Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Its dejavu all over again.

The wake up call at 2:15 am, the 3:00 am drive. Was thinking of last year's trip with Haza. Wondered if she was thinking of SCKLM and all of us. I remembered that this was her most favourite event. And thought fondly of TSB and Syuk, the two guys that jogged,  walked and hobbled with me part of the long journey :)

Its the 1st anniversary of my completion of my 1st marathon. Feels like just yesterday that I crossed the finishing line with the guys in tow. I can still tear up thinking of that special time .. the grand finishing, I am pretty certain, I hold the award for the best finishing ever!

Managed to secure official permission to set up kedai runcit at km35 but decided on km36 after going for a look see at the route. I came back from JB on Friday setting a new pb in my toyota wish ferrari lol. Rested had lunch with a friend and then home and off to Ampcorp Mall for the fmv carbo loading/birthday dinner. About 40 members turned up, some first timers to the group, and mostly old friends. New acquaintances were made and old acquaintances were affirmed. It was a fun night with friends.

Parked my car at the spot  around 3:30am and hopped into Azza's car to Dataran. Its then meeting up with friends and camwhoring time heeh .. we couldnt get a proper group photo cos the runners came in groups and disappeared before another came .. I guess everyone was excited and nervous. Many "virgins" were with us that morning and I definitely relate to how they were feeling :) I was sad for not being able to be at the starting line but I was happy to be around so many friends again especially those real close to me. And knowing that I'd be meeting them at the most important point, made me happy again!

Sent off the full marathon runners and had a wonderful surprise in the presence of Allen Lai. He, somehow, managed to see me in the throngs of people. We've been in contact since the HUKM project but I have yet to meet him personally and it was a truly pleasant surprise!!. After the FM runners were flagged off, I stayed with Ms M to see the HM runners go off. Its too early for us to go to our spot yet.

Both me and Ms M took a slow morning stroll from Dataran to KM36 spot,  a 3km walk. The kenyan runners passed us at KM39 , they were fast! And then there was the red car! We started to set the place up, placards, tables, arranging the runner's stuff and making all ready for the runners. The fast runners hardly even glanced at us, not wanting to break their stride and momentum. They made it look so easy. We sat and chatted and then Steve Yap came with his camera. He drove all the way from Seremban, volunteering to be at KM36. And suddenly this runner came along, he looked familiar and suddenly it hit me. By the time I realised who it was, he was already laughing and taking off his glasses and coming to join us. Another wonderful surprise for me in the form of our very own Nik Fahusnaza aka Enaikay ! Cheeky of him, no hint at all that he'd be joining us :)

And slowly the runners started to come in groups, alone, or tagging along. And we were "selling" our stuff, buns, chocolates,  drinks, spray .. was our mantra .. I would cheekily add "me" very softly when they wouldnt stop hahaha not they any of them heard it LOL, it made my gang laughed. Some thought they had to pay so we changed strategy, started offering them FREE BREAKFAST ..  .. free breakfast sir, madam .. buns, french croissant (yep it was there), chocolates (mars, sneakers, kitkat) and gatorade drinks (orange, lemon, grape), COKE and sprays, counter pain , power gels .. I was worried cos no one seem to want to stop but experience from PBIM told us to be patient. We clapped and urged them on, telling them that they were doing well. Nik did few escort runs with some of his buddies :)

And there we were offering buns, pouring drinks, spraying legs, and chit chatting with the runners that dropped by. We had all kinds, cheerful ones , painful ones, no indication of how they felt ones, and many others. One boy practically stop and had full breakfast. He was gulping down the buns, drinking, eating chocolates that I was worried he might puke. When he was leaving I cautioned him not to run too fast for fear it will all come out again LOL. One guy said he had never tasted bun that is so yummy and one girl stood and drank the cold gatorade and went aaahhhh heaven, the best drink in the world hehe .. We had many people dropping by from 930 onwards and I look forward to see familiar faces .. all were greeted with hollers, and hugs and kisses for some that's close to me :) (I am a very affectionate person lah!) All in all this was a better looking group compared to PBIM. They were a much fitter bunch. Friends and new comers dropped by. Some even stayed to chat and camwhore LOL. Many new members or those who knew about FMV greeted me or came to introduce themself. Rasa macam celebrity kejap you hehhe ..

But there were a few that went hobbling, tore my heart for I know how hard it was to do the last 6km in that situation. But gave up they did not. One guy passed us and didnt stop but he was crying .. I wondered if he was in pain, or was happy that he had only 6km left? But he was running pretty fast. We sent off the runners with encouraging words and told them not to give up. I was happy to see many first timers made it to KM36 and not in trouble. They were simply awesome. I felt like a proud mom !

Three runners caught my attention. A young girl who was clearly dead tired, a chinese lady in the same situation, and a couple .. the guy was ok but the lady was tired and in pain. The young girl stopped and had a bit of drink and food and I told her not to quit and she said she wont. Sent of the chinese lady with same words and she promised to finish the run. The couple didnt stop, it was clear that if they had stopped she might not pick up pace again. Sent them off with well wishes. While waiting for the last runners to come in, I was thinking of these three people.  The steel determination in them reminded me of my struggle last year and I really hoped that they would cross the finishing line.

Few policeman dropped by for some food and drinks. We started to pack up at 11:00 am since we were told that the last of the runners had passed and the remaining took the sweeper bus.  I wondered if they were forced to take the bus or they had willingly stopped their run. We drove out at 11:30am, slow drive and honking at the runners reminding them not to give up. Passed by my three runners and they were doing well :) Saw Ian and his client stretching at KM39 I think .. cheekily honked and told him "not gonna give u a lift" hehe .

Went back to dataran and grouped up with friends but my eyes were at the finishing line. And then I saw one of the guys that was ahead the three .. so I excused myself and waited at the finishing line. The young girl came, she was so happy to see me and we hugged and hugged .. and off she went to get her medal and finisher tee.  And then the couple came, oh I was really happy and there we were, strangers hugging each other. She was clearly happy to finish and got a kiss from her guy, aww .. soo sweet. Off they went and finally the chinese lady came too. Turns out she was Yum Kim Kok's friend. My mistake was I didnt get the other two ladies' name. Nita wrote to thank me and I think she was the young girl.

All in all , we had a great time. My heartfelt thanks to Ms M, Steve and Nik for being there. I enjoyed the day thoroughly especial feasting my eyes on the hunks that passed by. I tell you , male runners , some of them are really hot. and  the female too .. but my eyes were on the guys, sorry ladies hahaah .. UPNM groups .. hubba hubba hubba .. most of them were fit and toned and good looking .. Ms M was tickled when I cheekily shouted to one of them , "dik you handsome lah" .. well he was,  and god gave us eyes to see and appreciate LOL. Heard him laughing as he ran off hihi. One of the runners made me laugh when he came and shook hand with me with "ahh finally I get to meet the gorgeous June Malik" hahaah well I am far from gorgeous but hey, it made my day. LOL. Vain, I know :)

After some photo sessions, headed for lunch with KA, Julie, Azza and Deo. Left Dataran at 1:30pm or so, reached Klang home, was too hyper to sleep so I fb-ed and showered, had coffee and rested. Slow drive home at 6pm. Definitely a pw hahah ..

It was a long day but I definitely had a great time and enjoyed being at KM36. I hope come SCKLM 2012,  I will be running at least the half marathon event. If not you know where to find me :)

Here are some pictures , more can be viewed here, here, here, here, here,
and here.  Thanks to Steve Yap, Mawar, Irwan, Azhar, KD, and others for sharing.

Makan time :)

Steve, me and Ms M at our station, me and Tey goofing around, with karen and the bride and groom, my first surprise Allen Lai and with the virgins !!

The guys in skirt (look at KA closely LOL), Azhar still over energetic at KM36 and queen bumble bee , the lovely Karen Loh

Ijam and his runaway bride, kudos to them finishing the run with their attire, pretty ladies in skirt with err hmm "pretty" sir? hehe, Team G girls .. the young and sexy (ijam sure pening tenguk) and me and Boon Yeong, a runner from JB yay!

To all marathoners,  congratulations. You did it in style. I am proud that I could share this moment with you. Apologies for any shortcomings or mistakes.

One thing for sure, in the running circle and community,  its definitely a WORLD WITHOUT STRANGERS!

Run well, Run Safe. See you when I see you !


rusfarizal rusli said...


deo said...

*nanges* haish asyik nanges je baca reports dua tiga hari ni...

KJ, I've never had the kedai runcit experience and never knew the sentiment it brought to runners. Now, I understand. When I was limping with cramps since 30km, I know that I have only 5 or 6 km to go before I get to see you, bukannya fikir lagi 12km nak habis.

I keep pushing myself just to get to kedai runcit and I want to reach there early so you don't have lots of 'customers' to attend too. Passing Ikim, I still couldn't see your red ferrari. I was devastated thinking they might change their decision in the last hours not to allow you there.

But when I see your car from afar, I was so happy and waved to you frantically signaling "here comes Deo!" The only thing I may regret is to rush my stay there in kedai runcit. Sorry for that, not only I have a personal mission to achieve but seeing you and your kedai runcit somewhere gave me the strength to chase my mission.

Thanks K.June!

Khadeeja Shah said...

Kak June,
True lah what they say abt the gorgeous June Malik...always there, for the speedsters and the hobblers, for the virgins and the non virgins hehehe...

Love ya muahss!

RaYzeef said...

aiseyman, rugilah tahun ni x dapat tengok the gorgeous JM...next year confirm kena lari SCKLM (itupon klau x clash :p)

azhar elmiza said...

Thanks Kak June..
U have pick the right location. After the 30km actually i hit the wall but keep on running slowly, by then I saw a 35km mark I knew that u are close by. I just had some ice water bath at the water station and quickly run to you kedai runcit.
Once I saw u and Ms M there, I'm not sure if I waved but for sure once I saw mr Steve with his camera.. apa lagi.. Camwhoring lar.. hehe Give that nice jump with the skirt.. hehe

I had so much energy to finish up the run thank to you, ms m and mr steve, selfless act.. It was always a good memories.. Was nice to lepak with you as I don't really bother with my personal goal..

Thank you Kak June, Ms M and Mr Steve.. I'm gonna miss all of you.. i won't forget this experience..
I hope to come back and run again and hangout again.. Sorry for couldn't stayed longer at your kedai..
Take care always.. and wish you well in everything you do!!

seah said...

thanks for your power, June.

Luvly Me said...

Kak June,

it's true dari awal lari tak habis-habis kira berapa lagi km nak sampai lokasi KJ and minum Gatorade sejuk lol although i'm a little bit scared that u might left sebab saya sampai lambat sangat tapi bila nampak that smoking hot red ferrari terus bersemangat *yeay*

to KJ and crew (Ms M, Steve and Nik) thank you very very much for everything (siap berjemur bawah matahari terik lagi tu) and its just such a blessing to have such support! thank you all soooo much!

KJ, when you're cleared to run again, we run together-gether yer :)

Love ya always *big hugs*

IJAM said...

fuh..nanges gila baca..boleh kumpul air mata masuk dalam botol mineral, tuang kat kepala la...

Thanks kak june, memang meriah mcm open house la hari tu, nik ada, member2 pun ada..best..best..!!

Masa nak sampai 35km tu, cakap dgn mawar, 'ha, jap lagi kita sampai kat kak June'. Eh tapi tak sampai jugak, kena struggle lagi 1 km baru jumpa..

Tapi memang best la kak june ada kat situ!!...

ruby said...

thanks kak june.. air coke sejuk itu sgt2 membantu.. :)

Tuan Senang Besar said...

aww. I missed you too :)

June Malik said...

aww baca komen u all i pun nak nanges, ni deo lah start haha

rizal, insyaallah, if jadi set :)

deo : we were biased, looking out for our favourites jugak haha as u know nampak aje deo kelam kabut cari your pack hehhe .. glad u made it, PB lagi tu dengan cramps and all .. congrats !

KD : muahh ..

Ray : wah ini macam plan nak do another 100 .. maybe i shd go support u all pulak eh?

azhar, you were waving frantically from far and we were shouting on our end hahah .. slow slow pun u timing superb .. glad u did stop awhile and ate and talked and i look forward to see you again when u r visiting us, but keep in touch ok ?

seah, you yang power, very strong still and didnt stop .. as always our high 10 :)

aini : u all lari dlm panas, we berjemur kat situ tu kira nothing :) but kak june balik berbelang lagi sebab skirt pendik itu haha .. glad u made it and congrats, u improved by leaps and bounds :)

ijam : its always a pleasure to see you at my stops .. and still respect lah habis lari dgn suit tu .. me in my skirt pun dok panas giler .. tanya Ms M, was telling her, kalau pakai sports bra memang dah bukak top hahahaah buta semua orang tak leh continue lari LOL

ruby : next time will bring more coke .. glad i had it :) and u did well too, congrats :)

TSB, next year together again? heheeh

thanks guys :)

deo said...

K.June, ni minggu nanges heheh. Kalau KJ nak support kat tempat lain next year, kena buat bbq kat ECP lah kot. Ehh mcm lah aku pergi 'tempat lain' tu huhuhu

amsyah said...

Thanks KJ - one of the reason I did not hop on the cab was to run to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Bila sampai situ rasa dah finishing dah...

Khairul said...

Terima kasih once more for everything, especially the FMV cake that I shared. I had a bad run, almost felt like giving up at 25km, but the thought of not sending a negative sign to the FMVs under ur wing. The thought of seeing the kedai runcit made me feel stronger.

I'm thankful to have met someone as selfless and special as you Kak. May u recover faster and we can run in Thailand again.

Bahaya gambor tuuuu....LOL!

kkyum said...

Thanks Kak June for everything. Ur the best.. Thanks for helping Ming Choo doing her 1st FM too, FMV rocks

June Malik said...

Deo, I am quite certain u will kat tempat lain tu next year!!

Syah, glad to be there for u n others .. Kan u jugak tell me .. Apa Ada pad a timing??? To me, u and all that cross the finish line are heroes :)

KA, was worried cos u did not turn up when u shd .. Lega bila nampak! Janji tak give up !!

Yum : MC did it on her own , I just told her to go go go :)

Julin Julai said...

KJ, what a feast! If I knew ada kenduri of such, I'd ditch my half and join makan je..oh yes, and maybe volunteer.

Azza said...

K.June, u rawk again at SCKLM..with out fail! azza pun dejavu dpt cramp starting almost at same km mcm last year, gotta break the jinx in 2012:)

June Malik said...

Doc : hahah next year don't forget :) Azza, u did great lah Sis, despite the sakit kaki and all!

Dancing Ciken said...

KJ u miss my name!!! hahaha

totally awesome la u! I LOVE U even u love the boys more LOL

Dancing Ciken said...

agreed with KA, i set my mind dari awal2 lagi, i must target kena sampai jugak kat kedai runcit KJ!

June Malik said...

Alamak jaja, sowieee haha .. Don't worry, u one of the few girls I love more than the guys lol .. My kedai laku, habis licin semua benda :) hugs hot mama

Zack Yui said...

Jangan nanges KJ, sapa nanges kena buat 100k hehe!
Proud of you, nuff said!!! :)

June Malik said...

Ooo zack, tak sanggup lol .. *henti nanges* lol .. Thanks for always being there :)

tsar said...

sori lambat reply....

btw, thanks for the Mars bar and the whole kedai runcit atmosphere and aura. you guys are the best!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

I was about to go for a sub 4hrs masa u nampak i tu. but then ternampak u punya kedai runcit, terus i tukar career jadi pembantu jurujual di tepi jalan. Lagi best. Tak finish race pun takpe...

Yg x ikhlas,
EnAikAY yg DNS
kui kui kui...

P/s: adakah komen ni dah masuk kategori basi? woops...

June Malik said...

Haha Nik, sorry we cut ur race short but I actually suka u ada situ haha ..mana Ada word basi in our circle ? am still waiting for something from u for that day!!