Saturday, April 30, 2011

Flashback Saturday 6/11

The days and hours seem to just zoom away. Its a week today that my mother in law passed away.

We will all die someday. Without a doubt. Its a matter of when, how and where. Its a matter of whether or not you will know, whether or not you will get to say proper goodbye to your loved ones.

Would you like to know that the end is near? Or would you just like it to happen, fast and as painless as it can be?

Not that we are asking to die, but I believe that we should be prepared for it. So that when we leave, we do not leave a mess behind. Get your affairs straightened out. Write your will. Tell people that you love them. Forgive if you can find it in your heart. Forget and move on. Confide to someone close what you would to be or not to be done if you should leave suddenly. Live, laugh and love life. Life is short. Enjoy it to the fullest with your loved ones.

Whenever I hear news of someone dying, be it of illness or accident or any reasons, I would always encourage the family members to tell them that their time is near. Why? not to scare them but to give them the unique opportunity to leave peacefully. To get to do some last minutes things, to put affairs in order, to see someone that they have longed for, to forgive, to forget. To be able to say proper goodbye to each and everyone. To repent and seek forgiveness from Allah. For me its both a curse and a blessing. Its a curse because you now know that your time is up and you dont know what awaits you and you'd be anticipating for the last breath to be drawn but its a blessing because you get to set things in motion as you want it to be. I wouldnt mind knowing even though it will scare the hell out of me.

Some would like to keep it a secret, my question is do we have that right to keep it from them? Because we are afraid that the news would be so devastating? they news would only make things worst? I dont know, but If I am dying than I want to know. Because there would be things that I would want to settle before I close my eyes for the last time. Hearing it would definitely take its toll on the bearer but I do believe that once the reality sinks in, and you realise that you have been give the rare opportunity to make things right before you die, you would embrace it. I  know I would.

Would you?

Al-fathihah to all the souls out there especially to Babah and Mak.

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Azza said...

Definitely yes for me Kak June, coz can plan to fulfill d bucket list