Monday, January 30, 2012

When I Start Changing and Uploading Pictures .......

 ......   it means I am getting better lol ..

After 20 days of pain, 23 days of sleeping straight like a dead log, and lying on my back most of the time, I finally took few steps early last week, 10, 15  and it gradually improved and voila, today, 32 days after,  I am walking crutch-less around the house .. masih senget2, snail pace and limping but walking on my own. My husband even took me out for my first dinner outside yesterday in a month!! Feels like budak baru belajar jalan or like Nik kata, macam baru lepas buat marathon, jalan senget and kengkang / kangkang lol!!

Walking does strain my back and pulls the butt and inward groin and leg muscle on the affected leg but the doctor said it will not harm me in any way .. I can walk as much as I can stand the strain but not to overdo and of course not to fall again. Dont worry, I am ecstatic that I am walking but I will not push nor overdo because I do not want to injure myself trying to get better and I definitely do not want a repeat of the first twenty days .. no thank you. So anak mami will take it slow and steady. After each session of walk I do need to rest my back.

Alhamdulillah I am fast on recovery road. I even beat a 30 year old guy. He had same fracture like mine and took him almost 3 months to get where I am, in a month!

I still cant move my right leg independently on its own, like i can cross my legs but have to carry with my hands, and when i lie on my left side, my right leg is useless lol .. still need hands to adjust it .. cant stand on my right leg yet and I cant drive  even its an auto cos I cant move my right foot from the gas pedal to the brake pedal on its own .. so that will have to wait.

Hopefully my next appointment , end of February, I am able to drive myself to the doctor or at least I can walk normally sans the senget and limping!

How time flies, the first month of the new year is coming to an end and unfortunately I havent done anything yet this year lol .. and I realised today that my hair has grown quite long, past my shoulders .. I loved it when I cropped my hair truly short in december 2010 but I kinda like this too ..

I guess we have to wait and see ..
and since today I felt so much better after so long ..
I decided to snap some pics of me lol ..

Here's to the latest me .. chubbier, longer hair and happier (even though not so thrilled about my new weight lol), but I can work on that once I am 100% well, now I will just have to avoid the mirrors ngeee

Have a great week peeps. And good luck for those running Hong Kong this weekend and any other races. Take care. And thank you for the endless messages, encouragements, whatsapps and calls. You guys rock my world !

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Down but Not Out

Finally, somehow my Ipad is working again. Is it too late to wish all of you a happy 2012? Better late than never eh? I do wish nothing but the best for all of you and may the new year brings new beginnings, new hopes and new wonders :)

In case you dont know. I took a bad fall in the bathroom dec 28th. We have to shower standing in the bathtub and as i stepped out, I slipped and fell backwards and hit my back on the tub's edge twice and fell on the floor. With my height and size, the impact was hard. I ended up with two fractures on my right pelvic bone, one a long hairline fracture and another hairline fracture with a small break at the end !

I spent 6 days in the hospital in agonizing pain and I can hardly move, can only lie on my back but the cool pack they provided me 24/7 does give relief. The hot pad was better but I had to be wheeled down to physio department and I had to hoist myself up on the bed and lie down on the towels which elevated my back which caused pain lol. I was not a good patient lol, still walked with my crutches to the toilet instead of a bedpan. I will have to be totally paralysed before anyone can force me to do my business in a bedpan! I showered, change and all on my own, though I must confess, it will leave me in pain afterwards for a good while but I will do what I can till I can't.

Came home and painful 10 days more, can only lie on my back, cant turn right or left, any movement brings agonising pain and getting up from a sitting position and especially from lying down bring shivers to me. Going to the toilet is another horror. But I gritted through it and went off my painkillers after the 12th day, even though I still get woken up from sleep from throbbing pain, I went through it. I dont wish this upon anyone, this injury is truly painful!

I am alone at home during the day, my husband goes to work and my son at school. I managed with my crutches to make simple breakfast and drinks and have a small table near me for biscuits and water and things I needed. My son has been a real help especially the one week I was at home before he started school (lucky for me he started classes only on the 9th). Most of the time I have to lie down, sitting up is painful, standing and walking too lol.

But for the last few nights, I have been getting a good night sleep, no more throbbing wake up calls. I can sit up longer, (hence u getting this post) walk better with my crutches and at a better pace. No more painful days, just soreness and discomfort and tightness of the muscles. And for the first time last nite I could turn and sleep on my side, even though its for only 10 minutes, it was a huge relieve .. I managed it few times.

My check up on Saturday revealed that my bones are healing, faster than the doctor's expectations actually. The fractures are healing and a new bone is growing in the place of the break and soon it will grow to close the small gap that there now due to the break.

I am still mostly confined to lying down but my spirits are not down :) I intend to lie down as much as possible so that I can heal faster and be up and about again.

Hopefully I will be off the crutches in 2-3 weeks time, start to walk and gain back my legs strength. Then I should be able to drive again, which would also permit me to start walking and swimming again. I can only start to jog/run and ride again after 6 months.

This injury has forced me to cancel or postpone some of my plans but insyaallah I will be back running, swimming, cycling and riding !

Azam is taking the school bus to school, I managed to get cleaners to come in once a week to clean the place, and I have to rely on the food in the downstairs cafe for the time being till I can do marketing again. My husband and son goes shopping to get supplies for the house and on weekends I get better choice of food since my husband goes out to get food, though seriously, I dont know how long more I can stand outside food! Pity the guys having to deal with the same thing.

I can make the bed on my own now (well just put the pillows in place and fold the blankets haha) and also I can sit and fold clothes :) azam puts them in the washer and dryer!

Slowly but surely I am getting better. I just want to walk again without the crutches, hopefully before my birthday next month! It would be the besttest birthday present from me to me hehee..And time for me to read all those bought but not read books lol.

Thank you all for your prayers, wishes and encouragement and keeping me sane :)I am blessed to have all of you in my life.

Meanwhile, you guys take care, and do take heed that slipping and falling in the bathroom could be truly a painful experience and taking months off your life to heal again.

I will be back.