Thursday, October 20, 2011

14-day Challenge Starts Today, NOT

Morning peeps and hehe, yep you read that right! NOT is the key word for today LOL.

For totally lame reasons I will explain why I cant start the challenge today, as I  enthusiastically promised just yesterday. Yikes!

Lame Reason 1 : its no good to start cold turkey when I have been eating like there is no tomorrow, right? yeah, I know you will agree with me hihi ..

Lame Reason 2 : I just realised I have many already planned makan sessions, tak kan lah dah plan keluar makan and then tell them, err I can only eat cereal and fruits ???.. mana ada restaurant sells those??? I have breakfast with the lovely Sasha today, then later for dinner I am meeting up with a new bunch of runners scattered around JB area for a get to know each other and plan to run together session .. these would be the new breed of combo chap ayam/fmv members ! Also on saturday, I have my uncle's kenduri for his leaving to perform his Haj .. so you see .. I plan to eat my heart out on Sunday lol .. I have to eat, if not like there is no tomorrow, at least moderately and not just cereal and fruits LOL

Lame Reason 3 : I have this bad habit, my kids tell me I am OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder .. I have to do things a certain way, I have to start things a certain day, etc you get it .. so yeah starting on a THURSDAY is soo hard to keep track, dont you agree? So I will start Monday and its so much easier to know when its Sunday a week is gone and on to the next week and another and another till I get my desired weight goal .. Yes? No? Yes laaa ..

BUT, I am not going crazy either except for Sunday :)  .. I am going to start eating properly , cut down on snacks and portions and not have this stupid "alaa makan ajelah nanti exercise semua turun" cos the exercise was never incorporated LOL. So moderate eating for the next four days!

And I havent just sat and do nothing, I have more or less make my menu when I start the challenge on Monday :)

The example meal plan on the box is as follows :-

Breakfast : 40g of nestle, fitnesse & fruit cereal with 125mo low fat/skimmed milk, 1 piece of fruit, 1 cup of tea/coffee

Lunch : balance meal with veges, meat or fish or eggs, bread or dairy broducts

Dinner : 40g of the cereal, veges or low fat yoghurt ..

So, I am going to stick to the breakfast and dinner menu (I might cheat on extra cup of coffee!) and for lunch would incorporate sandwiches, grilled fish with veges, meat with veges, chicken, salads, etc .. you get the idea .. 

And hopefully I can see some results at the end of the two weeks and start again another cycle ..

Wish me luck, I am sure I would be "forced" to cheat here and there but I promise I will stick as much as possible to the plan .. I am after all, a normal anak mami ha ha ..

And ooh there is so much less pain on my knees that I wish we had done this jab much much earlier .. but I guess the doctor didnt want to go for the strong jab immediately but yeah the 3 course jab didnt do its job .. I can walk without pain, up from the couch with no pain and gonna test up and down the stairs soon .. I have been in constant pain for so long that I forgot how wonderful it is to have pain free walks and activites LOL.

The pic on the left is what I am feeling now and I hope to be at the 2nd pic version again ngeh ngeh ngeh ..and ooh should I chop my hair to this again???? the short or the long like below??

yes? no???

Have a lovely Thursday friends. I know I will :) .. Take care ..


Diket said...

Alhamdullillah the pain subsides. Good to hear. And about the OCD, it reminds me of Mr. Monk. My wife is a big fan.

Have a great Thursday to you too!

June Malik said...

Hey diket : haah i should write abt my OCD one day .. my kids swear to it lol .. take care and hope to see u soon, been awhile! salam to mrs!

Zack Yui said...

If this makes you feel better, I've totally forgetten about the challenge! And I ate rice last nite, just 2 hours after promising myself to avoid rice after 6pm... hikhik
Dieting is soooo not for me!
But good luck to you! :]

kuchalana said...

Cerial je kak? 14 hari?

Gud luck..

June Malik said...

LOL Zack, i baru nak sms and tell you we start Monday .. hey you still have 4 days to think hehe

Kuchalana, a good day today, kaki kurang sakit and feeling great ..yep starting a block of 14 days diet MONDAY .. have to lose those extra flabs yang orang tak tau sungguh banyak ada lol .. tak tau lah berapa block kena buat heheh .. thanks for dropping by!

deo said...

Good luck KJ! You look slim je bila tengok gambar lari dengan Zack kat PNM tu. Hehehe jangan marah aaa Zack, you're still Mr. Gebs, tiada tandengan!

RaYzeef said...

Good luck Kak June...dah abes baca my blog? he he

lina said...

wah! a fortnight of eating cereal. I makan cereal for snek aje. Nak breakfast pun x cukup. @.@

June Malik said...

Deo, itu illusion jer hihi ..
Ray , thanks and yesss sudh habis baca lol
Lina, no choice ..Ada jeans dah tak bole hutang pun hihi

Azza said...

alahai..camni 'makan2' kena kluarkan dari itinerary eh? boleh tolong delay lg plan K.June tu??..amiiiin

lina said...

Tak try banana diet? Somewhat works for me. Lawas giler.... hence habis segala benda2 tersumbat clear. muahaha

June Malik said...

Azza, no can do hihi
Lina ..haha that will be my fruit ..