Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kash, the new Anak Mami:)

I actually registered for a full marathon (aiming for a new PB lah konon) for tonight's Sundown in Singapore but as the saying goes, planning is one thing, getting it done is another !

I've been down with injury after injury (my husband says its a sign that I should stop - how dare he kan??) and with zero training I decided to let go my bib. Also , last minute my daughter's new semester registration in Melaka was changed to yesterday and today instead of Sunday! So even if I had trained, I still couldn't go. The administration of the registration this semester , lets just say, I can do a better job at it. Sheesh.

Anyway, as you have all guessed by my subject .. the one and only Kash will be running under my bib tonite.  Its an honour for me really. We both just found out this morning .. it was arranged by a 3rd party and hey ho .. its kash for my bib. I cant be happier :)

The thing is I cant remember what name I requested for my bib and I have a feeling it might be ANAK MAMI , I was , well being quirky, at registration time haha.

I wish I am running but I am glad Kash is the one that took my bib and not some random stranger :)

All the best to Kash and all others especially to my RBU hunks, Yim, KA, Zack, Ray, Deo, Ian, and everyone else .. Run well, run safe and have fun ..