Monday, November 07, 2011

Losing Weight For Dummies - Week 1

I am by no mean a diet expert. So please if at all you want to start a regime, do it slowly and listen to your body. Or check with your doctor. Different body reacts differently, what works for me might not work for others. This regime doesnt allow you to eat that much, so if at all at any time you feel dizzy or like you have not enough food, please do not continue, change it to suit your body.

Well, here was how my week went !

Monday 31/10

Breakfast : cereal and coffee
Lunch : 2 sambal bilis bun, 1 mochi (tak lapar and no mood to eat hehe)
Dinner : cereal and yoghurt
Notes : through out the day I drank plenty of water, had 2 more coffee servings and 2 packets of wheat crunch biscuits (4 pieces per packet)

45 mins of swimming

Tuesday 1/11

Breakfast : cereal, one pack of 110ml anlene milk and coffee
Lunch : KFC snack plate, no mash potato extra coleslaw, coffee, a piece of pineapple and strips of mango
Dinner : cereal and yoghurt
Notes : through out the day water and hot lemon tea, coffee err one mochi hihi

45 mins of swimming

Wednesday 2/11

Breakfast : cereal and milk
Lunch : baked fish, salad, a portion of boiled potato
Dinner : yoghurt and 2 packs of wheat crunch biscuits, one mini mars bar
Notes : through out the day  water, one hot passion lemon tea, one coffee

45 mins of horse riding

Thursday 3/11

Breakfast : cereal, coffee
Lunch : half nasi lemak, telur goreng and loads of sambal, sayur and ikan bilis
Dinner : banana and yoghurt
Notes : through out the day water and had 1 more coffee and 1 hot lemon tea snacks

30 mins of swimming and 30 mins of strength training (dumbell workout)

Friday 4/11

Breakfast : cereal, banana, milk
Lunch : small chicken bun, fried Meehoon extra vege, hot lemon passion tea
Dinner : very small bowl of spaghetti (cheated hehehe)  (was enticed by my own cooking lol)
Notes : throught out the day, water, coffee, 1 hot milo  and 1 pack oats biscuit (4 pieces)

No workout :(

Saturday 5/11

Breakfast : slept in, by the time I woke, cleared some housework etc, its lunch time hihi
Lunch : bowl of vegetable soup with chicken strips, banana, apple juice
Dinner : bit of lemang, beef rendang ..sigh cheated again lol
Notes : through out the day, some grapes, coffee

45 mins aerobics (at home yoo, step sendiri lol)

Sunday 6/11

Breakfast : cereal, banana, coffee yay raya Bfast!!
Lunch : salmon with veges and omelette
Dinner : 2 yoghurt
Notes : through out the day, coffee and 2 mochi

No work out

Weight started : 65.5kg (yep that's how heavy I am lol)
Weight after a week : 65.5 kg (yep you read it right!!)

Some would have lost at least 2kg with this diet LOL.

And why am I not whining? Because I know my body, its slow to accept new regime and slow to start shedding (that's why I have to do this pronto, takes ages to lose, yikes) .. back in Klang when I first joined the gym, people around me were losing weight the first month and I was still the same and after the 2nd month I slowly began to shed! So I am hoping this is the case, and also I am not exercising as much as before, 45mins a day of swimming is no way equivalent to the work out I had in Klang and it was a minimum of an hour day of good hard work out, and some days a full 2 hour workout, and also I have my runs.

I have somehow lost my modjo to do any workout .. I have to literally force myself to go down to the pool or do some strength training, all the time reminding myself that I HAVE TO DO THIS or else the muffin top will swell over horribly ..

So hopefully this week, I will have better motivation to do more workouts, a more strenous ones and also by end of this week at least I would have lost a bit, even an ounce :)

Here's to the second week peeps !!

 Note : coffee : black no sugar
            yoghurt : Nestle fat free, 35g
            biscuits : munchy's wheat krunch (hi-fiber)


lina said...

Ganbare Kak June! You can do it!

tsar said...

takut tgk Dinner tu.
me nowadays, lepas 3 jam sure nak ngunyah2... haha

June Malik said...

Haha, thanks Lina and Zarin !!

Anny said...

Hi June, you need to lose 5, I need to lose 3. Put on 3kgs this past one month. Am starting today - will jot it down like you do to make sure I'm on track :) Keep up with the "inspring" updates including all the cheats haha.

June Malik said...

Anny, dont u just love the cheats? lol .. will update next monday of this week's progress :)

Azza said...

Keep it on K.June, you'll get ur target! Nak cuba gak, hope it works on me...amiiiin :)

kuchalana said...

kak.. serius klu saya polo regime ni sure kantoi punya.. kekekee...

anyway.. saya ada 5kg lagi nak kne turun sampai Dec ni.. fokusss...

June Malik said...

Azza, not too much hihi

Arman, jenuh nak buat , tu pun cheating lol