Monday, July 11, 2011

Need I say more ??

Here's a peek to what a great nite the reunion was .. its awesome that even after such a long time, all of us just took up where we left off and the whole group was a blast, met old friends, made new ones (seniors and juniors that left and came) .. everyone sportingly participated and the night was ours .. after the event most continued at mamak for another sembang session, and I didnt reach home till 4 am ha ha .. this is the latest I have been out with friends ever, single or married :)

Below is just a fraction of the pics that's available, the group photo are my course mates then .. not so sure if the others (seniors and juniors) would mind having their pic on a blog so I decided to play safe and put up pics of people that I know well !

I had fun, the pic says it all eh? hahah

A closer look of then and now
Zit and I, friends and sisters for always

Rynn and I, friends and sisters for always

The talented singer is my very good friend Fauziah Khalid aka Pujee .. yeah you can see me having fun and embarassing myself lol

Definitely, another unforgettable day in my life <3

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Flashback Saturday 7/11 - The Reunion

I am hoping that the highway from JB to Port Klang would not be affected with what's going on in town  .. hopefully no traffic jam though I do expect road blocks, meaning I cant go whoooshing in my red TWF hehe ..

Its a touch and go weekend, back here tomorrow afternoon. Even though Azam has started his school break, I need to get some things in order before my french son arrives on Tuesday for a 2 month stay, he is spending his summer with us :)

Anyway the reason I am going back today is, with the power of FB connecting people .. a group of seniors from my college days had started our own ITM page and lo and behold, managed to bring together so many of us. Tonite is the reunion gathering .. would be meeting up with friends, some of them I have not seen in 28 years .. we have connected again via fb and cant wait for tonight ! It would be awesome to see friends, especially those that were in the same batch as me :) I especially look forward to see my own gang the fabulous 8 hehe .. Rynn, Zit, Ita and Zue .. unfortunately Zai and Gee cant make it and Nonie is the only one that went missing .. even with the page and so many people found, she is still lost to us .. I do hope that she is happy and well somewhere :)

Tonite friends from 1980 - 1986 batch of ITM Jalan Othman, Petaling Jaya would be letting our hair (or not so much hair for some) down and having fun .. it would be awesome to catch up .. and I cant wait :)We had decided on this date long before the rally was announced and we will be meeting up in Shah Alam, so I think we will be fine, insyaallah :)

Here are some insight to those days ..

the fabulous 8, back from L, zit, rynn, ehem, nonie and front from L, Ita, zai, zue and zai

Secretarial Nite, I got "Ideal Potential Secretary" award that nite hihi

with our juniors

we were inseperable, the 4 of us .. Nonie is the only one that we cant trace :(

one part of the duo thats really close to me Zit, a friend and sister till today -  her brother was the one that introduced me to my husband lol

The 1982-84 Group P class

we shared a lot of things together :)
2nd duo, rynn another closest friend and sister

and till today we still share things :)
Yeah, you guys can stop laughing now :)

Monday, July 04, 2011

And the verdict is ..........

Come wednesday I will know the next course of action to be taken. But I am for getting rid of the cyst ASAP. Tear still very visible and I guess no running for a while to come. Sigh. Even the hyluronic acid jab after 3 course is not relieving much pain. double sigh.

Life goes on. I have the pool and Brit to entertain me from time to time. LOL.

Running Sucks (Not)

I saw this tee in  Nike store and simply could not resist getting it, never mind its actually the men's tee. I actually contemplated to use it during SCKLM, but then  again I was there sort of "officially" under the FMV name, so the FMV tee it was .. but wouldnt it have been truly ironic, there I was greeting the runners and encouraging them to move on and yet telling them running sucks .. I bet at that point of time, many would agree LOL.

I actually bought it because for me , running sucks because I cant run. Not because I hate running.  I miss pounding the pavement and the air on my face and the sun and the sweat and all. I cant even remember when my last run was, but fret not the passion is still there. And I hope and pray and one day (sooner than later) I will be lacing up my shoes again.

I made a friend wearing this tee too :) I was having coffee and fb-ing at McD when this english lady walked by with her tray and looked at me. I smiled and she smiled back and walked but after a few steps she turned around and told me, hey I love your tshirt .. yeah .. running sucks , hell yeah !! .. I had to laugh and asked if she was alone and when she said yes, invited her to join me.

So there we were, two strangers talking about running. She truly hated running as it turned out .. I have not met anyone with so much passion against running LOL. And there I was passionately defending why running even though it sucks at moments is still my passion .. we got on well. She thought we, those who run, are truly crazy people. Why do you run 42km? I swear her jaws droppped when I told her about the 100k ultramarathon. She simply shook her head in awe LOL.

She's one of those big sized european ladies. She is 38 years old and has never exercised in her life before "look at me love, my size says it all" was what she said haha , she religiously goes for a full  medical check up every year and gets a clean bill of health. Who needs exercise? She thought I was about her age and I let it slide, will tell her when we walk LOL, well she assumed I was her age and didnt ask me .. Hey, let me enjoy being 10 years younger for awhile !

But its fun to be out there I told her. She gave me this weird look and we laughed. So we made a pact. Once I am cleared for brisk walking, we are gonna take a walk together. Turns out she is an expat housewife and have the luxury of time like me. See, I told her .. we are meant to be together hihihi .. reluctantly she agreed for a walk, and even though she wished that I would get well soon, she's hoping it wont be too soon hahah .. how quirky! I shouldnt have talked to you she said .. nah, I told her .. it happened for a reason :)

I have yet another MRI later today, and I am hoping for some news even if its bad so that I know what is truly wrong with my left knee. Even after my 3 course of jabs, the pains did not go away and the spot on the side of my knee continues to give me trouble .. we've determined of many things but this one spot stubbornly refuse to budge and since last week the pain is bothering me. You know me and pain, so when I say I can feel pain , yeah its truly really painful then. At its highest level.

Wish me luck and I hope to come back with good news or some news :)

Have a great week guys :) and you know when you see me with this tee, its actually with opposite passionate feelings !!

I should use this today for my appointment kan?