Thursday, June 02, 2011

Jaybee oh Jaybee ........

153 days. That's how long I've been a "johorian" .. 5 full months !!

I still cant say its home here, yet,  or home back in Port Klang for that matter. Here I havent found the niche and comfort and belonging and in Port Klang I've lost the niche, comfort and belonging !

I have made some friends (I can rattle their names and will not use up my 10 fingers yo!!) but mostly they are hi and bye friends, exchanging of polite pleasantries (how are you? had lunch? ok??) but thanks to Julie Wong, things might be looking up :) She's been "advertising" me to runners that she meets and resides in JB to contact me .. we might just have a small group to run together though I will be the aunty in charge ha ha.

I know my way around where necessary .. banks, telco companies, markets, been to all FOUR Juscos available, and few places for me to hang out namely cinema and starbucks Jusco Tebrau, McD for coffee and wifi at Giant Plentong and car wash at a discount at Tesco Plentong. Ha ha , so pathetic but yeah .. that's life for someone who has too many free hours on her hands. Found several good eating stalls near and far .. you all MUST try the Mee Udang Spesial Tg Langsat .. worth the trip!

I am still looking for a suitable aerobics class. I quit the aerobics class that I found .. its too slow, unchallenging for me. I need a hype  up class, with tough strength workout, steps that requires your full attention and stamina and have you sweating buckets by the end of an hour and that has dance steps , with dumbells and fit balls incorporated (banyak soen kan anak mami??)

I am also looking for some place that I can do some volunteer work.

Its not as bad as the first month I arrived. I am ok with doing things alone and not having the friend to call up for a quick coffee, movie or just chats. I believe things will be better somewhat. I was just being a spoil brat and self pity mode aje heehe but I still miss friends and somedays it hit me bad. Especially when there's a run and seems like everyone joined except me!!

I havent ran much, still nursing injury. Hopefully I can do some kind of running soon before I lost the passion for it , YIKESSSS! But I am replacing that with swimming and can now comfortably swim 20 laps (500m) non stop .. timing still sucks but hey there's improvement :)

Hopefully I will sound more enthusiastic, more upbeat the next time I write about JayBee heheeh and if any of you comes to JB, please .. do call me up .. we can have coffee, lunch or dinner or just chat .. whichever the situation calls for. And if you need a place to crash (transit to sg?) we have spare rooms :)

Have a great week ahead guys!


tsar said...

glad that things are looking better over there kak june.

bila la nak jln2 tpt tumpah darahku tu. all those places you named sound so alien to me. hehehe

Zack Yui said...

Huh! Coincidence or wut? You write about JayBee and am just abt to tell you that we'll be heading down there tomorrow.
Will be at Pasir Gudang for wifey's cousin's wedding and havent figured out what to do afterwards... haha!

Zack Yui said...

Isnt it wierd that I was an Anon on my own blog, but here I was recognised! huh!

Diket said...

Aisey Kak June. I've been wanting to go back but don't have the opportunity la. I understand JB is still a bit laid back pace compared to KL. That's why I balik JB selalu jadi pemalas :]

June Malik said...

zarin : mai lah balik kampong hehe

zack : ada masalah teknikal tu kot heeh, and as per our conversations, hopefully dpt jumpa !

diket : the laid back is ok , i dont like hustle and bustle of city, takde kawan yang kecoh sikit heeh .. and yeah bila balik jom keluar makan !!

Justiffa said...

Rain, shine, banjir, tengkujuh.. Anak Mami will prevail yall ;p

Glad things are looking better juney. and i still believe YOU should be conducting the cardio classes there la, shake things up a bit in ur lil corner of jay-bee hehehe.

Like KA is fond of sayin'.. rock on babe ;p

June Malik said...

haha tiff, i shd really go and cari info on how i can start my own classes kan? lets rock on the makciks heheeh