Thursday, January 13, 2011


Link to fmv page here. So, RBUs, CARs and friends .. lets join the fun !


Open to all FMV members and friends (they have to join page to enter), we need a logo and calling all creative people out there .. come up with FMV logo that will be proudly displayed on our vests and tshirts.

Please submit your entries via email to DO NOT POST it here or on the FMV page please. Any postings on FMV page or your own FB/Blog page will be disqualified. EMAIL your entries.


1. Each person is allowed a maximum of 3 entries only.
2. Size of entry 5" x 5"

3. Use yellow and max 2 other colours and must include the letters FMVs. bear in mind for the moment, we want to retain our taglines front and back of vest/tshirt. This will be decided at a further time. This logo will of course be smaller to be placed in front on the left side and at the back, replacing the word fmvs currently there. Our vests/tshirts will also still be in black/yellow combi.

4. To reflect unity/togetherness, as in our objective in having this group, to help each other on the very important day, no matter what kind of runner you are, we are there for you and also the close kinship that comes from this.

5. Closing date is February 28th, 2011. The committee will sit to compile and shortlist the entries and only the shorlisted ones will be posted for all to see and vote. Decisions will be 70% committee + 30% votes ratio.

Show us your creative side! Attractive prizes awaits including a free vest/tshirt with the new logo!

Remember, only EMAILED entries are accepted.

Box shows where the logo will be placed. Please take note that TSHIRT DESIGN IS A SAMPLE.

June Malik


IJAM said...

logo je eh? tagline tak payah? mcm 'i sprained my ankle this morning and im proud of it'...ha, ha...
ok, will do the necessary

June Malik said...

ijam sempat perli lagi tuh ..heheh

RaYzeef said...

can i use ziff photo at scsm in the logo? before and after virgin?? he he

June Malik said...

ray : itu kena minta trademark registered approved dari ziff LOL