Saturday, February 05, 2011

Thank you !!

I am still high on adrenalin.

I have a full agenda today. Send Yana back to Melaka .. a lunch do at a friends house and a dinner do with my friends *ehem*

So, at 730am this morning, I left home with Yana and I am home again 1030am hihi .. pushed my TW-Ferrari to its limit today, 3 hours yo !! house to lendu to house. I am fast but I am a careful driver, please believe that. And the road was totally clear today, and its not my fault that I didnt see the needle went up to err .. 180km/h .. (just that once ok ..) that's the max my car can go anyway ha ha. And I was listening to Britney Spears (GLEE's fault) and of course my favourite Hindi songs *ssshhhh, big secret*

It almost got me a speeding ticket, which I totally deserved if given one. I will not even try to convince the policeman that I was just a tad over the speed limit because I was going much much faster than my normal driving!

But as it turned out, I was really-really lucky.

After Nilai, just as I turned into the highway to Klang, cars were already slowing down. Shucks!!! Arrggh there goes minimum RM200 out the window. Dank. And of course when its my turn to slow down for the officers to check their list, I was directed to the left of the highway and stop. Yikes!

So, I stopped my car, got my driver's licence  and IC out. Could see from my side mirror an officer approaching me. Just as he was about to reach my car, he stopped. And looked at me in the mirror looking at him in the mirror. Hehe ..

And then he walked slowly to me. I gave him my salam and handed him my documents. He smiled and looked at my IC. And looked at me.

"Err, boleh tumpang tanya?"
"err, boleh .. *risau lah pulak*"
"Apsal IC  Jun.... Mohd Ishak?"
"Err .. memang nama akak tu. *alamak, apsal lak nie??*
"akak June Malik kan?"
"Aaah .. err .. iye jugak "
"FMV? PBIM kedai runcit?"
"*oh am I that lucky today?? .. err yeah itu akaklah jugak"
"tak kenal saya?"
"sorry lah, tak perasan"
and he gave a wonderful laugh ..
"haha takpe, takpe .. tapi saya lari PBIM, saya stop kat kete akak, letih and dah nak give kak tau .. akak bagi saya air, suruh saya jgn give up .. jalan aje pun habis akak kata .. bekal saya half bottle gatorade lagi"
"i finished cos of you kak, thank you"

I think I remember him. He came around when we had quite a number of people around too.Tired and dejected.

So, in the end, he gave me a friendly warning not to go wayyyyyyy over my limit (I was gunned at 165km/h) and no ticket this one time. Next time he would have no choice but to ticket me. Which is fair for me, even if he had ticketed me, I wouldnt have hold it against him. I was, in the wrong. Mwah ha ha.

Thanked him profusely and drove away, tad slower for awhile. LOL. For sure no more road blocks laa ..

I cant reveal his full name, just in case it will get him in trouble for not ticketing me. But , A.M.Z. thank you for the kindness today. I cant promise you I wont drive fast again but I can promise you I will drive safe. Anak Mami's girl scouts honour!!


Yimster said...

Hahahaha, that's a real good one. Cayalah 165km/h with the red TW Ferrari and best of all, you're famous kak!!! Next time can I quote your name bila keen speeding ticket kekeke

deo said...

cool lah! tapi AMZ ni yg hulur2 betis suruh spray tu ke? hehehe.

agree with Yim, next time boleh tanya abg polis, "I speeding ni sebab nak jumpa June Malik, FMV kedai runcit tu..." kekekeek

RaYzeef said...

wah makin femes kak june ..he he, lupa lak minta autograf ml tadi.. :)

hukum karma KJ, buat baik sesama insan akan dapat balasan baik.

June Malik said...

alhamdulillah, i was lucky dia cam me lagi hehe . but ferrari laju sampai meter tak leh gi lagi ooo besttt hahaah

IJAM said...

fuh, macam suruh berlumba kat highway je ni.....huhu...
Nasib baik kak june dpt abg polis tu, tak mcm ruby, aini dgn mawar..ada ke dpt penjaga gol...keh, keh..

June Malik said...

penjaga gol tu ok gak .. but some of the officers on duty time u was yummehhh

Zack Yui said...

Juney, jangan amalkan sangat drive lelaju gitu, marabahaya! Ingat org tersayang... :)

June Malik said...

zack, insyaallah .. i will try tapi kekadang tak perasan :) but truly i am a safe driver :)

Azza said...

K.June, it's like an early birthday gift :)