Saturday, July 09, 2011

Flashback Saturday 7/11 - The Reunion

I am hoping that the highway from JB to Port Klang would not be affected with what's going on in town  .. hopefully no traffic jam though I do expect road blocks, meaning I cant go whoooshing in my red TWF hehe ..

Its a touch and go weekend, back here tomorrow afternoon. Even though Azam has started his school break, I need to get some things in order before my french son arrives on Tuesday for a 2 month stay, he is spending his summer with us :)

Anyway the reason I am going back today is, with the power of FB connecting people .. a group of seniors from my college days had started our own ITM page and lo and behold, managed to bring together so many of us. Tonite is the reunion gathering .. would be meeting up with friends, some of them I have not seen in 28 years .. we have connected again via fb and cant wait for tonight ! It would be awesome to see friends, especially those that were in the same batch as me :) I especially look forward to see my own gang the fabulous 8 hehe .. Rynn, Zit, Ita and Zue .. unfortunately Zai and Gee cant make it and Nonie is the only one that went missing .. even with the page and so many people found, she is still lost to us .. I do hope that she is happy and well somewhere :)

Tonite friends from 1980 - 1986 batch of ITM Jalan Othman, Petaling Jaya would be letting our hair (or not so much hair for some) down and having fun .. it would be awesome to catch up .. and I cant wait :)We had decided on this date long before the rally was announced and we will be meeting up in Shah Alam, so I think we will be fine, insyaallah :)

Here are some insight to those days ..

the fabulous 8, back from L, zit, rynn, ehem, nonie and front from L, Ita, zai, zue and zai

Secretarial Nite, I got "Ideal Potential Secretary" award that nite hihi

with our juniors

we were inseperable, the 4 of us .. Nonie is the only one that we cant trace :(

one part of the duo thats really close to me Zit, a friend and sister till today -  her brother was the one that introduced me to my husband lol

The 1982-84 Group P class

we shared a lot of things together :)
2nd duo, rynn another closest friend and sister

and till today we still share things :)
Yeah, you guys can stop laughing now :)


tsar said...

Mcm tgk cerita Azura, Ali Setan, Adik Manja, etc lak. Hehe

Ni sure sampai esok pagi tak habis ni :) have fun kak June

June Malik said...

haahh zarin, memang betul .. the hair styles especially lol .. and yes memang sampai besuk pagi, we booked a room at the hotel to melepak after dinner for the close gang to continue bersembang hihi .. thanks!

Yimster said...

Oh me god!! The big hair days lol. Good one kak and sure brings back memories kan :)

And that 2nd picture of you requires a wolf whistle ok!!!

Happy reunion-ing!!!

serena said... haven't change much except the hair all look so groovy. have a fun reunion :)

zErOiCe said...

wow! the pictures are sooo cool! classic!

sabrina.ismail said...

been awarded "Ideal Potential Secretary" ya..? - no wonder u such a good secretary to uncle Z.. hehe.. bole letak dlm resume ni..

June Malik said...

Yim, yeah those alley cat hair days lol, ww? Waaa tq :)
Serena, ehem u telling me something??? ;)
Zero ice, one of best times of my life
Ina, hehe resume dah tak laku lol