Saturday, January 22, 2011

Flashback Saturday 2/11

Friends - far and away but close to the heart, always.
Left : Sue & Me, Right : Akko & Sara
My three closest friends during our stay in Japan. We spend a lot of time together, lunches, movies, walks and hanging out in each other's place. We keep close touch till today! Akko and Sara visited me a few years back and I went back to Japan to see friends. We have to plan on meeting up with Sue or making our dreams come true, a holiday away just the four of us !! (Sue's back in states, and Sara in Australia. Akko is one of our japanese friends there)

Francoise Cochard, my "french" sister 

Francoise. Our life saviour in France :) She was the french office liasion officer for the Petronas staff. She helped all of the Malaysians there in every manner - frantic midnite calls to the hospital, going to the clinics with us, getting our visas, getting our permits, showing us around, you name it she'd done it! She thought me the little French that I once knew he he. We became really good friends and we are now practically family. She came over few times to spend her summer breaks with us in Malaysia and her son is like my own. And hopefully we wil meet again soon. (Air Asia has direct flight there soon)

Marie Troha

We knew each other when I was 11 and she 10. Big Blue Marble pen pal programme. You send a postcard to them with your details and they will send it to another member. We got each other and became friends and over the years, "sisters". Over our growing up years we shared lots of secrets, stories and our lives. We wrote each other endlessly and would try to outdo on who could write the longer letter. I once wrote her a 20-page letter LOL. The old days of actual letter writing! I love it still. She is of thai descendant and her mom married an american and moved there. She is happily married to Leo J. A fun and loving guy :) With internet and all, we have managed to keep in touch till today, this June we will be celebrating our 37th anniversary! Awesome eh? I went to the States on our 30th Anniversary, it was awesome, she had a family reunion and the timing was perfect for me to travel. We finally meet after 30 years and the first time we saw each other, was priceless! And we simply got on just like we've been seeing each other everyday. I hope to see her again either there or here :)


hazazean said...

Oh, yes, I remember the BBM! I got a penpal from Germany, Priscilla! But we stopped writing around the time I was 13 kot, but sure helped a lot with my english!

June Malik said...

H, those were the days .. now semua electronic .. time ni all my pocket money safe beli stamps to send out my letters hehe

IJAM said...

mmm..boleh tahan gmbr awek tu..

oops did I just say that? said...

wow, 37 years!! I hope to stay friends with my good friends until old age! hehe

June Malik said...

ijam : awek mana??

mimi : yeah that is my aim too, till the end. me and marie we have friendship ring, she told her family members if she were to die and i am still around, the ring is to be shipped to me heeh .. i guess i have to do same with mine? ingat nak pass to the girls LOL

Azza said...

that is a very looong time, 37 years! Rasanya azza dah lahir ke tidak eh? congrats for having such a wonderful friendship, both of you are so lucky!

June Malik said...

azza : you shd be abt one year old when we started writing to each other hehe ..