Sunday, October 30, 2011

14 day challenge - week 1 (yang tak menjadi)

Wweeeellll ... it didnt go as well as it should have but neither was it that bad (in my account at least lol)

Day one to three I managed to keep the regime, breakfast and dinner of cereal and lunch was whatever balanced meal (again in my account) .. day 4 and 5 due to janji with makan with friends and my daughter, I had only ONE cereal meal (but I didnt eat all out either) 6 total let down  ... i was bestowed with fever from late day 5 and day 6 came with bad cough, running nose and the works .. my kids, especially Azam was adamant that I ate more than just cereal and took my meds was "ordered" by Nana to eat properly .. but so far I had my one meal and actually contemplating my cereals for the balance 2 eating times hik hik hik ..

The bad news is I didnt lose an ounce, I guess not following it strictly or maybe my balanced meal was too much .. but the good news is I didnt gain either .. so that is a plus !

But I must warn you, this regime takes  sheer determination to follow fully .. your cereal meal is only 5 tablespoon of the flakes hokey! and since I dont take milk other than vanilla based like Anlene packet milk, my flakes are rather dry with only a bit of low fat milk to make it easier to swallow lol ..

Anyway, since I consider this week a failure, I am going to start fresh again tomorrow .. wish me luck ..

A special mention for my makcik partner, Justiffa who did her first half marathon today in PJ, who went lari berdesup tinggal all the young ones behind her .. Congrats my dearest friend .. I cannot run with you anymore lah like this cos nowadays 1km also I surrender LOL .. You did swell and I am so proud of you babe .. go makcik powerrrrr .. and also we have a new nickname for Jaja, the  hot mama is now Ms  JLo butt .. I dont know how I missed that .. but yeah its true eh??? JLo butt also power today, her first half (tapi full dah buat babe!) .. berapa oranglah terliur agaknya hihihi ..

Have a remaining great sunday peeps :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

14-day Challenge Starts Today, NOT

Morning peeps and hehe, yep you read that right! NOT is the key word for today LOL.

For totally lame reasons I will explain why I cant start the challenge today, as I  enthusiastically promised just yesterday. Yikes!

Lame Reason 1 : its no good to start cold turkey when I have been eating like there is no tomorrow, right? yeah, I know you will agree with me hihi ..

Lame Reason 2 : I just realised I have many already planned makan sessions, tak kan lah dah plan keluar makan and then tell them, err I can only eat cereal and fruits ???.. mana ada restaurant sells those??? I have breakfast with the lovely Sasha today, then later for dinner I am meeting up with a new bunch of runners scattered around JB area for a get to know each other and plan to run together session .. these would be the new breed of combo chap ayam/fmv members ! Also on saturday, I have my uncle's kenduri for his leaving to perform his Haj .. so you see .. I plan to eat my heart out on Sunday lol .. I have to eat, if not like there is no tomorrow, at least moderately and not just cereal and fruits LOL

Lame Reason 3 : I have this bad habit, my kids tell me I am OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder .. I have to do things a certain way, I have to start things a certain day, etc you get it .. so yeah starting on a THURSDAY is soo hard to keep track, dont you agree? So I will start Monday and its so much easier to know when its Sunday a week is gone and on to the next week and another and another till I get my desired weight goal .. Yes? No? Yes laaa ..

BUT, I am not going crazy either except for Sunday :)  .. I am going to start eating properly , cut down on snacks and portions and not have this stupid "alaa makan ajelah nanti exercise semua turun" cos the exercise was never incorporated LOL. So moderate eating for the next four days!

And I havent just sat and do nothing, I have more or less make my menu when I start the challenge on Monday :)

The example meal plan on the box is as follows :-

Breakfast : 40g of nestle, fitnesse & fruit cereal with 125mo low fat/skimmed milk, 1 piece of fruit, 1 cup of tea/coffee

Lunch : balance meal with veges, meat or fish or eggs, bread or dairy broducts

Dinner : 40g of the cereal, veges or low fat yoghurt ..

So, I am going to stick to the breakfast and dinner menu (I might cheat on extra cup of coffee!) and for lunch would incorporate sandwiches, grilled fish with veges, meat with veges, chicken, salads, etc .. you get the idea .. 

And hopefully I can see some results at the end of the two weeks and start again another cycle ..

Wish me luck, I am sure I would be "forced" to cheat here and there but I promise I will stick as much as possible to the plan .. I am after all, a normal anak mami ha ha ..

And ooh there is so much less pain on my knees that I wish we had done this jab much much earlier .. but I guess the doctor didnt want to go for the strong jab immediately but yeah the 3 course jab didnt do its job .. I can walk without pain, up from the couch with no pain and gonna test up and down the stairs soon .. I have been in constant pain for so long that I forgot how wonderful it is to have pain free walks and activites LOL.

The pic on the left is what I am feeling now and I hope to be at the 2nd pic version again ngeh ngeh ngeh ..and ooh should I chop my hair to this again???? the short or the long like below??

yes? no???

Have a lovely Thursday friends. I know I will :) .. Take care ..

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The doctor said ".............................."

Well, I have been in constant pain .. getting up from the chair, wrong angle of walking (ada tau), up and down the stairs, getting up after sitting on the floor, I cant even bend my knees , forget lunges and squats  .. and if you know me, my threshold of pain is truly high but now I must admit defeat, cant stand being in pain all the time.

A short phone call to my doctor and thus we decided that since I cant do my ops yet, I am to take this jab that would ease up the pain and sustain me for the next few months till I can get surgery done. That's how bad my knees are :(  My operation  has to wait till Azam has a school break for more  2 weeks or more, I dont have a backup here so I cant be immobilise for 2 weeks that I need to recuperate. I think he has a 2 week break in December, so that would be the nearest date, (Azam goes to international school and thus Nov/Dec is not his long break) if not, then I guess its during his "summer" break here in Malaysia ..

So yeah long story short, please, for you runners out there, old and new .. addicted and enthusiatic .. do not ignore any pain, get it checked like pronto and do not, I repeat do not train/run while you are still nursing your injury. Due to my stubborness I have to pay it now dearly, being on the sideline watching you guys crossing the finishing line :( HEAL 100% before you start anything. Learn from me.

So, this was the needle this morning heheeh .. slight pain and bearable for me, might be more painful or not painful at all for others ,.. each to his own level of pain tolerance LOL ..

the whole thing and a close up of the needle lol .. if you are scared of needle, then you best take care!

It was immediate relieve of somewhat .. and I hope that in the next few days I would be walking pain free .. and the doctor's pesan for me ?  "toksah lasak2 ok?? .. no running .. " I can still swim, walk, cycle and do the horse thingie ..

And oooh you know what was the FIRST THING the doctor  said to me when I walked into his room ?

The doctor said, I quote "WAH, YOU PUT ON WEIGHT", unquote! Direct. Brutally honest. And there I was, not knowing how to react and I finally said , kan??? I know!!! Lol

So yeah, to friends that's been telling me :-

Part One

a) no lah mana ada kak june put on weight?
b) tak nampak pun???
c) ish kak june ni merepek lah ... and many more "comforting" words, thank you for being modest and not wanting to hurt my feelings, but really I would have preferred the truth lah .. because :-

Part Two

a) the weighing scale doesnt lie (even though I wish it did), I am a whopping 5kg heavier
b) my sarung baju kurung cant make the 360 degreen turn around my waist anymore, ngam2 tarik zip and it stays there , gotta even breathe in a bit hokeyyyy
c) there is a gap between the button and button hole of my jeans before I can zip up my jeans ..
d) the fat spillage over the top of the jeans
e) the bulge of the yikes ugly tummy

But I have been lazy, using my  knees as an excuse .. the pool hardly sees me nowadays (I wonder if Brit misses me) and I have been eating like there is no tomorrow ..

So, I am taking drastic measure , since the doctor said ............... (cant bear to repeat his words) starting tomorrow (kenalah makan puas2 hari ni kan??) I am going for the 14 day challenge
yep, what i would be eating the next 14 days or more ..

See the svelte figure????

Well, wishful thinking would be to get that svelte figure on the box but honestly speaking, as long as I can improve on Part Two I will be happy .. Just to get back to my old self  the time before I had this extra 5kg. I dont think 14 days would work in my case but I will keep at it ..

So, anyone out there wants to start the same challenge with me? If you feel like you need to lose a bit, or if you feel "gebu" *ngeh ngeh*, lets do this together ..

Will keep you guys bored by updating on my progress LOL ..

But seriously, jokes aside , do take heed of what has happened to me. DO NOT ignore your pain, get it checked immediately and DO NOT run till you are fully healed from your injuries.

Have a good day peeps !!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Anak Mami's Saturday 15.10.11

Arlina on her graduation day .. in all the chaos there was no photo just the two of us and my husband was walking around the area and didnt pick up his phone, so no photo with dad AT ALL lol .. Congrats kakak .. so proud of you and good luck with your new job <3

me and Vron .. sungguh nampak dia slim and I selam lol

seriously cant remember what we were laughing about, look at Yim especially, lol

see? they are still chirpy after the gruelling task

running with yim for the last few hundred metres :) acah aje hehe, he was still going fast and strong!!

met zack yang gebu, ran a bit with him hehe

an old friend, hensem bobby :)
Yep, last minute with Azza's help, (thanks azza :) I managed to make my way to Putrajaya to see Yim and Karen finish their double whammy feat and also to hook up with friends again. It was really nice to be in a race atmosphere, makes me miss running a lot but knowing what is best for me, the run with Yim and Zack would suffice for the moment. How bad are my knees? well that short run was enough to make me grimace the next day when walking and especially up and down the stairs lol.

Affirming old acquaintance, making new ones and cam-whoring were agendas for the night. It was a fun night and finally I managed to have a short chat with Doc Julin and her ever smiling hubby (not a word from him ok, just 'em dazzling smile) and catching up with cutie pie Syed and Zack. I have not seen these two for many moons!

To the lady in yellow, who came to say hello and introduced herself as one of my blog readers, thank you. My apologies that I couldnt talk to you longer as we were interrupted by the couple that insisted they took pictures. I think it was you that I greeted at the finishing line???

Best moments for the night was of course seeing Yim and Karen crossing the line and the chit chat afterwards and most memorable would be the grand finishing of Ms Luvly Aini and Irina .. what a finishing .. they were escorted from KM30 till the end, all lights flashing .. ambulances, riders, bikers, cyclists, 4-wheel vehicles .. Agung pun kalah kot hahaah ..

I am glad I went to Putrajaya even though at the end of the day I felt like it was me that ran the full marathon.

To all that participated TNF and PNM, congratulations on finishing your challenge. You guys are awesome!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

May Allah Bless His Soul - Remembering TSB.

 Picture taken from Jaja's blog, courtesy of Jason Hue, Snap Attack.

Amsyah tried to call me but I was out on my walk and he left the shocking message of the passing of TSB. I read it three times and found it hard to believe. But news like this would not be passed on if its not true. Stopped my car and called Syah and heard from what little was known then, that TSB went out for a run, and collasped and did not make it. I had to call a few more friends just to be sure. Its so hard to believe that he was really gone.

That's how fragile life is. That there might not be a tomorrow for us. Having losing someone close to us like this, makes us take a step back and stare hard into what's left for us.

I am not sure how to categorize my friendship with TSB. I met him for the first time during SCKLM 2010, I was already hobbling and there he was walking too. Somehow we stuck together for some kilometres and I went on with parting words "catch up tau" when he had to stop and pee. Well he didnt and that has always been a source of private joke between us. "yeahhh cakap aje sakit lutut lepas tu dia lari tinggal kita sampai tak boleh catch up" was his favourite line whenever we talked about running.

We never shared a cup of coffee together, though we always wanted to, and he always tried but somehow failed to make it to any of the FMV gatherings. But friends we were. He'd beep me online on fb chat and we'd be chatting, sometimes a quick hello, many times a long while talking about our slow running, his dreams and my dreams on our running achievements, kids, family .. work. And I found out later that he was schoolmates with my nephew!! Somehow we shared this special bond. And I cherished that for he was a truly a good friend, funny but most of all, always honest in giving his opinions. Its funny that even though we hardly meet, and our liaisons were mostly online, I consider him a good friend. He has his charms.

Two days ago we were chatting. I was whining about not running. About other things. We were talking about triathlons and my fear of the sea. He offered to do one with me. I told him I will take him up on his offer when I am ready.

We talked about our favourite running event SCKLM. We sort of made a pact, if all goes well and I am ok to run again, I'd ditch the kedai runcit anak mami and we'd do our full marathon at scklm 2012 together, this time sticking together as glue from start to finish. "i go pee you wait" and "but i lari marathon 7 jam tau, you cannot target anything less" to which I heartily agreed ! And that was the last we spoke.

I may not be that close of a personal friend but its still a big loss for me. He was in his own way a good friend of mine. Someone who was willing to swim with me so that I could do my triathlon and a walking buddy for a full marathon.

I dont know about triathlons but insyaallah, God willing, if all goes well and I am capable, SCKLM 2012  I would do the full marathon in memory of TSB and our pact. Even if  have to walk the full 42.195 km.

Good bye TSB. May Allah bless your soul my friend. And may you be placed amongst the chosen ones. To all muslim friends lets all sedekah yassin for him during our prayers.


Group photo after our gruelling run .. scklm 2010
TSB crossing the line last year's SCKLM, half marathon .. see how much weight he shedded? I remember telling him how jealous I was of his new toned look :) (picture taken from his blog)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Am So Vain :)

Warning : a really vain piece, so jangan kata tak warning lol ..

Orang selalu kata Monday blues .. but I've been having, monday, tuesday and wednesday blues .. feeling so bluekk .. biasa lah kan .. one of those days ..but because I am so vain at times, someone made my day today ngeh ngeh ngeh ..

Al kisahnya tomorrow I am meeting up with a group of young runners in JB. Sessi suai kenal and also to get them started on a group training .. ada brother ni dengan baik hatinya volunteer to help the group get started .. so if ada jb runners reading this, head on to Jusco Tebrau tomorrow , jumpa kat Starbucks at 7pm onwards .. then boleh lah plan lari sama-sama ramai-ramai! Anak Mami tolong startkan aje .. masih tak boleh berlari .. tak mau ceritalah pasal lari, nanti tambah thursday ke sunday blues !!

So sambung alkisahnya, there is a nite run in Kulai 27/11, yep same date with Nike, and the borang was available in Kompleks Sukan Larkin. Memandangkan I was sending Yana to Larkin Bus Station (anak dara tu balik klang nak jumpa friends ..) and its just one junction away,  I decided to drop by and get some forms so that boleh lah beri pada gang2 esuk ..

The first office I stopped didnt know what I was talking about .. lari kat kulai? you dari kulai ke?? (if i dari kulai buat apa cari borang kat larkin??? duh ..) but he directed me to another office .. the actual belia & sukan place ..

Me : assalamualaikum
Mak dara : mualaikumsalam
Me : nak tanya, ada borang nite run kulai?
Mak dara tenguk  mak dara2 : err nite run? u dari kulai? (apa daaa sekali lagi ..ada muka orang kulai ke??) siapa organize?
Me : KBC .. kelab basikal ..
Mak dara2 : oooh , itu, hmm tapi takde borang pun sini .. mana tau ambik sini??
Me : dlm website kata boleh kat sini ..
Mak dara2 : nanti saya check .. officer in charge tak de , I call dia - maka dia pun buatlah panggilan

And Mak dara strike a conversation with me :-

you orang sini? tak, saya orang klang .. baru pindah .. oohh .. ada join apa2 activiti kbs ke? ohh ada ke? tak tau lah pulak .. ada .... umur berapa? ngeh ngeh tanya umur lah pulak .. since she was friendly anak mami tanya balik, u agak2? 30? alamak . lagi lah ngeh ngeh ngeh (melampau kan anak mami) .. hahaha terima kasih tapi banyak lagi kena tambah .. oh, nak tau umur so boleh masukkan dlm kategori yang sesuai, like that one aa???  betul ke??? can anyone confirm this??

sementara sembang ni adalah anak dara sorang datang join .. uishhh .. lawa .. (rbu yang bujang2 kalau mai johor pergilah kat kbs larkin tu hehehe) .. sungguh manis dan ayu .. she was just observing us talking and looking at me ..

Mak dara tak lepas lagi .. so umur u berapa ni? Err 48 nak masuk 49 .. terus anak dara tu WAH, BUT U R SO GORGEOUS .. hampir pengsan anak mami LOL .. dia tau ke gorgeous to category cantik tahap tinggi?? tergelak besar jugak ..hahah terima kasihlah sayang .. she was like, betul ke kak 48??? tak kan nak tunjuk ic pulak?? hehehe ..

Di pendikkan cerita panjang, borang belum sampai ..di suruh tinggal kan phone number so that they can call me .. also found out that I can register for some courses if I want but ehem yang in my age category tu kurang memberangsangkan lah .. BUT i might have something interesting to pursue .. lain hari cerita ..jeng jeng jeng ...

So, anak mami pun berterima kasih, anak dara masih tak percaya dan nak tahu rahsia .. takdelah rahsianya dik ooi .. senyum lah sentiasa ngeh ngeh ngeh .. alhamdulillah, anugerah Allah, ada terselit kot dna lambat sikit tua ...

Sambil jalan kat kereta tersengih-sengih bahagia .. terngiang-ngiang di telinga wah, but u r so gorgeous .. kan dah kata I am so vain?

But then again, seems like the perception is kalau dah 45 and above tak cantik ke?? sudah tua sangat?? i think lah hot mamas sekarang can give a hard run to the anak daras ..  anak mami hati masih 25 kot .. LOL .. and hey they say 40 is the new 30 and I am so gonna make 50 the new 30 too LOL ..

Here's to a normal thursday, and days that follows :)

Sunday, October 09, 2011


Trying out the penultimate and blogwriter app :)

Have a great weekend my dear friends!!