Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Keeping A Promise

Alhamdulillah. Anak Mami is back, albeit very slow and steady but I am back.

I managed a slow 5k yesterday and today! Its only 5k but I am thrilled. First because that means I am on the road to full recovery. There was no pain (except rasa nak pengsan ada lah haha) and best of all, despite many many months of no running and no nothing whatsoever, I could still jog (read : average 8-9m/km) for 5k non stop. Yay! To sweat again  and seeing my new tan is so blissfully wonderful :)

I found a new route today too. A new area has been cleared for a luxury apartment opposite Tesco and they have a road leading to the new place, a 1.2km stretch.  So with 1  round in my condo area, out to Tesco and turning into this new route and back home, with half a round more would give me a 5k easy. 

And now come to the promise. I had promised myself, if all is well, I would be doing the full marathon at SCKLM this year, as keeping my pact with the late TSB (read here). Unfortunately with my fall I am unable to keep that promise. I have only just recovered and SCKLM is just around the corner and I am no where close to a level of fitness that would bring me to the finishing line.  I know wherever he is, TSB will understand. Insyaallah someday I would still keep this promise, run a 42.195 for him, even if its an LSD on my own!

For now this is what I will do. I will jog whenever I can, combine all the mileage and make it into a total of 42.195, before SCKLM. I have more than a month to do it, so even if I managed 2k a day I would still be able to complete this distance. I wont jog everyday, not to push my luck and will cross train with swimming but will keep a tab to complete this run. Once I achieved this, I will insyaallah give some donation to the nearby mosque here, asking them to baca doa selamat for aruah TSB. So, 10km down and 32.195 more to go!

I have also vowed to myself, once I am fully recovered I am going to attempt on my own, the sprint distance of a triathlon. Calling it my own TRY-athlete, sort of a celebration of my recovery! I would be attempting a 750m swim (in the pool ajelah), a 20km cycling (one of the security guards here has a bike that I can borrow !) and complete it with a 5km run. I am now slowly working towards that goal and again, hopefully, will be able to achieve this before SCKLM! But priority would be finishing the distance for TSB. Insyaallah.

I have one more task to complete, to drive home. Havent done any long distance driving since I am up and about and insyaallah, with my rate of recovery, I hope to be able to drive home for SCKLM and have my kedai runcit at km36 !

Pray that all goes well for me eh?

Have a good day peeps.

Anak Mami