Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Anak Mami in JayBee

Officially, anak mami temporary jadi orang jaybee.
since arriving been busyeee
setting house and getting readee

so far no new friend yet
but i havent gone out looking yet
havent started running yet
infact in exercise deparment, all still yet

azam started school yesterday
came back with no face display
ask him, he said bole
i hope he will be ok

all routine very different
got to get use to different
there is good and bad in different
havent decided if i like different

how oso will give this a try
nak buat macam mana sudah sampai
dah dpt presents and cakap bye bye

just short update, to say hi
and to let you  know, I GOT WIFI :)


mummy-who-cooks said...

Hey June, have you found the new 'mak cik nasi lemak'.. in JB? (LoL)

Anyway, wish you all the best in JB.

June Malik said...

hahaah nita, belum beli nasi lemak sejak sampai, hope my makcik nasi lemak takde branch kat sini LOL .. u take care and keep in touch :)

Yimster said...

All the best k.June! Kurangkan Nasi lemak tu :D

Diket said...

Hope you have a good time in JB. If those knees dah sihat, jangan tunggu lama-lama untuk kembali beraksi :)

deo said...

k.june, fill your first month with makan-makan, jangan dengar cakap Ijam. makanthon is all what JB could offer (marah King Diket Menchanak nanti!) hahaha...

Dancing Ciken said...

kak june! we miss u!

ziff71 said...

All the best kak June. kat area Plentong tu ada route cantek tak?

amsyah said...

she's ALIVE! hope you and family settle down easy, KJ.

tsar said...

nothing can stop kak June :)
tak buat house warming ke? hehe

tsar said...

btw, your pssst pssst tak ikut ke? ooops

June Malik said...

Yim : havent had my nasi lemak yet :)

Diket : i hear you bro .. insyaallah soon, gotta find a suitable routine, now all kelam kabut lol

Deo : uish cannot lah the makan2, nanti tak leh use my running skirt lagi hehehe

Jaja : till we meet again .. baru je kita nak bermesra kan ..

Ziff : so far the only run-able route is from my place to tesco and run inside the car park!

Syah : alive and kicking and bored haha

zarin : if you all nak dtg i do house warming for u all .. and so far no indication of psst psst following me, i think he likes the port klang house hehe

Justiffa said...

Juney..before long u'll be the one haunting the tesco carpark hehehe. glad u're settling down gf.. bila panas, any kind of panas, just go jump into the pool ;p

Miss u gf <3

IJAM said...

memang rhymes betul!!
dpt wifi free ke? bestnya...

June Malik said...

wifi free kat public places ajelah ijam .. ini sudah potong punya hehehe