Monday, February 13, 2012


Its a nice number, No??

I think I prefer 50 but that has to wait.

Yep. It\'s my birthday again. My 29th for the 20th time lol. Hey I was 25 for the longest time you know :)

No 49 things about me that you don\'t know this time. Next year, I promise :)

All I want is to heal fast, heal fully and that I will be out running, cycling, swimming and riding and all the "ing" soon. Insyaallah.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. The cards, e-cards, emails, calls, SMS-es, the fb wall wishes, fb private messages, tweets. Gosh, there\'s so many ways to wish someone nowadays !!

No cakes, no special dinner. Saving all for the big five-O lol. But I am happy and I am always thankful for having all of you in my life. I am truly blessed.

Each and everyone of you, has a special place in my heart. Always, always.

To my family, especially my other half and my wonderful kids, I love you all with all my heart.

And I leave you with my favorite photo lol ..vain tetap vain hahahah ..

Again, thank you. May you all be blessed always.


lina said...

Happy "29th" birthday KJ!

Moga panjang umur dan murah rezeki. :)

p.s. Wow! Itu gambar sgt mengancam. ^^

June Malik said...

Haha, thanks Lina <3

Dancing Ciken said...

alaaa kalau kat area KL, mesti dah kebabom kami pasang bunga api untuk anak mami punya besday

happy birthday again!!!

June Malik said...

Jaja, the thots pun dah memadai :) tq syg !!

kuchalana said...

kak.. age is just number.. anyway

Nie De Shengri Kuai Ler..

Better late then never.. :P

June Malik said...

Kan arman??? And thanks!!

Anny said...

wow cantiknya makcik ini hehe

June Malik said...

Hihi tq Anny, suka makcik lol

Azziera H. said...

Came across your blog. OMG you are truly inspiring. At age of "29" you are still being active. I don't normally comment people's blog whom I don't know but reading this, it's like a reminder for myself who will be turning 25 this year to keep my running as my lifestyle. You're an idol! :)

June Malik said...

Azziera H, welcome and thank you :) its good that you are keeping a healthy lifestyle and running is one of the best exercises! I hope to resume my running again and if all goes well to do another full marathon next year. JOM kita!!