Tuesday, March 08, 2011


the great Santana

my boots yang konon nak melaram ke concert Santana tak menajadi cos my ankle yang bengkak cant push in .. 
heheh, takde orang nak tolong snap pic lol

What can I say? It was a great nite out .. Hubs and me went to see Santana Live in Singapore and the trip was not wasted ..

The indoor stadium was packed, unfortunately most people were the "dignified" group, not much of the grooving, and hooting,  and SEATED thru out the concert .. adoi .. ada ka pegi concert duduk diam2 aje kat seat?? tsk tsk tsk 

A big woot woot to the people seated on PA1 especially rows 10 -20 .. these were the fun people, those who knows how to enjoy a concert, by moving to the music and singing along and clapping along .. and anak mami was in row 17 yo!! Well, actually,  my husband not the grooving type (control macho aje mamak tu) but since most on our side were standing and clapping etc he had no choice but to at least stand LOL .. kalau dah duduk apa pun tak nampak cos orang depan dah berdiri heheeh ..

Concert started about 8:22 pm .. no introduction, nothing,  they simply started and after a few minutes, HE came on stage. I went to Celine Dion's concert and when she appeared it was cool but when Santana appeared, it was awesome. He's old but holding on well. He was so sempoi and selamba you know .. with his hat, jeans and tshirt tidur lusuh favourite dia I think. Macam orang mamai baru bangun  pun ada gak haha. Non assuming. No air. Just being him. That is the beauty of it all. He was simply being him and playing his music his way.

To enjoy his concert you have to know the great Santana and his music. If you dont know it ,  I guess you will still enjoy it for it was a good two and half hours of wonderful songs but if you know it .. then you can really feel it. 

They belted song after song .. non stop .. mostly from all his oldies hits. I love every minute of it. He is truly wicked on his guitar. Tweaking it, stringing it, lapping it, what ever -ing it .. it was awesome. He hardly sings .. just a word here and there .. a chorus here and there but his singers were pretty good. His wife was a wicked wicked drummer .. she came on for a song and a solo .. man , she was awesome. Even though his concert didnt have any guest artiste as his tours in the States, its still very entertaining. He talked at length about peace and love and life. He is one peaceful guy!

Old favourites like maria, forget about it, black magic woman, and deo's favourite, jingooo and more were of course a crowd hit and they got us on our feet moving and all .. unfortunately some of the crowd were the controlled one like my husband (berdiri clap dua tiga kali lepas tu peluk tubuh watch the concert ..haisshh) yang bini kat sebelah dah lupa ada husband hahaha .. 

Sound system was awesome except there were times that the music was too loud that it drowned the singer's voice. And I tell you the drum beats and all,  thumps your heart , kadang2 rasa macam nak tercabut jantung lol .. not advisable for heavily pregnant woman (takut terberanak kat situ) or people with weak heart .. it was like thump thump, dum, dum .. bergegar .. I did check from time to time to see if my husband was ok haha .. dia kat heart patient ..  and the backgroud screen was superb .. crystal clear projection .. when they zoomed in on just his hands playing his guitar .. urat-urat timbul kat tangan semua nampak .. upset kejap cos I seriously think my urat tangan lagi prominent ha ha .. 

As always, I didnt bring my camera. Well they said any photography and video taping is prohibited .. dont want to kena sound macam orang bodoh aje, dah kata tak boleh bawak jugak .. but those with their i-phones were seen having a great time .. i shd have at least brought my ipod touch hehe .. 

We had mamak mee goreng at 1230am haahah .. that was dinner actually. Reached home well after 1am and slept at almost 2am. Hubs couldnt take the day off today so he had to drag himself to work, I sent azam to school and this morning didnt bother to go running or swimming but went back to the comfortable bed that awaited me hehe ..

I am waiting a day or two to get pictures of him at the concert and some of his songs on youtube .. mesti ada punya ..

All in all, I, err we,  had a great time hehe .. next time he is around , you guys should go and see him. Tak nyesal punya laaa ...