Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy 1st Anniversary

The original FMV quartet

Come Sunday 26th of June, it would have been a year since we were ex-FMVs (or virgin forever in Yim's case heheh)

Yim is definitely the hero of this gang, in the span of a year he has done more than 10 FMs, Ultras and many other countless runs. He just cant seem to stop :)

Azza has two FM bagged and improved her timing superbly on her 2nd attempt.

Me? you know my whine and all LOL. I have one official 42.195km and one unofficial 44.2 km  which I will take proudly. I hope I will be able to do at least one official 42.195 added to my collection before I, ehem, retire LOL.

Syed has two to his bag and holds the fastest FMV record for the first FMV batch 2010 :)

And on this 1st anniversary Yim will be crossing over to Singapore to do his Sundown 100km challenge, aiming to finish within the original 16 hours limit and not the revised 18 hours. Its too bad that Yim wont be around for his favourite/pet event but hey, there is always the 2nd anniversary :) Yim, you will be missed *hugs*

Both Azza and Syed will celebrate the anniversary by running down memory lane again. 

And I will be in SCKLM too, celebrating our anniversary by giving back to the runners. Brings back memories of Kash, Rais & Gang being there for us. This time I will be there for Azza, Syed and the rest of the 42.195 runners. Parking my hot red TWF at km 35/36 and giving them the last boost they need to be on their way of claiming the Marathoner title be it for the first time or the umpteenth time :)

Happy 1st Anniversary !


Che said...

havent got the change to run alongside you la kak. havent seen syed in action for a while, only abg misai yg betul2 aktif. :)

btw, happy anniversary!

Francis said...

If only most Malaysians think like's a wonderful thing that you would do that at 35km point....we really need that extra push.....especially from someone who has been there before. A big thanks to you.

Diket said...

Marathon realy does wonders kan? 2010 was the best ever, especially part yang closing entry by the queen. Ahaks :]

Happy anniversary guys!

deo said...

what is TWF? that's not the plate number right?

Yimster said...

Awww kak, that brings back memories and its was just a year ago. Ermm i look so gebu a year ago hahaha. And it was thanks to you and the gang, we all pushed ourselves to the finishing line. Would love to have you back for another marathon soon muaks.

Sad too i wont get to repeat my anniversary but all of you will be in my thoughts as i try to round up my 16 hours :) and that will push me forward no doubt! Thanks kak June, Aza and Syed for being part of the original FMV. We wil always be here to cheer on and support new FMVs!

June Malik said...

Che, one day we run 2gether insyaallah :)

Francis, u wd hv done the same kan?? See u, say hi ok

Diket : MY finishing, no one can top that, PRICELESS, I still feel it every time I think of that moment :)

Doe : Toyota Wish Ferrari lol

June Malik said...

Haha Yim,tak leh lawan gebu zack lol .. I hope iwill run another marathon someday SOON hehe ..we will be thinking of u !! Kita FMVs for always yayy!

IJAM said...

ok, this year i will lari with azza and syed tapi dekat belakang la..wohoo..!!!..
Thanks kak june for kedai runcit - murtabak ayam satu, panas punya ha..!!

At 35th KM ramai nak hit the wall, i pulak dah over the wall..
masa tu perut dah kembung asyik minum air 100plus je, so, nak air teh tarik boleh?..keh, keh...
See ya..kak june..nanti msg Ms M eh?

Khadeeja Shah said...

Happy, happy 1st anniversary to the group and u lovely ppl!

U really kept us going, both the friendship and the running :)

June Malik said...

Ijam, ada2 je :) and will contact ms m :) thanks
KD, it's one big family !!!

Zack Yui said...

One of my few regrets... not waited for you finishing scklm last year. I was needed somowhere else. Anyway, 1st of all hope you will recover fully soon, and start running again.
And, when I grow up I wanna be like you. :)

Ms Road Runner said...

Yayyy! Happy Anniversary! You're like a guardian angel to many of us runners here with your words of wisdom and encouragement :) Thank you Kak June!

Oh, and can't wait to see you and give you a big hug supersoon! :D

amsyah said...

KJ - you have toched hundreds of nervous marathoners :D

Thanks in advance for KM35!

June Malik said...

zack : aisay, i am touched truly, so sweet but having said that u owe me one wait at finishing line for my next marathon run, tak tau bila lah heheh

Nana : yes, one big superhug will be expected :) and I am just being a big sister to all hehe

Syah : my way of giving back passionately ! and see u sunday at km35!!

Azza said...

Thanks a million for being there when i need it, Kak June. Feels like yesterday we did our maiden run together !

Dancing Ciken said...

ooo semua ni berpunca dari gang FMV aka kroni2 Kak June la eh? muahaha

happy anniversary!!!

June Malik said...

Azza, likewise :)
Jaja : haha takut punya pasal, now dah menjadi pulak

rara said...

happy anniversary!!!
kak june.. your generosity makes people wanna run more. you're truly an angel lah.
i registered and ditched 2 FMs already.. hope i'll join the group soon :)