Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Anak Mami's Saturday 15.10.11

Arlina on her graduation day .. in all the chaos there was no photo just the two of us and my husband was walking around the area and didnt pick up his phone, so no photo with dad AT ALL lol .. Congrats kakak .. so proud of you and good luck with your new job <3

me and Vron .. sungguh nampak dia slim and I selam lol

seriously cant remember what we were laughing about, look at Yim especially, lol

see? they are still chirpy after the gruelling task

running with yim for the last few hundred metres :) acah aje hehe, he was still going fast and strong!!

met zack yang gebu, ran a bit with him hehe

an old friend, hensem bobby :)
Yep, last minute with Azza's help, (thanks azza :) I managed to make my way to Putrajaya to see Yim and Karen finish their double whammy feat and also to hook up with friends again. It was really nice to be in a race atmosphere, makes me miss running a lot but knowing what is best for me, the run with Yim and Zack would suffice for the moment. How bad are my knees? well that short run was enough to make me grimace the next day when walking and especially up and down the stairs lol.

Affirming old acquaintance, making new ones and cam-whoring were agendas for the night. It was a fun night and finally I managed to have a short chat with Doc Julin and her ever smiling hubby (not a word from him ok, just 'em dazzling smile) and catching up with cutie pie Syed and Zack. I have not seen these two for many moons!

To the lady in yellow, who came to say hello and introduced herself as one of my blog readers, thank you. My apologies that I couldnt talk to you longer as we were interrupted by the couple that insisted they took pictures. I think it was you that I greeted at the finishing line???

Best moments for the night was of course seeing Yim and Karen crossing the line and the chit chat afterwards and most memorable would be the grand finishing of Ms Luvly Aini and Irina .. what a finishing .. they were escorted from KM30 till the end, all lights flashing .. ambulances, riders, bikers, cyclists, 4-wheel vehicles .. Agung pun kalah kot hahaah ..

I am glad I went to Putrajaya even though at the end of the day I felt like it was me that ran the full marathon.

To all that participated TNF and PNM, congratulations on finishing your challenge. You guys are awesome!!


June Malik said...

soalan cepumas : siapa tahu apa kelainan anak mami malam tu?? (selain dari i dah gemuk ..)

tsar said...

i didnt hang around that long after my brother finished his run. sempat jumpa Syed aje. tu pun dia yg tegur as i was waiting at the finish line.

Luvly Me said...

*tersipu-sipu* saya dengan grand finishing itu hehe thank you for being there for us KJ *terharu* mmuahh mmuahh :))

lina said...

yang "selam" itu masih mengancam! ^^

amsyah said...

Congrats Arlina!

KJ rambut baru ka?

tsar said...

lps baca komen Syah, baru teringat nak ucap Tahniah kat Arlina!

btw, "merah sangatlah mak ngah"

June Malik said...

Zarin, I was there bila syed sampai, tak see u pun? Meriah kan mengancam hihi

Aini, finishing utk cerita kat anak cucu .. Glad dpt tunggu till u finish since RJM kj tak dpt stay!!!

Lina, selam tenggelam lol

Syah, no lah .. Rambut dah panjang jer .. Dok contemplate nak potong pendik macam dulu ...

June Malik said...

Hehe siapa pun tak perasan, my title was 15.11.11 when it's 15.10.11 lol ..thanks Sam!!

Julin Julai said...

KJ! I hope to see you again in PBIM. Tapi I'm doing Half and you're bukak-ing the kedai runcit. Argh. Tensi tau asyik sipi2 je jumpa KJ ni.

Azza said...

K.June, pleasure to help u, im hepi to see u happy :) Anak mami terrer lari pakai jeans!

June Malik said...

Doc Julin, don't worry, we have balik tepeng plan ..hopefully we can more than catch up and I get to hear wan speaks lol

Azza : alas 500m jer boleh la lol