly on the lips and walked nonchalantly hand in hand. Passed me and Brit cocked back her head a bit and blew me a kiss.

Yikes, I think I caught the fancy of a lesbian lady today and her partner didnt like it one bit. Ha ha .. My heart was beating so fast that I had to relax a few minutes before I continued my swim. I sat and laughed about it afterwards but definitely if Brit was in the pool, I'd head to the gym. I sure as hell dont want her partner to come after me. The look she gave me while walking to/with  Brit said it all. Stay away bitch. I am, and I am.

But hey, I am beautiful and have a beautiful TAN. LOL. I will take that from Brit. ngeh ngeh ngeh ..

Apart from the scare, I had a good swim. 20 laps of a 25m pool. And now I can hardly lift my hands LOL. (tahap cipan aje but its a start for me lah)

So you guys wanna come  for a sleep over and try the swimming pool? 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Flashback Saturday 2/11

Friends - far and away but close to the heart, always.
Left : Sue & Me, Right : Akko & Sara
My three closest friends during our stay in Japan. We spend a lot of time together, lunches, movies, walks and hanging out in each other's place. We keep close touch till today! Akko and Sara visited me a few years back and I went back to Japan to see friends. We have to plan on meeting up with Sue or making our dreams come true, a holiday away just the four of us !! (Sue's back in states, and Sara in Australia. Akko is one of our japanese friends there)

Francoise Cochard, my "french" sister 

Francoise. Our life saviour in France :) She was the french office liasion officer for the Petronas staff. She helped all of the Malaysians there in every manner - frantic midnite calls to the hospital, going to the clinics with us, getting our visas, getting our permits, showing us around, you name it she'd done it! She thought me the little French that I once knew he he. We became really good friends and we are now practically family. She came over few times to spend her summer breaks with us in Malaysia and her son is like my own. And hopefully we wil meet again soon. (Air Asia has direct flight there soon)

Marie Troha

We knew each other when I was 11 and she 10. Big Blue Marble pen pal programme. You send a postcard to them with your details and they will send it to another member. We got each other and became friends and over the years, "sisters". Over our growing up years we shared lots of secrets, stories and our lives. We wrote each other endlessly and would try to outdo on who could write the longer letter. I once wrote her a 20-page letter LOL. The old days of actual letter writing! I love it still. She is of thai descendant and her mom married an american and moved there. She is happily married to Leo J. A fun and loving guy :) With internet and all, we have managed to keep in touch till today, this June we will be celebrating our 37th anniversary! Awesome eh? I went to the States on our 30th Anniversary, it was awesome, she had a family reunion and the timing was perfect for me to travel. We finally meet after 30 years and the first time we saw each other, was priceless! And we simply got on just like we've been seeing each other everyday. I hope to see her again either there or here :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Slowly but surely ............

I have come to terms that probably I wont have any real friends here except for people that I will know from starbucks, the pak guards and the laundry guy or the girl from the condo cafe. I am not giving up but neither will I give a hoot about it anymore either.

It is getting better for me. I guess I just needed a routine and I have sort of found it. I have the small park that I can run loops till I go dizzy LOL. Was there this morning, lots more people than my last visit BUT ALL WERE GUYS! I wonder where or what the ladies here in Plentong/Taman Molek/Johor Jaya do ? not a single female in sight! So I had to be a snob and kept my head down and walked alone. Most are malays and you know how berperasangka orang melayu can be. Nanti ada lah bini datang sergah cos tegur husband dia.

I can now jog slowly without any pain so I will take it really slow and easy. And hopefully the gym reopens next month and I find an aerobic class nearby, I will be almost ok :)

The nearest jusco is less than 15 mins away, the starbucks is not too bad to lepak and the girls there are really friendly. One will definitely be my favourite barista. Havent tried the movies yet but next week that is a must.

There is wifi now at the pool area here in the condo. So I can go for a swim, then go for a hopefully healthy breakfast while wifi-ing and reading the newspaper. I will be walking up the stairs up to 12th floor and down one level to my floor twice a day now, everyday. And I have booked the squash court for next monday for an hour to see if I can still remember how to hit the ball back to the wall ha ha.

I still miss home and friends terribly but its getting better. But the heart  throbs seeing all the clicking of events and all the weekends get together to exercise and lambung sessions and all the sweaty fun. Hopefully some of the events I can make it.

Meanwhile, you guys take it easy and happy training. Be safe. Now, I want to go and check out the little 100 yen shop I saw earlier today :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Link to fmv page here. So, RBUs, CARs and friends .. lets join the fun !


Open to all FMV members and friends (they have to join page to enter), we need a logo and calling all creative people out there .. come up with FMV logo that will be proudly displayed on our vests and tshirts.

Please submit your entries via email to DO NOT POST it here or on the FMV page please. Any postings on FMV page or your own FB/Blog page will be disqualified. EMAIL your entries.


1. Each person is allowed a maximum of 3 entries only.
2. Size of entry 5" x 5"

3. Use yellow and max 2 other colours and must include the letters FMVs. bear in mind for the moment, we want to retain our taglines front and back of vest/tshirt. This will be decided at a further time. This logo will of course be smaller to be placed in front on the left side and at the back, replacing the word fmvs currently there. Our vests/tshirts will also still be in black/yellow combi.

4. To reflect unity/togetherness, as in our objective in having this group, to help each other on the very important day, no matter what kind of runner you are, we are there for you and also the close kinship that comes from this.

5. Closing date is February 28th, 2011. The committee will sit to compile and shortlist the entries and only the shorlisted ones will be posted for all to see and vote. Decisions will be 70% committee + 30% votes ratio.

Show us your creative side! Attractive prizes awaits including a free vest/tshirt with the new logo!

Remember, only EMAILED entries are accepted.

Box shows where the logo will be placed. Please take note that TSHIRT DESIGN IS A SAMPLE.

June Malik

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Surviving JB

Runners are a friendly lot for sure. World without strangers :) memang betul diket !

I tried the small park this morning. It looked deserted when I arrived so I decided to run out on the road first, covering 3 rounds  and then made my way in. (its a 1.3km stretch)

Met a chinese aunty who had just finished her normal 3 rounds and she sure was chatty. Wished me good morning and immediately noted that I was new! I guess  me standing outside the gate looking totally lost did the trick ha ha. Talked with her a bit, and found out that even though its rather quiet its still quite safe to run there - but I am going to get pepper spray and run with it nonetheless. Its rather deserted on weekday mornings. One loop in the park covers slightly more than 1km depending on the path that you take. I havent tried the longest loop yet.

Said my goodbye and started to jog slowly and saw few other people .. passed a few and got some nods and smile. Waaaaa ada orang jb yang friendly he he (i did say my condo ppl aje yang snobbish kan??) .. few abangs and adiks and only 2 ladies including me. Tried my luck and caught up with the lady and gave my salam. She was really nice, and we had a good short chat. I was told weekends the place is quite pack. I am going to try and run in the evening and see the crowd.

I did 7km this morning, test run and enjoyed it. Its not a fantastic place but a place nonetheless. Hopefully the Clark Hatch Gym near my place will reopen in February as they announced on the notice board and I also have a nearby starbucks to lepak and a cinema in the same vicinity. Its not too bad now that I have this combo of run, gym and lepak place. No one to hang out with wont be so bad !

I also bought a spanking new squash racket! I played when I was in my 20's and was actually quite good at it. There is a squash court here in the condo so its gonna be one of my activities, good thing its a game that you can play alone he he :) Now just need to find out if I still remember how to play .. do you let the ball bounce before you hit? or not? hahahaah .. I guess it will come back to me when I start playing? No? 

I have been driving around, found the nearest bank, nearest kedai runcit, found all FOUR jusco here and some other gyms, unfortunately its a workout gym only, no aerobics classes. Maybe I should go and register myself for the fitsness instructor course eh? They are looking for candidates, even those without any experience but with the right amount of enthusiasm and stamina LOL. You think I can qualify?? Must ask age limit lah pulak!!! Found the nearest maxis , digi, celcom and P1 centres too. Ha ha. Every day I plan to drive to a nearby town and check out what they have there !

And I am joining the yoga class today here woot woot.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Flashback Saturday 1/11

The first time you took the challenge, no matter what the distance. The euphoria of crossing the finising line. The first medal. Priceless !!


Thursday, January 06, 2011

I'll just do it

Errk, I am gonna whine, a bit. Please bear with me he he.

I am 70% confident that I will NOT get a friend here in my condo. Apart from us not having a soul on our floor, most people work and the many times I go in and out I hardly bump into anyone in the elevator. The Pak Guard is friendly though :)

And I have to say it again. The people here (the condo) are all stuck up and snobbish, Even my husband agreed, he's been here for 8 months and the only people that would say hi or acknowledge him are the Mat Sallehs.

And there is hardly any chance of me making friends with the moms at Azam's school. There is no Parent Support Group (PSG) like the International School in Japan and everyone just drive through to drop their kids and drive through to pick them up. Unless Azam has some friends over or he goes over to his friends place, I wont meet any moms. And I dont think that will happen soon either. Maybe I should suggest to the school and start a PSG? Its so much fun back then, we have coffee mornings, outings and activities. The school even reserves a room for us to carry out our activities, cooking class, line dancing, quilting etc. I spend almost everyday at school doing something with other expatriate moms. I guess its harder here because most of the moms are working?

I tried to make some friends, I did. The notice board carried a flyer about yoga class. So, I thought, why not? Its the fastest way to meet and make new friends. And boy, was I wrong.

Called up the instructor (Jeff) and he was really friendly and asked me to come down and meet him before class. Luckily I told him I will observe first and join the next class. So there I was talking to Jeff and the ladies started to come in one by one. All just looked at us and there I was smiling and no one smiled back. They just looked at me like I am an alien or something and went about to setting out their yoga mats and talking to each other. One came in late and smiled feebly at me, and I said hi and that scared her away LOL. And Ms You cant swim like that was also one of the students. I dont think she recognised me though, probably the hair ! Jeff introduced me to the group and no one said anything. I was totally flabbergasted. So stuck up one laa ..

I havent given up yet. I havent ventured out looking for a gym or running place and hopefully I will find some friends. If not then I will have to just make do with being friends with me LOL. I have some kind of routine worked out if I cant find a proper running place or gym. Cant find a solution? Improvise !!

Its only been 4 days so yeah, I have to give it more time.

But first things first, next week I am going to join that yoga class just to irritate the hell out of the ladies LOL. And I am going in one of my gym outfits that will put their sweatpants and tshirts to shame hihihii .. I am evil I know but hey, I tried being nice :) But then again who knows? I might just make a friend or two he he ..

Have a nice day all :)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Anak Mami in JayBee

Officially, anak mami temporary jadi orang jaybee.
since arriving been busyeee
setting house and getting readee

so far no new friend yet
but i havent gone out looking yet
havent started running yet
infact in exercise deparment, all still yet

azam started school yesterday
came back with no face display
ask him, he said bole
i hope he will be ok

all routine very different
got to get use to different
there is good and bad in different
havent decided if i like different

how oso will give this a try
nak buat macam mana sudah sampai
dah dpt presents and cakap bye bye

just short update, to say hi
and to let you  know, I GOT WIFI :)