Monday, November 21, 2011

Losing Weight For Dummies - Week3

A total goner week .. but here's how it went ..


Breakfast : cereal with banana and coffee
Lunch : mee goreng and 100+
Dinner : bit of mix vege, yoghurt

water, horlicks and no workout ..


Breakfast : cereal with banana, coffee
Lunch : beef patties with veges, tomato salsa
Dinner : yoghurt, veg soup small bowl, bilis bun

hot lemon passion tea, snacked on some mangga jeruk hihi ..
45mins swimming

Wednesday (frust mode since trip to PBIM has to be cancelled)

Breakfast : frust punya pasal .. McD chicken muffin breakfast LOL ..
Lunch : bilis bun, diet coke, munched on sunflower kernels
Dinner : was out wt the young jb runners, girls nite out :) so yeah ..beef kuew teow and coffee and lots of laughs

45min horse riding , a good day :)


Mode rebelling tak dapat gi Penang

Breakfast : bilis bun, coffee
Lunch : nasi goreng kampong - talk abt rebelling lol
Dinner : yoghurt and munched on peanuts and sunflower kernels

no workout


Breakfast : 2 slices of toasted bread spread with sambal tumis hehe, coffee
Lunch : caesar salad and lime juice
Dinner : yummylicios seafood hehehe , diet?? siapa diet??? lol (was hosting some guests)

Coffee and snacked on sunflower kernels .. selagi tak habis tak puas hati lol .. and swam for 45 mins

Saturday and Sunday busted day since I had to "entertain"! Husband's office had some important clients to entertain and they brought their wives , it was initially his boss's and wife's agenda but the boss had to go to qatar for an emergency leaving my husband with his duties and thus since wives were involved so I was dragged into it .. my reason to missing my PBIM trip .. food was sinful LOL .. and yeah no workout either !

So yeah, no change in weight, but I dont feel as bloated .. but yeah the needle did not budge, or my weighing machine is busted??

Well, on to another week and after this I will quit if the needle still did not budge LOL ..

Have a good week peeps ..


kuchalana said...

Mode rebelling tak dapat gi Penang..

Xpa kak.. there will always another race..

lina said...

Tu dia punya rebel.

Rebel-rebel pun, berat x naik, OK apa.

Anyways, takpe KJ. Next year ada lagi PBIM. :)

June Malik said...

Haha thanks arman n Lina .. Tunggu report kuchalana PBIM ni ..

amsyah said...

KJ - try 6 small meals/days. lots of water, and light aerobic exercises 4x/weeks, insyaAllah.

The weights tu mula2 memang stubborn, tapi lepaih tu bila dah overdrive, kejap je turun.

never givap KJ!

June Malik said...

Syah, makan tu no issue, exercise ..I have lost it..nak buat apa2 pun malas !!! :(

tsar said...

Eh this is weird. My comment went missing.

Anyway, I wrote that I wasn't the only one who googled 'how many calories does laughing burn'. Hahaha.

bak kata Rob Schneider - you can do it!

June Malik said...

zarin,kena laugh lebih since exercise kurang hehehe.. nak try do it lah nie.. macam syah kata jangan givap hehehe ..

Anny said...

Thanks for posting your diet plan; I did mine for a week tapi lebih banyak gagal so tak semangat but after reading yours, jadi semangat lagi coz I'm not the only one haha :)