Saturday, March 17, 2012

Moving On ...

If you are friends with me on facebook then you would have seen my whining and self pity, lol. I do apologise for putting you guys through that phase of my bad days!

Before I go further, a little history background.

I have had bad backache/problem for years. Its been with me for so long, that I think I am constantly having some pain or another but it has become so much a part of me that its just like background music. Its there all the time. Once in a while, the music gets "too loud" and I pay attention to it.

I remember once, and I think my ex-boss might too, zaki was sailing those days and he was back on leave. After a few days he got home, I had this horrible backacke that I walked with a limp. Went to the office to get my guarantee letter and the guys at work were teasing us so hard haha .. they were like, wow, we know lah your husband not around for few months but till you cant walk?? hahaha  .. that led me to an xray (no MRI those days) and the results showed that my spine has a slight tilt to the right. They put my backache to that.

There were days before that I'd wake up and cant move, my back would just be like its jammed and I have to sort of stay like that for an hour or so before I could move. These were days in France and my two girls were just very young, arlina 3+ and yana 1. Luckily for me, if they woke up and I cant move, they'd just come and lie with me and play till I can get up. Or the bad days in Japan.  I still dont know how I survived those days.

So everytime I have backache I cant stand and go to a doctor and I would tell them of this xray, and they would all go "aahh that explains it". Yeah. Till now.

My MRI showed an old injury as well. I have a fracture that I didnt know happen lol. My slip disc is not that serious that I need surgery and its not touching any nerves, yet, but I do have to take care. Means I have to choose well what I can do and cannot do. I can ride or run, resulting in swelling of the disc and pain for many days (which I am totally prepared for) but also a risk of moving the disc further (which I am not keen) The doctor suspected that I have had this for a long time, its just that I had never aggravated it that much till my fall .. .. we shall see how it goes. I will try to ride and run once I am fully healed just to satisfy myself to know if I should totally forget about it.

I was into jungle trekking and mountain climbing in my early 20's and have take a fall hundreds of time (I am a klutz) and I guess one of these falls is why I am having what I have now, plus my beaten up knees lol.

But all is not lost. I will have my bad days and good days. And now that I know my source of problem, I can take care not to aggravate it.

I should be able to drive in a few weeks time, my pelvic fracture is healing well and the tightness of the pelvic/hip joint is getting lesser and lesser. I can swim about 10-12 laps each time (25m per lap only and only been few times) and will work on increasing that.

I guess I can walk around my apartment area,  till I can drive and go walk in the park that I normally go here.

I guess all is not lost. And hey I probably cant run a full marathon (well, I would never run the whole distance anyway) but I definitely could do an Uncle Oliver, brisk walk all the way eh? Let's start with a 10k somewhere first LOL.

Was going down memory lane and got this from my Nike statistics, not bad eh?? I am happy with these achievements of mine :) My fastest 10k is actually slightly faster than this but somehow this was what registered, so this is what the record shows lol.

Still something to brag to my grandkids lol ..

I will be back with a vengeance for sure. I might just get to do what I want in the end. Insyaallah!