Thursday, October 13, 2011

May Allah Bless His Soul - Remembering TSB.

 Picture taken from Jaja's blog, courtesy of Jason Hue, Snap Attack.

Amsyah tried to call me but I was out on my walk and he left the shocking message of the passing of TSB. I read it three times and found it hard to believe. But news like this would not be passed on if its not true. Stopped my car and called Syah and heard from what little was known then, that TSB went out for a run, and collasped and did not make it. I had to call a few more friends just to be sure. Its so hard to believe that he was really gone.

That's how fragile life is. That there might not be a tomorrow for us. Having losing someone close to us like this, makes us take a step back and stare hard into what's left for us.

I am not sure how to categorize my friendship with TSB. I met him for the first time during SCKLM 2010, I was already hobbling and there he was walking too. Somehow we stuck together for some kilometres and I went on with parting words "catch up tau" when he had to stop and pee. Well he didnt and that has always been a source of private joke between us. "yeahhh cakap aje sakit lutut lepas tu dia lari tinggal kita sampai tak boleh catch up" was his favourite line whenever we talked about running.

We never shared a cup of coffee together, though we always wanted to, and he always tried but somehow failed to make it to any of the FMV gatherings. But friends we were. He'd beep me online on fb chat and we'd be chatting, sometimes a quick hello, many times a long while talking about our slow running, his dreams and my dreams on our running achievements, kids, family .. work. And I found out later that he was schoolmates with my nephew!! Somehow we shared this special bond. And I cherished that for he was a truly a good friend, funny but most of all, always honest in giving his opinions. Its funny that even though we hardly meet, and our liaisons were mostly online, I consider him a good friend. He has his charms.

Two days ago we were chatting. I was whining about not running. About other things. We were talking about triathlons and my fear of the sea. He offered to do one with me. I told him I will take him up on his offer when I am ready.

We talked about our favourite running event SCKLM. We sort of made a pact, if all goes well and I am ok to run again, I'd ditch the kedai runcit anak mami and we'd do our full marathon at scklm 2012 together, this time sticking together as glue from start to finish. "i go pee you wait" and "but i lari marathon 7 jam tau, you cannot target anything less" to which I heartily agreed ! And that was the last we spoke.

I may not be that close of a personal friend but its still a big loss for me. He was in his own way a good friend of mine. Someone who was willing to swim with me so that I could do my triathlon and a walking buddy for a full marathon.

I dont know about triathlons but insyaallah, God willing, if all goes well and I am capable, SCKLM 2012  I would do the full marathon in memory of TSB and our pact. Even if  have to walk the full 42.195 km.

Good bye TSB. May Allah bless your soul my friend. And may you be placed amongst the chosen ones. To all muslim friends lets all sedekah yassin for him during our prayers.


Group photo after our gruelling run .. scklm 2010
TSB crossing the line last year's SCKLM, half marathon .. see how much weight he shedded? I remember telling him how jealous I was of his new toned look :) (picture taken from his blog)


me or you said...

He's annoying, but very warm-hearted. Will dearly miss him!

ibuiklil said...


tsar said...

altho I didn't know him personally, his name popped up in FB and blog once in a while.
a few days ago, Yim posted about a couple of runners who died running in Chicago marathon the past few years. They were 35. yikes


June Malik said...

its still a shock but its slowly sinking in. he will surely be missed by many. al fathihah.

Che said...


rara said...

i dun know him personally too.. (maybe pernah jumpa when he met my sis during running events).. may he rest in peace. Al-fatihah..

WebbieLady said...

May his sould indeed rest in peace...

June Malik said...

che, rara and webbielady, yes may he be placed amongst the chosen ones :)