Thursday, August 30, 2012


Still not too late to wish all of you a Selamat Hari Raya right? I do hope that all had a good time with family and friends.

We had a hectic schedule but a fun one nonetheless. And alhamdulillah, we were spared of the horrible traffic jam, probably because we are always on the opposite lane hehe ..
I am sure some of you had seen my raya pics posting on fb but yeah am posting some here again.

1st and 2nd raya was in Klang, the off to Taiping for the 3rd and 4th day. We havent been back to Taiping for 3 years and the roads have changed and many new things to see. Had a good time frolicking at Lake Garden with my kids lol .. Hubby is not into frolicking but he was sporting enough (this is a huge one ok) to take a lovey dovey pic of us in public. Normally even at home, we have to really coax him for pictures. He hates taking pictures and hardly smile in them lol.

It was great to have all my 3 kids for straight 10 days, not an easy feat for us nowadays, since Kakak is working and Yana's uni break and Azam's school break are never at the same time! Planning a family holiday is a headache !

OK, the sequence is wrong and I am too lazy to re do, so here are the pics lol

This was where we stayed in Taiping. Kamalodge nearby lake garden and walking distance to Maxwell Hill. Its a really nice and serene place, perfect for a quiet getaway and a great place to run too :) in case you are interested you can call 058062777 or 058061777. The rooms are neat and clean. Price ranges from 180 to 330 per night. It sort of in the family, a cousin's uncle is the owner. We have always wanted to try this place but another uncle always insisted we stay at their place whenever we are in Taiping .. but since it was raya and his house was full with his kids and grandkids, we took the opportunity to stay here :)

Ian was back home for a short trip and came by with his lovely wife, Lil to send us delicious taiping breakfast .. yummy yummy yummy! Thanks again :)

you all already know my two girls, arlina & yana and my son azam then its me with my mom and my two sisters

the so susah to get lovey dovey pics lol

lake garden outing ..

family pic, my real mom, me and lina and my two sisters again

more lake garden frolicking
minta maaf session, ours was taken after the salam and right top, arlina giving ayah duit raya!
 Insyaallah, here's to many many more wonderful raya ..


Thursday, August 02, 2012

Not Like This !!!

A friend messaged to ask me "did you know Y passed away? I saw her friend posting a condolence message on her page"

I last spoke to her in December, she called to ask about my fall. She was her normal self, funny, and caring. We kept in touch via fb. And I do know for a fact that she wasnt sick or have any terminal illness.

So, I made a few enquiries to mutual friends. Yes she did.

The next line really shook me. She hung herself.

I was both shock and speechless. It cant be, Y is not that kind of person. Y is bubbly, strong, confident , a wonderful friend, a good wife and a truly loving mom and would never, ever turn to this act.

But hung herself she did.

After speaking to a close circle of friends I found out that she was having problems in her marriage. Lets not get into details but her last visit to the lawyers was the final straw. Left her kids with a friend to go to the lawyers and never came to pick them up. She went back home and you know what happened.

None of us really knew the extent of her problems. She did reach out but she did it by confiding bit and pieces to few close friends. I got to know the A part of the story, another got the B part, you know the drill. When all stories pieced together, we realised how truly bad it was for her. It was a bad situation but ..........

I cant image what was going through her mind when she decided to end her life. I know she loved her two kids dearly and would do anything for them. Could this be, that she died for them? I shudder to think of her determination to do the act. It takes courage to take your own life. Its got to be done properly. But I cant fathom her decision, for her kids are still young and need her. What was it that made her willing to leave them behind???

She's a tough cookie. I have known her for many years and she has always strived and giving up is not an option. So its really devastating for me not knowing what, and why she ended her life. The desperation. The need to end it all.

I guess we will never know. They say there's three sides of a story .. his, hers and the truth.

I am angry with her too. For not reaching out. Most probably we wont be able to help her much but one thing for sure, she would have had support, all the way to help her get through it.

I still shudder when I think about what happened. Its different reading about strangers doing it in the newspaper. When it hits close, you get all raw and exposed. I am sad she chose to go, but I also know that she would have really really felt like there's nothing left for her in this world.

May you rest in peace my friend. 

To my friends, never ever think its the end of the world when things get tough and rough. Especially in our faith, you must truly believe that what happened , happened for a reason and God knows best. You have to have faith that things will get better and that you will be a better person too. Reach out. Talk to someone. Confide. Find a solution. Pray to God to steer you in the right path, to do the right thing. To have the strength to face whatever comes your way. Never lose your faith.

"You are not a loser, unless you lose faith in Allah"  (unknown source).

Persevere. No one is worth your life. I would do it in a flash if it means I will save my children. If its a choice of me or them. But not for anything else.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Post Merapu - Terkenang ...

Hari ni lah anak mami tak tentu arah. Dah bangkit awai, buat macam2 pun hari dok lagutu gak, time macam tak gerak2 .. sampai dah lemaih tak tau nak buat apa. Pasai belakang dah ok sikit, dah buleh duduk kerusi jadi dok melangut kat PC lah pulak .. tenguk tu, tenguk ni .. rasalah nak buat posting mengarut ni.

Ada juga kununnya rasa nak keluaq lari, tapi ya allah .. lani la ..cheq habak kat hampa .. punyalah malaih .. macam2 excuse mai .. tu yang badan dok neik macam kena pam .. dok complen tak habih2 kata gemuk tapi yang betuinya gemuk pasai tak buat apa2!! semalam paksa diri jugak ikut budak2 gang kat jb ni pi berenang .. kalau depa tak dok kejan memang tak pi .. Anak mami kena kuman M best punya.

Jadi,  dok duduk2 tengah panaih2 ni, teringat kat manggih yang sedap rangum

sapa-sapa yang in the loop mesti tau sapa tuan punya manggih ni kan?? hari tu chek buat blog scklm termiss gambaq ni pasai tak semua upload .. tak sempat2 nak blog .. tapi atuk z tau kan?? kak june dia kenang sampai bila2, dia dok angkut pi dataran pagi2 buta time scklm tu .. *hugs for u zarin* sedap .. manih, ranggup .. jenih yang kecik2 comey tu .. makan best.

Dah malaih nak lari, terkenang time2 yang dok pulun lari tak tentu hala, tak tentu time, tak tentu arah lol .. pi tenguk nike page cheq ..hmm ni lah kot lari cheq yang paling beik .. dah tak buleh buat dah lagu ni .. split yang cheq sungguh bangga haha .. (anak mami perasan lagi)

 adalah dimaklumkan bahawa ini tak akan berulang lagi haha.. ni lari start pepagi buta pukul 3 heheh .. tak boleh ingat apa kejadahnya lari lsd ni .. this was the run yang dapat my best 1k, 5k, 21k, and 1 mile record. adalah sebabnya yang lari tak tentu arah ni .. mesti hati dok hangat kat apa2 kot hahaha .. ini yang kedua .. yang mula2 lari hangat hati siap 44k lagi, timing boleh tahan jugak .. kena hangat hati baru boleh nak lari baik .. susah lah macam tu haha ..

bukan apa, hari ni kan standard chartered bank singapore bukaq registration?? ekiden run slot dah full babe. Teringin nak click tapi aduhai tak leh lagi .. bukan apa aksyen .. nak click kalo nak yang 21k atau 42k jer hahahah .. sekarang baru dapat 7k aje .. yikes !! insyaallah teun depan buleh kot start sikit2, pelan2. Tapi Nana Z tu dah ada jugak dok kenen2 kata toksah lari lagi takut belakang sakit .. lutut memang dah sah tak buleh beik heheeh .. anak mami ni dah kondem betui ..Nana kata dah 2nd hand .. baguih punya comment tu .. nasib dia tak kata nak cari 2nd one!! Tapi buleh lah cheq jadi kugar pulak no? hahahah .. kan dah kata, ni post merapu !

Anak dara cheq yang sulung tu ..boypren dah steady lah jugak .. rasanya satu dua teun lagi anak mami buleh dapat menantu lah kot .. eh kak?? heheh .. bukan apa, tadi jumpa gambaq budak2 kecik comey sungguh .. nak ada sendiri tak sangguplah cheq, tapi takat nak mein2 dengan cucu tu buleh sangat lah haaa .. dapat comey2 macam ni kalau ka ...

Lepaih tu dok teringat2 lah pulak kat Batman .. lama sungguh tak pi neik kuda .. rasa macam tak buleh lagi .. tunggu dua tiga bulan lagi .. rindu beu busuk masam dia hahaha .. habih dah hilang kunun naik kuda dapat bum cantik kui kui kui

bila lah nak dapat buat lagu ni lagi ..

Cheq dah merapu melampau .. apa pun tak lama lagi nak posa. Hampa dah habis ganti ka? sempat lagi?? Selamat berposa semua .. nak share cheq dapat ni dari kawan .. untuk tambahkan amal kita ..

Oklah Nana dah balik .. cheq nak kena pi lah layan dia , nanti dia merajuk cari 2nd one haru lah pulak nak jadi kugar hahaha ..


Friday, June 29, 2012

Post (super belated) SCKLM ramblings

SCKLM came and went, and it was, as always a great day !

My SCKLM involvement this year, again, not as a runner but the anak mami jaga kedai runcit hehe .. I might just do this at the SCKLM's that I can attend and run my runs (if i run again laa) at other places, what say you??

 A big thank you to my team that day at KM36, Miss M (she's been with me on all the times that I ran kedai runcit, this is our 3rd together!) Serena, Miss Bunny aka Siti Balkis, Amsyah, and KD. Also to Swee Chuan Khoo and his two adorable girls holding some quirky placards!! And Azza, who's always there for me, for the gang .. (takde gambar dengan azza :( )

                                           Here's the who and who !!

From Left Ms Bunny, Serena, Miss M, KD, Anak Mami, LengLui Running (pic taken by her hubby, TriStupe and our very own Avatar hunk, Syah Sully ..
                                             and not forgetting

SCK and his adorable girls :)

My "mission" started with the bus ride from  JB to BTS on Friday .. a long 6 hour journey .. by the time I reached Ampcorp Mall my back was complaining .. I told it to shut up! Meeting up with friends were so much fun. I havent seen most for a whole year, since last year's gathering! Uhhs and aahhs and gossips .. many were being nice by telling me that I dont seem to be "fat" like I claimed to be .. I was feeling a bit better only to be thrown to deep end of sea when the cashier at the restaurant honestly commented "kakak! you sudah gumuk lah" there goes my day mwahhahaah ..

                                       the gang that was there that nite

Some new faces and some that never made it to other gatherings, made it that day .. and the "juicy" gossip of the day was this romantic pic lol

a tender moment hehe .. Oliver was asking about my fall and this is quite first time we actually had time to really talk :) 

Saturday, Azza and me went kedai runcit shopping .. gatorades, coke, buns, chocolates, muscle sprays, plasters, garbage bags, and I decided to try and do some asam boi ice cream .. turned out quite well but alas, being in the sun and not a real freezer, my offer of icecream asam boi soon turned to air asam boi hehe ... but the runners loved it from their post comments .. Arman said made his "mata terbeliak" hahahah .. My sincere apology to a runner that got the icecream that had 6 asam boi instead of 2 haha .. it was the last one and I decided to have a super duper masam for myself .. giving them out I totally forgot about that one .. that one mata lebih dari terbeliak for sure lol.

ini belum masuk freezer
 A big set back was that my husband had totally forgotten that he was to drive my toyota ferrari home and not his mazda. Imagine my horror when he arrived on saturday in the grey car instead of the red car. I truly panicked cos we had an extra cooler this year .. luckily we could stuff it all in Azza's sister's Honda City, phewww ... next year this will not happen again, I assure you. Serena, who had gamely volunteered to jaga kedai, was crushed in the back seat with a table and cooler and stuff. Sorry and thank you my friend!!

Well Sunday I was up early, just like I am running, and headed to Dataran with Azza and Serena. Parked our car at the school and walked a bit to meet up with friends. Of course camwhoring was in session! It was awesome to meet more friends .. hilang rindu setahun and I hope it wont be another year before we get to meet again! Usual suspects, Yim, Ray, Aini, Ruby, Azri, Lily, Ida, and many more were there .. Met Arman personally finally after a year of fb/blog. He sure was looking fit! it was a fun morning. Then it was time for the FM runners to start so I went to the gantry to see the crowd off. There were soooo many runners and all were looking so happy and enthusiastic! The horn blasted and off they went. I got a double sweet surprise .. Luvis doubled back and came to hug and kiss me and ran off and then after a few seconds Deo came did the same .. He was smiling ear to ear. I havent seen him in a long time and that was really sweet of him.

It drizzled a bit and Serena insisted that we head to our car (takut hujan rupanya dia ni haha) and we left Azza at Dataran, she was supporting her nephew running the kids dash .. piled up the car again and this time Serena and Miss Bunny were quashed at the back seat. Ms M and me were quite comfortable up front. Sorry girls!

We arrived and set up our place, making sure the drinks would be cold by the time the runners pass by. It was a waiting game and we had fun chit chatting and making jokes. Choi set up to support the LYN runners but he was generous with his offer .. gave us snickers and extra coke when we needed it! And my other wonderful surprise for the day was in the form on tall hunk Amsyah .. the one and only syah sully. He came to help us with the kedai runcit. Got a great big hug from him. Thanks Syah :)

Then the time came, the runners that mattered. Yim and Deo were the first familiar faces that came through .. Yim had a few sips of gatorade whilst Deo breezed through with a smile and a wave. And slowly more dropped by. It was nice to be able to help friends at this juncture. Its always extra noisy and fun and cameras clicking when friends drop by.

We were able to offer drinks to all that dropped by. Its so touching for me when some runners made it a point to stop and say hello to me, to introduce themselves (the new ones that I have only met in fb) sparing the precious few minutes. Thank you.

We had Ms Bunny entertaining the runners with her jumping jacks hahah .. that sure perked up the male runners. We or well, I, had fun teasing and flirting with the runners too .. shouting "ehem hot runner coming", "alamak adik you handsome lah", " looking hot sister" etc to help them ease their journey haha .. it was fun. You should try it one day. This year kita orang tak kena tackle lah pulak haha .. Its not because we are not "hot", they are a lot more serious .. ngee ...

Honestly, compared to last year, this time around, runners that passed us by, some even though tired and in pain were not in serious "torture" like we witnessed last year. Many could still joke with us, giving us high 5's, thanking us .. sure made our day!

Packed up and  back to Dataran by 11ish.. Been a long day but it was worth it. Met up with many more friends. Was reunited back with Azza. Then we headed for the much needed lunch (tak makan tau dari pagi hehehe) Ray, Azu and Izuan joined me, Azza and Serena. It was fun catching up and I must say Azu and Izuan make a great couple. You should see them bickering and teasing each other. Ehem, cepatlah kenduri nasi minyak eh!

And my most sweet surprise for the day was when Ray looped his medal over me during lunch. Its for you kak june. I was touched and honoured. Its his maiden run in KL and he gave the medal to me. Thank you Ray. Its a precious gift. Cerita ni anak cucu will hear :) (Honestly, it would be so hard for me to give up my medal. LOL.)

I survived the bus trip, the standing, the drive home. My back of course complained here and there but nothing that I cant handle. It was awesome to be back and be amongst friends again. I do miss those that didnt make it to SCKLM this time around and those running HM and didnt get to see them especially Ms Marlina aka Lina the sweet blogger and now a full fledged HM runner ! Next time insyaallah.

Some pictures to share. I am sure you all would have been going around fb looking at the thousands of pictures of that day!

pre run, at the pit stop and after

                                                    One of my favourites :)

Bunny cheering the runners !!
The JB gang

the saviour car this year !!

To all that completed your run that day, be it a 5k, 10k, 21k or the full 42.195k, congratulations. Be proud that you are out running whilst millions were still in bed!

Did I wish I was running? No really. Not this time. I am at peace with my cant run, cant do much condition for the moment. I was glad to be at KM36 :)

To my FMVs, not so FMVs and forever FMVs .. you guys rock my world !
Till 2013?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I (barely) made it

Alhamdulillah. My road to recovery is progressing well. Managed a horrendously slow 7k yesterday, when 5k was my max for many many weeks. Some could have done a 12k for my 7k lol. But then again, who cares about timing kan???

Due to the delay in diagnosing my slip disc, it is a slow process of healing. Not that it will truly heal, ever. Unfortunately in slip disc once you have it, you have it for life. Its a matter of being very careful not to aggravate it. I have very few pain free days .. mostly its a nagging feel like muscle pull, a throb, a something I cant explain. Its always there, a reminder that I shouldn't overdo things. I now know when exactly to stop as not to render me lying down. I can drive long distance too. Nagging pain mostly, and I need to stop to stretch and rest but at least if there's an emergency I can drive. My pain tolerance is high so a wee bit pains like this is just at the back of my mind :) Stretching is good. I will be lying on my fitball all stretched to ease the discomfort. My friend commented that I am now like a cat, having to stretch frequently lol.

Well, I am happy to report that my pact with aruah TSB is now completed. Both of them actually. I was supposed to "walk" with him the full 42.195 scklm12, not leaving him even when he have to stop and pee and he was supposed to be my swimming buddy in the sea for the PD tri and will stay with me through out the event. Yeah that was in the plans for me/us this year but I guess God has other plans! TSB left us, way too soon and I had my fall.

Dedicating today to him, I completed the last 5km of 42.195 to him this morning, and hoping that someday I can do it at one go instead of breaking it into many short runs.

And today, unofficially I am a TRY-athlete hehe. This was my special mission. To complete the second pact and also my way of celebrating my getting better. I actually swam (in the pool) 800m, biked (pinjam from one of the guards. he used his mountain bike for his rounds) for 20k and walked the 5k! Took me many hours and I started early because I knew it would take time and I didnt want to be in the sun too long. Nonetheless I am 2 shades darker. And my whole body aches and after this I am going to lie down and watch a dvd marathon of criminal mind, season 7! (and I smell of perskindol lol)

I had to get special permission to use the pool EARLY. You should have seen the confused face of the Head Security when I explained to him why I need to swim at that hour haha .. I got the permission with "they would not be responsible for any mishaps". None whatsoever I agreed, even if I'm found floating in the pool I said ..mwahhhaa he nearly had a heart attack I swear! So I swam slow and easy. Had pebbles to help me get my laps correct lol. The swim was ok. My back held up. Slow swim I tell you.

Got my bike last nite from the guard. Bless him for lending it to me. Braved the traffic for 2km and then I was off in some kampong road, flat route all the way.  I got stared at of course, I guess its quite a first for them to see a lady cyclist in their midst lol. My back was a bit sore from the bending, and I had to stop a few times to stretch. It was a good morning ride. Stopped for gatorade and bun at a Petronas on my way back. Left the bike at the guard post as promised and continued on. (Note to self : bring bike over to JB)

And I had to walk the last 5k. Cant even do a slow jog, for it would kill my back. A slow walk. Lenggang kangkung Cik Kiah pun laju lagi kot haha. By the time I am done, it was so hot for me because I had a tee and 3/4 shorts over my one piece shorts version swim suit.Takkan nak jalan in swim suit, boleh kena tangkap for public indecent exposure lol.

But hey I did it. Took me ages but I am all kooky and happy. My back is throbbing but a painkiller and full rest for the next 2 days would do it. Why not attempt it in PD you ask since it was the sprint distance I completed? For one, I still have deep phobia of "swimming in the sea kaki tak cecah tanah", two .. a hilly bike ride I cant handle and three, I might just faint of excessive sunburn by the time I am done with the supposedly running leg lol.And I pity the team that would have to stay back and wait for me. I would be last, for sure, wayy after cut off time lol. Another time for that insyaallah. This, I had promised myself, to stop the minute "real" pain sets in. At the event I know, I would be stubborn and trudge on.

What does my husband say? he doesnt know yet lol. He's away in KK for work since Monday and will only be back this evening. Maybe he doesnt have to know about the special mission lol ..sssshhhh .. (must bribe azam to keep it a secret hahaha)

Malam Jumaat next week, bayar niat for doa selamat untuk TSB and my recovery, the mesjid in my kampong in Port Klang will be doing the honours.

TSB, my friend, wherever you are, we did it. You were with me all the way. May you rest in peace and Allah bless your soul. You will always be amongst us.

Do join me in remembering him.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Keeping A Promise

Alhamdulillah. Anak Mami is back, albeit very slow and steady but I am back.

I managed a slow 5k yesterday and today! Its only 5k but I am thrilled. First because that means I am on the road to full recovery. There was no pain (except rasa nak pengsan ada lah haha) and best of all, despite many many months of no running and no nothing whatsoever, I could still jog (read : average 8-9m/km) for 5k non stop. Yay! To sweat again  and seeing my new tan is so blissfully wonderful :)

I found a new route today too. A new area has been cleared for a luxury apartment opposite Tesco and they have a road leading to the new place, a 1.2km stretch.  So with 1  round in my condo area, out to Tesco and turning into this new route and back home, with half a round more would give me a 5k easy. 

And now come to the promise. I had promised myself, if all is well, I would be doing the full marathon at SCKLM this year, as keeping my pact with the late TSB (read here). Unfortunately with my fall I am unable to keep that promise. I have only just recovered and SCKLM is just around the corner and I am no where close to a level of fitness that would bring me to the finishing line.  I know wherever he is, TSB will understand. Insyaallah someday I would still keep this promise, run a 42.195 for him, even if its an LSD on my own!

For now this is what I will do. I will jog whenever I can, combine all the mileage and make it into a total of 42.195, before SCKLM. I have more than a month to do it, so even if I managed 2k a day I would still be able to complete this distance. I wont jog everyday, not to push my luck and will cross train with swimming but will keep a tab to complete this run. Once I achieved this, I will insyaallah give some donation to the nearby mosque here, asking them to baca doa selamat for aruah TSB. So, 10km down and 32.195 more to go!

I have also vowed to myself, once I am fully recovered I am going to attempt on my own, the sprint distance of a triathlon. Calling it my own TRY-athlete, sort of a celebration of my recovery! I would be attempting a 750m swim (in the pool ajelah), a 20km cycling (one of the security guards here has a bike that I can borrow !) and complete it with a 5km run. I am now slowly working towards that goal and again, hopefully, will be able to achieve this before SCKLM! But priority would be finishing the distance for TSB. Insyaallah.

I have one more task to complete, to drive home. Havent done any long distance driving since I am up and about and insyaallah, with my rate of recovery, I hope to be able to drive home for SCKLM and have my kedai runcit at km36 !

Pray that all goes well for me eh?

Have a good day peeps.

Anak Mami

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Moving On ...

If you are friends with me on facebook then you would have seen my whining and self pity, lol. I do apologise for putting you guys through that phase of my bad days!

Before I go further, a little history background.

I have had bad backache/problem for years. Its been with me for so long, that I think I am constantly having some pain or another but it has become so much a part of me that its just like background music. Its there all the time. Once in a while, the music gets "too loud" and I pay attention to it.

I remember once, and I think my ex-boss might too, zaki was sailing those days and he was back on leave. After a few days he got home, I had this horrible backacke that I walked with a limp. Went to the office to get my guarantee letter and the guys at work were teasing us so hard haha .. they were like, wow, we know lah your husband not around for few months but till you cant walk?? hahaha  .. that led me to an xray (no MRI those days) and the results showed that my spine has a slight tilt to the right. They put my backache to that.

There were days before that I'd wake up and cant move, my back would just be like its jammed and I have to sort of stay like that for an hour or so before I could move. These were days in France and my two girls were just very young, arlina 3+ and yana 1. Luckily for me, if they woke up and I cant move, they'd just come and lie with me and play till I can get up. Or the bad days in Japan.  I still dont know how I survived those days.

So everytime I have backache I cant stand and go to a doctor and I would tell them of this xray, and they would all go "aahh that explains it". Yeah. Till now.

My MRI showed an old injury as well. I have a fracture that I didnt know happen lol. My slip disc is not that serious that I need surgery and its not touching any nerves, yet, but I do have to take care. Means I have to choose well what I can do and cannot do. I can ride or run, resulting in swelling of the disc and pain for many days (which I am totally prepared for) but also a risk of moving the disc further (which I am not keen) The doctor suspected that I have had this for a long time, its just that I had never aggravated it that much till my fall .. .. we shall see how it goes. I will try to ride and run once I am fully healed just to satisfy myself to know if I should totally forget about it.

I was into jungle trekking and mountain climbing in my early 20's and have take a fall hundreds of time (I am a klutz) and I guess one of these falls is why I am having what I have now, plus my beaten up knees lol.

But all is not lost. I will have my bad days and good days. And now that I know my source of problem, I can take care not to aggravate it.

I should be able to drive in a few weeks time, my pelvic fracture is healing well and the tightness of the pelvic/hip joint is getting lesser and lesser. I can swim about 10-12 laps each time (25m per lap only and only been few times) and will work on increasing that.

I guess I can walk around my apartment area,  till I can drive and go walk in the park that I normally go here.

I guess all is not lost. And hey I probably cant run a full marathon (well, I would never run the whole distance anyway) but I definitely could do an Uncle Oliver, brisk walk all the way eh? Let's start with a 10k somewhere first LOL.

Was going down memory lane and got this from my Nike statistics, not bad eh?? I am happy with these achievements of mine :) My fastest 10k is actually slightly faster than this but somehow this was what registered, so this is what the record shows lol.

Still something to brag to my grandkids lol ..

I will be back with a vengeance for sure. I might just get to do what I want in the end. Insyaallah!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Its a nice number, No??

I think I prefer 50 but that has to wait.

Yep. It\'s my birthday again. My 29th for the 20th time lol. Hey I was 25 for the longest time you know :)

No 49 things about me that you don\'t know this time. Next year, I promise :)

All I want is to heal fast, heal fully and that I will be out running, cycling, swimming and riding and all the "ing" soon. Insyaallah.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. The cards, e-cards, emails, calls, SMS-es, the fb wall wishes, fb private messages, tweets. Gosh, there\'s so many ways to wish someone nowadays !!

No cakes, no special dinner. Saving all for the big five-O lol. But I am happy and I am always thankful for having all of you in my life. I am truly blessed.

Each and everyone of you, has a special place in my heart. Always, always.

To my family, especially my other half and my wonderful kids, I love you all with all my heart.

And I leave you with my favorite photo lol ..vain tetap vain hahahah ..

Again, thank you. May you all be blessed always.

Monday, January 30, 2012

When I Start Changing and Uploading Pictures .......

 ......   it means I am getting better lol ..

After 20 days of pain, 23 days of sleeping straight like a dead log, and lying on my back most of the time, I finally took few steps early last week, 10, 15  and it gradually improved and voila, today, 32 days after,  I am walking crutch-less around the house .. masih senget2, snail pace and limping but walking on my own. My husband even took me out for my first dinner outside yesterday in a month!! Feels like budak baru belajar jalan or like Nik kata, macam baru lepas buat marathon, jalan senget and kengkang / kangkang lol!!

Walking does strain my back and pulls the butt and inward groin and leg muscle on the affected leg but the doctor said it will not harm me in any way .. I can walk as much as I can stand the strain but not to overdo and of course not to fall again. Dont worry, I am ecstatic that I am walking but I will not push nor overdo because I do not want to injure myself trying to get better and I definitely do not want a repeat of the first twenty days .. no thank you. So anak mami will take it slow and steady. After each session of walk I do need to rest my back.

Alhamdulillah I am fast on recovery road. I even beat a 30 year old guy. He had same fracture like mine and took him almost 3 months to get where I am, in a month!

I still cant move my right leg independently on its own, like i can cross my legs but have to carry with my hands, and when i lie on my left side, my right leg is useless lol .. still need hands to adjust it .. cant stand on my right leg yet and I cant drive  even its an auto cos I cant move my right foot from the gas pedal to the brake pedal on its own .. so that will have to wait.

Hopefully my next appointment , end of February, I am able to drive myself to the doctor or at least I can walk normally sans the senget and limping!

How time flies, the first month of the new year is coming to an end and unfortunately I havent done anything yet this year lol .. and I realised today that my hair has grown quite long, past my shoulders .. I loved it when I cropped my hair truly short in december 2010 but I kinda like this too ..

I guess we have to wait and see ..
and since today I felt so much better after so long ..
I decided to snap some pics of me lol ..

Here's to the latest me .. chubbier, longer hair and happier (even though not so thrilled about my new weight lol), but I can work on that once I am 100% well, now I will just have to avoid the mirrors ngeee

Have a great week peeps. And good luck for those running Hong Kong this weekend and any other races. Take care. And thank you for the endless messages, encouragements, whatsapps and calls. You guys rock my world !

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Down but Not Out

Finally, somehow my Ipad is working again. Is it too late to wish all of you a happy 2012? Better late than never eh? I do wish nothing but the best for all of you and may the new year brings new beginnings, new hopes and new wonders :)

In case you dont know. I took a bad fall in the bathroom dec 28th. We have to shower standing in the bathtub and as i stepped out, I slipped and fell backwards and hit my back on the tub's edge twice and fell on the floor. With my height and size, the impact was hard. I ended up with two fractures on my right pelvic bone, one a long hairline fracture and another hairline fracture with a small break at the end !

I spent 6 days in the hospital in agonizing pain and I can hardly move, can only lie on my back but the cool pack they provided me 24/7 does give relief. The hot pad was better but I had to be wheeled down to physio department and I had to hoist myself up on the bed and lie down on the towels which elevated my back which caused pain lol. I was not a good patient lol, still walked with my crutches to the toilet instead of a bedpan. I will have to be totally paralysed before anyone can force me to do my business in a bedpan! I showered, change and all on my own, though I must confess, it will leave me in pain afterwards for a good while but I will do what I can till I can't.

Came home and painful 10 days more, can only lie on my back, cant turn right or left, any movement brings agonising pain and getting up from a sitting position and especially from lying down bring shivers to me. Going to the toilet is another horror. But I gritted through it and went off my painkillers after the 12th day, even though I still get woken up from sleep from throbbing pain, I went through it. I dont wish this upon anyone, this injury is truly painful!

I am alone at home during the day, my husband goes to work and my son at school. I managed with my crutches to make simple breakfast and drinks and have a small table near me for biscuits and water and things I needed. My son has been a real help especially the one week I was at home before he started school (lucky for me he started classes only on the 9th). Most of the time I have to lie down, sitting up is painful, standing and walking too lol.

But for the last few nights, I have been getting a good night sleep, no more throbbing wake up calls. I can sit up longer, (hence u getting this post) walk better with my crutches and at a better pace. No more painful days, just soreness and discomfort and tightness of the muscles. And for the first time last nite I could turn and sleep on my side, even though its for only 10 minutes, it was a huge relieve .. I managed it few times.

My check up on Saturday revealed that my bones are healing, faster than the doctor's expectations actually. The fractures are healing and a new bone is growing in the place of the break and soon it will grow to close the small gap that there now due to the break.

I am still mostly confined to lying down but my spirits are not down :) I intend to lie down as much as possible so that I can heal faster and be up and about again.

Hopefully I will be off the crutches in 2-3 weeks time, start to walk and gain back my legs strength. Then I should be able to drive again, which would also permit me to start walking and swimming again. I can only start to jog/run and ride again after 6 months.

This injury has forced me to cancel or postpone some of my plans but insyaallah I will be back running, swimming, cycling and riding !

Azam is taking the school bus to school, I managed to get cleaners to come in once a week to clean the place, and I have to rely on the food in the downstairs cafe for the time being till I can do marketing again. My husband and son goes shopping to get supplies for the house and on weekends I get better choice of food since my husband goes out to get food, though seriously, I dont know how long more I can stand outside food! Pity the guys having to deal with the same thing.

I can make the bed on my own now (well just put the pillows in place and fold the blankets haha) and also I can sit and fold clothes :) azam puts them in the washer and dryer!

Slowly but surely I am getting better. I just want to walk again without the crutches, hopefully before my birthday next month! It would be the besttest birthday present from me to me hehee..And time for me to read all those bought but not read books lol.

Thank you all for your prayers, wishes and encouragement and keeping me sane :)I am blessed to have all of you in my life.

Meanwhile, you guys take care, and do take heed that slipping and falling in the bathroom could be truly a painful experience and taking months off your life to heal again.

I will be back.