Friday, September 30, 2011

Will we ever be ready????

My girl is not a little girl anymore ..

I guess not!!!

My eldest girl Is going to start work less than a month's time. It's her time to join the "real world" out there .. Joining the adult world.

I still remember her first day of kindy when I was worried leaving her in the care of total strangers ..

I still remember her first day of school when I was kicked with reality that my little girl is not so little anymore ..

I still remember her first day of secondary when for a FLEETING second I felt old ..

I still remember her first day of University, when she finally has to leave home and stay with friends and fend for herself and few extra seconds of feeling old ..

I still remember her "Ibu, I am 21 years old already, I can do it" when I worry incessantly about her driving around and doing stuff ..

And now she is legitimately an adult, will start to work and earn her keeps and be responsible for a lot more things .. And I confess, for a FULL MINUTE I felt old ..

These are the phases that we have to go thru and it comes whether or not you like it and I guess we will never be ready to let them go at any stage of their life, but let go we will and accompany them with nothing but the best wishes in the world that they find what they are looking for and that they will face the challenges that will be upon them and hoping that they will know, no matter what we will be there for them ..

So dearest kakak, congratulations on your appointment .. I am so proud of you, and always remember you always have me to turn to for anything and everything that you need or will ever need ..

I know you will go out there and do your best and here is to a wonderful new beginning .. Just know that there will be bumps along the way, challenges, and lots of other stuff, but I am confident that you will be able to weather it through !!

Just be you. And remember, you are a wonderful person with a wonderful big heart, and a beautiful one too .. dont let anyone tell you different !

Love you till my last breath ..


Sue said...

Congrats to Arlina! What's her job going to be?

Lina Malik said...

Thank you ibu.. I love you too.

June Malik said...

Sue, thanks. She will be teaching English at an American based education centre :)

deo said...

No mom will ever be ready lah KJ. Even at my age, my mom masih lagi nak betul2kan sikatan rambut I. It stresses out of me sometimes but mom is always the first person I'd go to if I've any problem.

Cuma skrg ni I'll try to keep to myself, sbb tak nak lah bother them with so much at their age. It's another phase of life, just like another KM in running marathons, it gets tougher but we'll conquer it.

tsar said...

In KJ's mind: Kaaaa-chinggggg! (cash-register machine opening sound) lol!

Haha, kidding.
Congrats anak anak-mami :)

June Malik said...

Deo, u r so right.. We, mothers sometimes embarrass our kids without realizing it lol ..but hey, do talk to your parents, whatever their age, we prefer to worry abt things we know rather than thinking our kids don't include us in their lives anymore :) KJ yg dah dekat 50 ni pun if balik,my mom and sisters spoil me rotten lol

Zarin : I guess next year I get duit raya from her lak ek??? Lol

lina said...

Aaaawww.... this is so touching.

And a reminder for us Mom that our little boy/girl won't stay little for long.

Gosh, I don't think I'll be ready like ever. @.@

June Malik said...

Lina, takpe u hv long time to err prepare?? Lol

Yimster said...

Ibu nak susu!!!! :)

Diket said...

Congratulations! Semoga your daughter menjadi pekerja yang berjaya. After reading this, I teringat my daughter pulak. Aiyak!

Zack Yui said...

Yup! Nak besarkan anak bukannya kerja mudah, kan KJ? And soon they will leave the nest, and built their own nest, kan? The transition period memang susah but we parents, like our parents did, will have to go thru that some day..

amsyah said...

I'd be very sad.... kids grow up too fast.

But you have done a great job! You should feel very proud :D

Weekend ni tengok Deo datang dengan rambut gaya apa plak hahahaha

June Malik said...

Now kita tahu lah came manna Yim dgn mak dia :)

Diket, Zack, Syah : thanks .. One stage after another, I guess kakak lepas ni stage nak kawin lah pulak lol .. two more to go! U guys still Ada masa, use it fully with your kids ..once they fly the coop kita terasa sangat !

Deo hari ni rambut remos lol

Azza said...

I'm touched reading this. She's one lucky girl having you as her mom. Congrats kakak :)

June Malik said...

Thanks Azza :)

serena said...

congrats and good luck to you...Arlina. June, she will definitely be good with your guidance along the way.

June Malik said...

thanks serena, well she is on her way to building her life now :)

the monkey box said...

on your mark, get set, GO! aunty! :)