Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The doctor said ".............................."

Well, I have been in constant pain .. getting up from the chair, wrong angle of walking (ada tau), up and down the stairs, getting up after sitting on the floor, I cant even bend my knees , forget lunges and squats  .. and if you know me, my threshold of pain is truly high but now I must admit defeat, cant stand being in pain all the time.

A short phone call to my doctor and thus we decided that since I cant do my ops yet, I am to take this jab that would ease up the pain and sustain me for the next few months till I can get surgery done. That's how bad my knees are :(  My operation  has to wait till Azam has a school break for more  2 weeks or more, I dont have a backup here so I cant be immobilise for 2 weeks that I need to recuperate. I think he has a 2 week break in December, so that would be the nearest date, (Azam goes to international school and thus Nov/Dec is not his long break) if not, then I guess its during his "summer" break here in Malaysia ..

So yeah long story short, please, for you runners out there, old and new .. addicted and enthusiatic .. do not ignore any pain, get it checked like pronto and do not, I repeat do not train/run while you are still nursing your injury. Due to my stubborness I have to pay it now dearly, being on the sideline watching you guys crossing the finishing line :( HEAL 100% before you start anything. Learn from me.

So, this was the needle this morning heheeh .. slight pain and bearable for me, might be more painful or not painful at all for others ,.. each to his own level of pain tolerance LOL ..

the whole thing and a close up of the needle lol .. if you are scared of needle, then you best take care!

It was immediate relieve of somewhat .. and I hope that in the next few days I would be walking pain free .. and the doctor's pesan for me ?  "toksah lasak2 ok?? .. no running .. " I can still swim, walk, cycle and do the horse thingie ..

And oooh you know what was the FIRST THING the doctor  said to me when I walked into his room ?

The doctor said, I quote "WAH, YOU PUT ON WEIGHT", unquote! Direct. Brutally honest. And there I was, not knowing how to react and I finally said , kan??? I know!!! Lol

So yeah, to friends that's been telling me :-

Part One

a) no lah mana ada kak june put on weight?
b) tak nampak pun???
c) ish kak june ni merepek lah ... and many more "comforting" words, thank you for being modest and not wanting to hurt my feelings, but really I would have preferred the truth lah .. because :-

Part Two

a) the weighing scale doesnt lie (even though I wish it did), I am a whopping 5kg heavier
b) my sarung baju kurung cant make the 360 degreen turn around my waist anymore, ngam2 tarik zip and it stays there , gotta even breathe in a bit hokeyyyy
c) there is a gap between the button and button hole of my jeans before I can zip up my jeans ..
d) the fat spillage over the top of the jeans
e) the bulge of the yikes ugly tummy

But I have been lazy, using my  knees as an excuse .. the pool hardly sees me nowadays (I wonder if Brit misses me) and I have been eating like there is no tomorrow ..

So, I am taking drastic measure , since the doctor said ............... (cant bear to repeat his words) starting tomorrow (kenalah makan puas2 hari ni kan??) I am going for the 14 day challenge
yep, what i would be eating the next 14 days or more ..

See the svelte figure????

Well, wishful thinking would be to get that svelte figure on the box but honestly speaking, as long as I can improve on Part Two I will be happy .. Just to get back to my old self  the time before I had this extra 5kg. I dont think 14 days would work in my case but I will keep at it ..

So, anyone out there wants to start the same challenge with me? If you feel like you need to lose a bit, or if you feel "gebu" *ngeh ngeh*, lets do this together ..

Will keep you guys bored by updating on my progress LOL ..

But seriously, jokes aside , do take heed of what has happened to me. DO NOT ignore your pain, get it checked immediately and DO NOT run till you are fully healed from your injuries.

Have a good day peeps !!


lina said...

tengok the needle pun dah rasa sakit. adoi!

Take care Kak June.

p.s. mana ada you put on weight! Betul! Scale tu dah nak kena tukar baru tu. hihih

June Malik said...

Oh Lina, haha unfortunately the machine is right .. you take care too ok .. you are now tengah in the very enthusiastic mode :) thanks babe

marzianna said...

AJ! guide me with ur 14 day challenge! post it on ur blog...ehehehheeeee.....mar pun dah put on weight since kurang run..huhuuhuhu

plee said...

It really good to see again on PNM nite! I believe the injection is the right way forward to ease the pain whilst waiting.. a famous tennis player also has to have the same shots 2-3 times a year just to keep going!

Do take care, and heal well1 May I ask what type of knee surgery to going for? A couple of my friends with very bad knees had stemscell surgery for the knee tendons and now looks as good as new.

Take care and see you again!

Paul Lee

June Malik said...

Mar, u gemuk? haha now that is a joke but then again, weight issue is also to his own thinking ..ok, i will update ngeh ngeh ngeh ..

Paul, its good to see you too .. my last "visit" to race site was SCKLM! surgery will be to repair the meniscus and lateral tear, bad on left knee, starting on right knee. I heard abt the stem cell thingie but my insurance would not cover it. But doesnt it take a long time before you actually see/feel the results?? thanks again and see you soon too !

Che said...

good advise there kak. :)

get well soon ya?

June Malik said...

Che!!! Long time :) thanks. You take care ya :)

Zack Yui said...

Waaaaa! I terasa tau! Hahahaha
But anyway, I'll take the challenge!
Gulp! But to lose 5kg in 2 weeks is too drastic for me laa! How about 2kg je? Lol!

June Malik said...

zack haha jangan terasa, i usik u aje
sebenarnya kita sama dan serupe hihi .. and mana lah boleh hillang 5kg in two weeks? mesti ada mengelat sana sini gak the diet nih ..kan i pun kata 2 weeks or more :) but lets just get started on trying to lose em gebu fats hihi ..

tsar said...

laa... patut la lutut i ni meragam hari ni start dari tghari tadi. rupa2nya dia tunjuk empathy ngan kak june. terpaksa skip lari lepas ofis tadi.

at least you can tell your doctor that you weren't that lasak-lasak. hehe.

good luck on your challenge!

Azza said...

macam pernah dgr laa 1 rangkap ayat kt dlm tu...?? No worries, no mtter what, u still look gorgeous as always :)

June Malik said...

zarin : wah kita ada telepathy ehhee .. u take care too ok .. oh the lasak is a good word from the doctor, first time jumpa kak june dia kata "puan ni ganas betul lah" haha

azza : hihi ... thanks sis , love u

Diket said...

I'm sorry about your knee Kak June. Do take care of it. Takde spare part, kita semua dapat sepasang aje :]

June Malik said...

Itu lah diket, am working hard to get it all healed ..Ada project besar punya come 2013 lol,

hailey said...

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