Sunday, November 13, 2011

Losing Weight For Dummies - Week 2

Err, well it didn't start well, lol .. You live once and we gotta enjoy it right??? Ngeh ngeh ngeh ..

Monday - its still a holiday and I didn't feel like eating cereal lol ..

Breakfast : Small bowl of fried rice, coffee
Lunch : 4 tablespoons of yummylicious blueberry cheese ice cream (in my defense we had power cut for almost 3 hours, rather than all go to waste .. hihi)
Dinner : grilled chicken and veges, hot passion lemon tea

Through out the day another coffee and 1 pack of wheat biscuit

45 mins light workout


Had slight migraine (excuses, excuses for no cereal day)

No breakfast. Slept in then rushed to send Yana to the bus terminal.
Brunch : McD's classic chicken, minus the bun and fries. Just the meat. Coffee.
Dinner : couldn't resist my all time favourite summer stack cake at Starbucks (in my defense, again, they haven't had this for TWO full months, and I am not waiting another two months lol)

So yeah two days busted!!

No work out and throughout the day water. No other sinful snacks hihi

Wednesday - am being a good girl again :)

Breakfast : cereal with strawberries slices, yoghurt, coffeea
Lunch : 2 packs of wheat biscuits, a pear, coffee
Dinner : 1 yoghurt, munch on a fist of mixed nuts

seems to be little eh? but i was not hungry, guess my body is adjusting to the new eating habits :)

1 full hour of good workout with Silver. A good riding day for me, I am much better and hardly any thoughts of falling off anymore :)


Breakfast : cereal with strawberries, yoghurt, coffee
Lunch : an apple, 1 currypuff, 3 small pieces of fried wantan, hot lemon tea
Dinner : yoghurt, coffee, 3 packs of wheat biscuits

Sips of gatorade from time to time, hot milo , water. 45mins of swimming, divided into laps and workouts in the water :)


Breakfast : cereal with strawberries, yoghurt and coffee
Lunch : shrimp wantan soup, 1 currypuff, hot lemon tea
Dinner : yoghurt and 3 packs of wheat biscuits

water, snacked on one mini mars bar, half hour swimming, the sun was too hot to do my normal 45-1hr .. anak mami dah cukup tan ok !


Slept in, cleared some housework and headed to giant, no breakfast

Early lunch (noon) : 1/2 bowl of prawn mee, lemon juice, coffee
Tea : lapar lah pulak .. had two toasted butter scotch bread with coffee
Dinner : couldnt resist my own cooking, mee bandung LOL ..

no work out .. camne lah nak kurus camni haha

Sunday - hardest day to diet ..

Breakfast : roti bakar cicah kari salmon youuu .. 3pcs of wholemeal bread with ooffe and juice
Lunch : a banana and a pear, coffee, munched on sunflower seeds
Dinner : seafood tomyam, hot lemon tea

it was a truly lazy sunday, no workouts, no nothing .. sigh LOL

Weight lost for this week : NIL !! at least I didnt gain .. but its that time of the month last week and probably bloated up for that reason? Will I see sudden drop this week? hahaah, only time will tell!

That's 4 days of busted diet but then again I dont think I ate that much anyway, some could have lost so much by now. See how hard it is for me? sigh sigh lol .. I am lacking exercise I know, so used to more strenous and longer hours of working out which has now dwindled down to mere 45mins of almost nothing! I need my modjo back, fast and furious !!

Here's to next week though I can tell you today, next weekend my diet is going out of the window because , insyaallah, I will be in Penang for the PBIM's race, setting up my FMV/Anak Mami's kedai runcit .. have you ever heard of someone going on a diet when in Penang??? so yeah lol .. laksa, pasembur, etc etc here I come ngeh ngeh ngeh ..

I guess the 4th week would be THE week that I would attempt the diet with no cheatings whatsoever, hopefully.

Have a great week peeps :)


kuchalana said...

xpa kak.. jgn paksa diri.. :)

June Malik said...

hahah arman, no worries, no paksa diri involved here .. as u can see banyak cheating lol, but hey, thanks :)

lina said...

Adehla... klu sya ikut diet ni, sah dpt gastric cepat.

Apap-apa pun, all the best with your diet Kak June. Next week turun tu... terus 10ok one shot. kakaka

June Malik said...

Haha Lina, wishful thinking tu but yeah lol

Azza said...

Ayoyoo..Penang food will be real a big challenge..kalah org nak buat 42km lak..hahaha! azza list down must try place, kita jadik food critic lak eh??

June Malik said...

hehe azza, definitely :)