Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What pictures do you have in your handphone??

Continuing from Zarin's blog ... here's mine .. but ooh so teruk the collections only to affirm my kids complaining "you no need all these expensive phone lah Ibu, ada camera pun tak pernah pakai" LOL .. and they are right, I hardly pull out my phone to capture something .. I will just witness and remember :)

So in my handphone mostly are pictures of the kids and pictures that I collect to use as my wallpaper .. I think I must do this one picture a day project next year, force me to use my camera on my phone and it must be a self photographed pic and not cilok form webs haha ..

I love to collect cute animal pictures as these :)

 or a bit more provocatives one like these .............

hubba hubba hubba lol

this is my favourite skin, have it on my laptop and my ipad and my handphone lol .. 

 and of course my collection wont be complete without ....

My all time hero hehe .. make no mistake its a crush for Aragorn and not Viggo :)

And pictures never seen before ...

zip lining in manila .. 600m across and 350m way up .. long way to go down if the cable breaks, inna lilla ajelah


Arlina, takut heights but still dared herself to do this

my mischievious yana, we nickname her Monkey but hmm look at how long her hands are, apt nickname? lol

tenguk lah muka nakal tu, ini daredevil like the mom tak takut haha
dont look down lol

azam is a very cautious young lad, he doesnt do roller coasters, or other rides for fear of things might go wrong but he gathered up his courage and did this, we were all so proud of him !! (tapi masa nak start tu muka toreh pisau pun tak berdarah you haha)

My favourite in my handphone ..

LOL, imagine if these were truly to happen lol

Boring lah my pics in my handphone, must start using the camera more. Zarin, we do one pic a day for a year project, amacam???

Have a good week peeps :)


kuchalana said...

hahaha... i like the last one..

tsar said...

yay, thanks for doing it KJ. eh, ok la tu. byk gambar... best nya ziplining tu.

you know what, the hubba-hubba picture reminded me of this picture. LOL!

hmmm... a picture a day? susah tu. kang i tangkap gambar tv, gambar dinding bilik, cubicle je :D
my friend does something like that in her blog. Dia ok la, banyak bahan :)

tsar said...

oops, the first link didn't work properly.
ok, maybe not the same as hubba-hubba. lol!

lina said...

I suuuukaaaaa the last photo. :)

June Malik said...

Arman & Lina : I kneiw u guys would relate to the last pic hehe

Zarin : hahahaha your pic is more like hobo hobo hobo lol ..eh teach me how to link in the comment form? Ijam Ada ajar dulu tapi dah lupa * sheesh* JOM la try the 365 project heheh

tsar said...

nanti saya email atau whatsapp kat kak June... sbb kalau tunjuk sini, nanti dia tunjuk actual link

wak gelas said...

wak pon penah wat 365 project jugakkk... eeee wak dah datang niii nk komen komennnn.......,

June Malik said...

wak gelas, welcome and komen lah apa yang patut :)